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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Clive Myrie.

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Jenkins pulls out of the triathlon. That's in Sportsday, in 15 minutes,


after the papers. Hello there. Welcome to our lock


ahead to what the papers will bring us tomorrow. With me Alice Arnold


and Martin Bentham. Let's look at some of the front pages now. We


start with the FT. It goes with the Prime Minister's reshuffle, saying


he's injected new urgency into Britain's drive to reform the


European Union. The Telegraph, pictures the Employment Minister


there, Esther McVey who keeps her job and will now attend Cabinet. The


Express says Britain is set to swelter as a so`called Spanish plume


of hot air sweeps in. Going, going, Gove is on the front of the


Guardian, which says David Cameron demoted the Education Secretary


after polling showed he was toxic with voters.


The Mail says the penalty for drivers who use a mobile phone at


the wheel could be doubled to six points. And the Sun reports that the


television host Jeremy Kyle was attacked with pepper spray by a


bouncer in Magaluf. I think they've just opened an


office in Magaluf actually, the Sun. Any way, Alice, we start with the


Telegraph, Cameron targets women and UKIP. On the front page a Trident


looking Esther McVey who keeps her job. Two more women are now going to


be in the Cabinet, ten women have been promoted in all. Is that good


enough do you think? This is Cameron's `` this is a reflection of


modern Britain in his Cabinet, five out of 17 in the Cabinet are now


women. If that reflects modern Britain, there's a lot of women


hiding. Where are I can't they? Do the maths with that It's more one.


Reflective, though, it's better. It's the most that have ever been


under Cameron. So whoopee for that and lovely pictures of Esther McVey,


who isn't properly in the Cabinet, but she looks nice in the pictures.


Hang on ` the she's attending meetings. I'm getting the impression


you're not impressed. I'll be impressed when the Cabinet reflects


modern Britain. I'll be impressed when it reflects modern Britain, 50%


of the brightest people in this country are women. They need to be


in the Cabinet, otherwise we're wasting a lot of talent. I didn't


see any black or Asian people striding purposely towards the door


of Number Ten today either. No, no pictures of that. Hang on, let's me


` no, don't see it. But Martin, to be fair, to be fair, it is more


reflective of Britain, isn't it? It's more reflective than it was.


Alice might suggest it's starting from a very, Very Nice Name low `` a


very, very low base. That's the problem. He has to go from


somewhere. The real problem is that in the Conservative Party they don't


have that many women in questionable. They don't have


anywhere near 50% in the Parliamentary party and it's


difficult to get that many into the Cabinet. That's part of the problem.


The other question about it will be, although, many of these women, in


fact all of them have got very good reputations and are talked of being


very talented, there is a fear that because it's all about the election


that's it's a late rush to do it, rather than pure promotion on merit,


which should have happened some time ago. Exact ly. Let's go onto the


UKIP point. Philip Hammond is a Euro`sceptic. He would like to see


Britain leave the EU, he said, if there is no reform. The


Attorney`General, Dominic grief is out. `` Dominic Grieve is out. He


believes the European Convention on Human Rights is a good thing. Is


this a clear and present attack to take away the sting of UKIP? That's


how the Tell graph is billing it. The question for cam ran is A,


whether when we have, which we will come onto in a second, whether when


the top jobs in Europe are divied up tomorrow whether we get a plum post


or not and further down`the`line, whether preelection there's any sign


from the Government that they've achieved anything sub`Stantive in


repatriating the powers they want. Otherwise when it comes to the


general election, UKIP and those who are critical will say, well, what


have you achieved? You talk about this and maybe you've got more


Euro`sceptic people in key posts, but it hasn't delivered anything.


All this happening on the same day, if we go to the if the `` Financial


Times. On the front there's a picture of a smiling Nigel Farage


and Jean`Claude Juncker. Has that been photo shopped. That must have


been. That cannot be true. Can it? No, it's true. I'm sure it is.


They've been pale recently. Farage was congratulating him on his


alleged drinking. He's happy he has a drink and a smoking. They're


drinking Maybe not buddies. . We know allegedly, I'm not sure if


that's correct, that Mr Juncker likes a tipple. We certainly know


that Mr Farage likes a tipple. That seems to be why they're agreeing


there. Yes, and they're putting in that this chap called Lord Hill, who


they hope will get one of these, everybody seems to have had to


Google him to find out who he is, including Juncker. Nobody knows who


he is. Do you know? I must admit, I know of Lord Hill, a Labour peer,


actually. I thought for a second it was him. Obviously it wasn't him!


That would be a surprise. That's a reshuffle too far. Exact ly. No`one


knows this one particularly. We've Googled him now and he's going to


hopefully, they hope get one Googled him now and he's going to


hopefully, they hope get of the top jobs. That's the hope that this man


will be in there and get hopefully one of the portfolio that might


suggest that Europe could be moving towards the way that the UK feels in


relation to the European Union. That's not going to happen, is it?


Is Jean`Claude Juncker going to give one of the serious integration


portfolios to a British Euro`sceptic? He might do in the


sense that clearly both he, from what he's said, and indeed the


Germans, through Angela Merkel, are keen actually despite all the


clashes that have gone on to keep us on board. I think, although Lord


Hill is not the Tory big hitter that was mooted beforehand, various other


names were touted as going to Brussels in that role, it will be a


real test, I think, as to whether there are serious intent in the


European Union to listen to them. He's making rumbling noises,


Juncker, that are in the right direction. Yes. Sort of. Although...


Whether he does anything or not. Yeah. Delivery is the key


Appeasement. We know that one person who has been delivering in terms of


his brief to shake up the education system, Mr Gove, the front page of


the Guardian ` going, going Gove that. Was out of the blue, wasn't


it? No`one had any idea that was coming. Wasn't he unpopular. This is


the thing, Cameron is looking for the next election. He's thinking,


I've got to save my bacon here. If that means getting rid of my best


friend ` they're out. That's why he's got rid of Gove. He's become `


A Marmite figure, I heard him described at. Most people not liking


Marmite in that way. Do you know many people would like Gove? I'm


sure there are. I have to say personally, as a parent with a


daughter in school, I'm quite in favour of some of his You reforms.


Go. She isn't actually. There's another matter. Right. What the


interesting thing here of course, the great conundrum is that he's


apparently doing this on the basis of polling and sacrificing his


friend for the greater electoral gain. Yet, what's being said is that


Michael Gove will appear ever more on television and being a key


presentational figure. Exact ly, he's actually going to be on the TV


much more than he is already. More? There's going to be more. He's a


very effective speaker. He is. He's very engaging. Here, he's been


joking today, apparently telling your PM programme today, "Demotion,


emotion, promotion, locomotion, I don't know how to describe this


move, but it's a privilege to serve." Exact Exactly. He doesn't


see it as a demotion. Even though he's not taking home as much in his


pay as he used to. It's fun yip how you can look at the `` funny how can


you look at the bright That's to side. His credit. That point was


made to him that he's not getting a Cabinet minister's salary. He made


the point that anybody in politics is quite well paid and therefore he


wasn't bothered about this. I thought, all to his credit actually.


Most people think they are well paid. Indeed. We're going to go to


the, stay with the Guardian actually. Interesting story this,


let the terminally ill end their lives say doctors. This is of course


in advance of Lord Falconer's assisted dying bill reaching the


floor. This is a debate that is really developing now. Well, it is.


It's interesting because we've got the two sides in the papers, we will


look at the Tell graph in a minute. This is doctors wanting the bill to


go through, or some doctors. It was interesting Desmond Tutu came out in


favour of it at the weekend and having seen the treatment of Nelson


Mandela apparently and Lord Carey has come out in favour of it, which


is quite controversial. It seems that the bill would allow adults


with less than six months to live to receive help to end their lives.


This is the problem. Who decides who's got less than six months to


live? How do you make that decision? People have recoveries. Oh, it's a


huge can of worms to open. It's just interesting that there are some


religious leaders coming out in favour and presumably quite a lot of


doctors will be coming out against as well. It's not a Black Country


and white thing. `` It's not a black and white thing. In the telegraph,


religious leaders unite to condemn the law. One of the world's most


famous religious leaders has made it clear he believes there is a role in


society for assisted dying. Yes, again, you're right, there's no


absolute straight down`the`line split. Some people see it as a


compassionate issue and want to assist people who do have this clear


view that they want to die. I think the question also is ` some of the


people who are most articulate about it and clearly can decide for


themselves, that's fine. Not everybody is in that situation. Some


people, there is a question about people feeling under pressure,


feeling they're a burdened and that's `` burden, and that's


difficult. We can see the individual, very, very tragic cases


of people who either have terminal illnesses which are going to leave


them to face a lingering death or others who are incapacitated and


want to end their lives. It's tragic and sad to see that. But it may not


be creating a law which allows those cases to be identified clearly and


not to have the negative side of some people feeling under pressure


is quite difficult. Finally, the Daily Telegraph.


Alexander and's claim that it will be 18 months of negotiation to stay


in the European Union has been knocked out, apparently `` Alex


Salmond. He will launch this grenade at the Scots here. He has clarified


this by saying no new states does not include Scotland but it probably


reflects a possible reality that may occur if the Scots vote for


independence because there is a question about whether they would be


admitted. The Daily Telegraph might be staring the pot a little bit. A


spokesman for it Jean`Claude Yunker said he was not referring to


Scotland `` Jean`Claude Juncker. He said apparently according to his


office that he was talking about those already in the accession


process such as Serbia and Turkey. That is a bit of a dodgy story,


apparently. They got it a bit wrong, maybe they let a little early. Maybe


they meant to leap a bit early. Or perhaps he did not express himself


Ray clearly in the first place. You will be back in about an hour's


time. Many thanks. Stay with us on BBC news because at 11pm we will


have more on the Prime Minister's Major Cabinet reshuffle which has


seen several women promoted to senior roles. Coming up now, it is


Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday,


I'm John Acres. Ronny Dialer gets off to


a winning start as Celtic manager, as they beat KR Reykjavik in


their Champions League Qualifier.


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