16/07/2014 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Clive Myrie.

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the OK and he will compete in the 5000 metres and the 10,000 metres at


the Commonwealth Games, and we will also look ahead to the Open


Championship which begins tomorrow. That is after the newspapers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me, the broadcaster Dame Joan Bakewell and Peter Conradi,


The Financial Times carries details about the rejection of an $80


billion bid from Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox for Time Warner.


The Telegraph leads on the heatwave due to hit the UK


And English athletes at the Commonwealth Games have apparently


been briefed about what to do if they're booed by the Scots.


But in their Scottish edition it doesn't


instead it leads with the norovirus bug hitting workers


Extreme Health Health Alert is the headline in the Express.


Singer Tulisa's trial is the front page for the Metro.


The former X Factor judge allegedly helped supply cocaine to an


undercover reporter after he said he could get her a part in a big movie.


The deaths of four Palestinian boys, all brothers, in an Israeli


strike on a beach in Gaza, is the main story in the Guardian.


The picture shows another boy who was injured in the attack


Clegg calls the axe of the bedroom tax according to the


Mirror, in what it calls a shocking Lib Dem u`turn that will create


Some very short words in that last piece. We are going to stay with the


Guardian and a very serious story, for boys ran for their lives, and


then a second shell exploded, there's a sense that this could be a


tipping point `` four. It was caught on camera and has already been


played and replayed, and every time it is awful, it is a particular


story about four little boys who are killed and that goes to the heart of


everyone, this is a global story, it has prompted an Israeli cease`fire,


but not for long. Israel had to react because of the power of those


images, if we had not had those, I doubt we would have had the


cease`fire. Interesting. I was told they can do a lot in five hours,


that is what someone from the United Nations told me. Hamas, at the


moment, they have not signed up to this. Yes, just as they did not sign


up to the previous sees via proposal `` cease`fire proposal from the


Egyptians. They did not like that first proposal because it came from


the Egyptians and because it did not give them any concessions, and that


is their position, they have suffered enormous losses, but they


do not just want to stop the conflict, they want to emerge from


it having gained something. What they had gained, universal focus on


their crisis once again, and it is the most unresolved problem, it is


the thing which is quoted across the Middle East, the whole conflict


between the Israelis and the Palestinian, it is the world against


itself, quintessentially, and something as tragic as this, the


death of four little boys, it goes around the world and it upsets


everyone and quite rightly. We have had more than 200 people killed on


the Palestinian side, but the very fact that people can see the


footage, four small boys, they can see them running. It brings it


home, and to actually see this, to think that these could be my


children, people can identify with this. And now the Daily Express, we


are going inside, this is about cutting child benefit for super size


families. This has an election campaign written all over it. And


policy exchange. As ever, this story starts, this kind of story, with


plans likely to be submitted, from a think tank, which is close to the


government, and its six a lot of boxes in terms of feeding to


concerns about welfare scroungers `` it ticks. It also mentions


immigrants, it goes through many of the boxes. Something very


distasteful about pricing children, the idea of distinguishing one child


as earning more money than another, and the only parallel I can think of


is when I was in China in the 1980s, when you had a one child family and


if you wanted a second, you were heavily penalised, we thought this


was a very moral thing. These are proposals to penalised and to make


the fourth child worth less. Something distasteful about that.


Yes, but the majority of people, according to this poll, they think


this is a good idea. In straight times, you have got to do this,


perhaps. Is it cheaper to feed and clothe for children? `` four. I just


think that is such a terrible way to trade family relationships. 70% are


backing this, because how many people have actually got four


children? A small minority actually have four children. The rest think


that they are not going to pay for someone else's kids. That is right,


it is a minority of families that are in this position, this might


look like the government is getting tough on welfare and benefits and


that plays well to a section of the population. They will lose the four


children family vote, but they probably think that is quite small.


This will appeal to Iain Duncan Smith, no doubt. And now the


Financial Times, Time Warner rejects $80 billion offer from Rupert


Murdoch's Fox. This is an amazing story, $80 billion, it has been


rejected by Time Warner, which plays a heavy game. What I admire about


Rupert Murdoch, he is a G3 and he is playing the biggest game of his


career, he wants to roll the world `` 83. `` he wants to rule the


world. Time Warner is CNN, and he has had to say that he would


dispense with that, because of course it is Fox News which is his


pride and joy, I think this is an amazing story, an old man playing


hard until the end. What is interesting, what Rupert Murdoch has


decided is that he cannot compete with Google, Amazon, Apple, these


are the great media companies, and he needs Time Warner to help him


take on these other media outlets. He does. Rupert Murdoch is the


ultimate owner of the Sunday Times, I should make a disclaimer.


Obviously there is consolidation going on in the media world. If you


look at the traditional media powers, with the likes of Google, it


is a very different situation from how it was ten years ago. What is


quite telling, this is the final stage, as it were, in the merger of


America Online and Time Warner, that created this company, and when that


happened ten years ago it was worth $164 billion, but now it is worth


half that, it is a complete mismatch to start with. Yes, but they are


saying this is undervalued, ?80 billion, and it will have to be a


big increase or a hostile takeover. I do not think he will get up to


$180 billion. There would also be anti competition ramifications, he


owns Fox News, and Time Warner owns CNN, which one is he going to flog


off? It will be CNN. I'm a great fan of CNN and so I watch its destiny


with care. He has made that calculation, CNN must be truly


alarmed at this prospect, hoping that Time Warner holdout in


perpetuity, $80 billion is small beer. And now the Telegraph. Wind


farms. They go together like strawberries and cream, maybe


strawberries and sour cream. We have more articles here, number of


turbine fires could be ten times greater than for. LAUGHTER


This is perfect for the Daily Telegraph readers, sitting out in


the shires, contemplating the horrors of the turbines around them.


It turns out that the total number globally of wind turbine fires is


11.7 each year, and so that is not a very big number. It is a perfect


scare story, though. We get a longer version of this in the Scottish


Telegraph, which has a line about a group of turbines catching fire in


Anglesey, which became flaming Catherine wheels, as it was


described. We're done a `` we are going to go to President Obama,


sorry to break


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