14/07/2014 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Clive Myrie.

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staffer Powell is free to run again after his doping ban is stopped. And


more with the World Cup in 15 minutes.


Welcome to our look ahead at the papers. With me other times, most.


Let's start with the Daily Telegraph. It is leading on the


Cabinet reshuffle. The headline Hague out in colour of middle`aged


white men. The Guardian is running the same story, Hague resigns in


genetic Tory reshuffle. The time: Hague to step down in Cabinet make


over. The Daily Mail describes the reshuffle as a purge of the


middle`aged men. Whilst the Metro reports foreign patients will be hit


with 150% bill in an NHS crackdown on health tourism. We'll start with


the developing news about the reshuffle Jenny. Haig resigns in a


Tory reshuffle. 26 years, who can forget when he first that up in


front of the Tory party conference and now he's going. I'm afraid for


once the headlines are true. If you are a political watch this is Jim


attic. There was no hint to this. A lot of people said Haig was fed up


of the role and front line politics and wanted to spend more time with


his piano or speeches both of which is very good at. I think it was news


to everybody in the political world that he would be going today. Neal,


a bit of a surprise but he will still be hanging around as it were.


The general election campaign really does start here. It is been said by


Downing Street he will have a big role in the election campaign. He


will be campaigning, he has a northern accent. This is a rarity in


the old Etonian modern cabinets. He will no doubt be campaigning in the


marginal constituencies in the northern cities where the Tories


need to win to get an overall majority after the next election.


And he, as leader of the house will be involved in any delicate


legislative business between now and the election. His departure and the


departure of of all the old goats, you might say, Kenneth Clarke and


that generation, leads the way for a lot of women, apparently. This is


still to come, who will fill these roles, but we are told people I


estimate Fay, Liz Truss, are going to be promoted, there were rumours


about the Culture Secretary job. I do object talking about people


leaving as old goats arrest the Guardian says. On the whole, there


is scepticism on the whole but there are lots of good people here like


Damian Green, David Willetts and Dominic grieve. None of whom I agree


with politically but they are people who are devoted many years to public


service and are trying to do the right thing for the country. They


work hard behind`the`scenes and they are honourable people and at the end


of the day we ought to do at the end of their political careers, it was


famously said all ended defeat, in this way we ought to take an account


into this. They have done their best. It is an electoral decision


though isn't it. I'm not disagreeing with their going. I'm not


disagreeing with their going. Under a rugged three way. The man we


understand who will overtake this is Philip Hammond. I saw him earlier


and he was speaking French. And he was looking pleased. I should've


sussed. The foreign`language and the smile on his face. What do you think


that'll mean in terms of policy, he's a bit of a right of William


Hague isn't it? He is thought to be. It is all new and hard to tell. What


I have heard is that the defence Department will be very good pleased


that he is gone. He has made itself unpopular by cost`cutting and people


thinking he is a bit of a technocrat. He is not hot on charm


and does things by the rules. He would be contoured Angelina Jolie


question mark I think any man would be. Is a sexist? No it's just a fact


of life. Is a technocrat someone you would want to renegotiate treaties


in Europe? Could that be the thinking here? There are divided


opinions here because people think in order for the Tories to convince


their internal critics whether they are Tories or electors in general,


they need to see a Eurosceptic is making the argument for them in


Brussels. Only that way will the British believe they have people


generally fighting for their interest. The counter argument is if


you have someone going in being bullish, is he not going to put up


the backs up of all the EU members. Let's move the Daily Telegraph. Its


front page again, Haig out. William Hague out in colour of middle`aged


white men. If you're male and pale then you're out.


LAUGHING Can I point out we still have a


large tub of male and pale men in the cabinet full stop we any of


three women out of 27 there. On the assumption that all men will be


replaced by women, which I doubt, let's remember that this is the vast


majority and as I said we should praise the work that these people


are done, it is incredibly overdue that there are lots of talented


women in Parliament. It has been interesting to see over the


Coalition Government how few reshuffle is their bin. When you're


in coalition, that is normally the nature of the beast. No mere


division of a Cabinet post between two coalition parties. In the last


Labour government, in its dying days there was a reshuffle almost every


ten minutes as people reshuffle themselves out of governments


because they could not deal with Gordon Brown. William Hague has been


an excellent Foreign Secretary and he has been there a long time,


personally I support jobs Osborne as Chancellor to. I think there is a


benefit to having the stability. That is Cameron 's argument


definitely. He hates shuffles as it were. He has tried to hang on to


people as long as possible and in some instances, Maria Miller,


potentially too long. Why this happening now? We're year out why


now? For exactly that reason. I think it was wise of Cameron to make


the commitment to try and keep people in their roles, otherwise the


civil service can run rings around ministers. As often happen in the


Blair years, a minister hanging around to several policy was


invented was small. It is critical for the Tories, although the economy


is approving, they still are not improving very much in the opinion


polls. As Neil alluded to they look at the Tory party is an issue bunch


of posh boys. Given when Cameron came in, he said he would target a


third of his cabinet out swimming, and at the minute it is one third of


the target he's reaching, it is about time he gave people a few MPs


to reflect some experience of the lives everyone else is leading. That


is the suggestion. The people is putting into his knee positions are


going to be the ones trotted out on programmes like, they will be the


face. These be the faces of the general election campaign I imagine.


To some extent. To some extent I think will see a lot of Cameron.


Sure. At least be a few women in the wings now though. Maybe a non`white


women. One of the things, she is a backbencher now, people think should


be if section it as minister. One of the things that worries me is that


Cameron does not extend far beyond his comfort zone. I've had no


rumours he is interested in promoting Sarah Williston who was


elected as a Tory and has been most unconventional in her job as a


politician. She has come in to say Sears to serve the interests of


their constituents and not to follow the rules of cut country. She speaks


an intelligent mind and causes problems for them and they don't


seem to use her talents. That is a black mark against Cameron. Ken


Clarke is leaving after many years. Michael Heseltine paying tribute to


him today said, some might feel he is out of step with current Tory


thinking, a little bit old. If the Tory party is out of step with him,


then there is a problem. Is there a sense that hears of an age that is


not relevant any more? I was reading earlier and that there will no


longer be a one nation Tory representative in the Cabinet. Ken


Clarke and Michael Heseltine are both like that. Ken Clarke was


famously against `` was famously in favour of Europe and believes in


that paternalistic one nation, bringing everyone together type of


Conservative thinking. That is opposed to the more devices thinking


with which the Conservative Party has become branded. David Cameron


did his best in trying to persuade the camp `` the country that the


Tory party had changed and did not succeed. People just do not believe


that this is a Tory party that believes in the good of the whole


country. I think David Cameron is a one nation Tory, that is where he


puts himself. He is not perceived as such. That is definitely where he


would stand. The fact that the party is more divided than he would like


is a different thing. I think Michael Heseltine was referring to


the fact that Ken Clarke is fond of Europe and currently it is difficult


to express enthusiasm for Europe in the Tory party. David Cameron has


had to bend to all of that. He has had to put forward a different


policy. This reshuffle is about presentation, it is not about policy


or changing anything. It is too early for us to know that, we do not


know who the key people are. When we talk about William Hague having a


northern accent, we heard that the Chancellor was about to embark on a


tour of the North. He will go round all the areas where the Tories have


been unpopular and announce new infrastructure schemes. He has got


?100 million to allocate and it could see schemes in very unlikely


places. Places may now feel that the Chancellor is giving them money. The


Tories have to do something if they want to be the biggest single party


and they want to win. They are still not doing well in the polls. You


will be back in one hour. We will talk about other subjects. Let us go


to Westminster and talk to Chris


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