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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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is to explore the use of experimental treatments. Hello and


welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us


tomorrow. With me are Caroline Daniel, Editor of the Weekend


edition of the Financial Times, and Eleanor Mills, Editorial Director of


the Sunday Times. Welcome back to both of you. Tomorrow's front pages,


starting with: The Daily Mail, which leads on Boris Johnson's potential


return to the House of Commons, and says the news has sparked Boris


bandwagon fever. The Guardian, on the other hand, claims the move is


causing anxiety in Conservative ranks, over a future threat to David


Cameron's leadership. The Times warns the London mayor faces a race


against time to find a constituency before next year's election. While


the Telegraph says he could become Business Secretary if the


Conservatives win the next election, although it leads on the news that


hundreds of thousands of people are preparing to withdraw billions from


their pension pots over the next five years under the government's


pension reforms. The Mirror's front page is dominated by the two British


students murdered in Malaysia. The Financial Times says American


takeovers of European health companies may be halted by the


potential closure of a US tax break. The Express warns that a tropical


storm will hit the UK on Sunday. While the Independent leads on


coalition divisions over Gaza, and why this simian "selfie" is costing


a wildlife photographer thousands of pounds in a copyright dispute. We


will aim to explain in a little more detail later. We will start with the


Daily Mail. Caroline, Boris Feaver. We were both struck, looking at the


front pages, that most gratuitous, disgusting, awful, unflattering


photograph of Boris Johnson, announcing his run or office, is the


Daily Mail. It is not the most flattering, and I don't want to


compare it with the selfie of the... But it is a startling


comparison. The story is very anti` Boris in tone. It has this


extraordinary fact that it has apparently emerged last night that


his wife has given her full support to his plans, I'm not sure why that


is politically newsworthy to put on the front page. I love the idea that


it emerged last night. Yes, did she announced at a dinner party that she


was supporting her husband's plans? It is far more about plot, fever,


and dissension in the ranks. We had a discussion about how different


newspapers have discussed it. The Guardian has gone with trying to


cause trouble about Boris Johnson, but with very little proof, in their


new story about claims that Tory team are divided over the return of


their star player. In fact, it doesn't have any evidence about the


Tory team being divided, just quotes people saying this is great news and


we welcome him back. The comparison is interesting. Sticking with the


Daily Mail, he already has team plotting, leadership was not told.


I'm just not sure I believe that, particularly compared with what is


in the Guardian tomorrow, where Johnson himself, in the press


conference, said he was very pleased that Cameron had tweeted something


nice this morning. He says to be fair one of the reasons for taking


this decision, the decision to come back, was that on several occasions,


publicly and privately, Cameron has said he would welcome things going


this way. I believe that is true. When I interviewed David Cameron for


the Sunday Times magazine last year, he was very kind of open to the idea


of Waris coming back. He was fulsome in his praise, he said he would like


him back on the bench. I absolutely don't see why Boris would not tell


him he was making this announcement. It is all over the papers. It would


be great and is not to do it. Tory local chairman don't like people who


are backstabbers. `` chairmen. The sinister ideas don't make sense. I


think it is interesting how the British press are breaking this


down. We heard that he wasn't going to take any Cabinet position until


after he had stopped being met. And if he was going to come back, why


would he want to be business Minister? Let's compare it with the


Times. Now a race against time to find a seat. This talks about where


he might end up trying to be, and of course Uxbridge is in people's


lines. A lot of the argument as to why he has done this now, we have


thought that he might announce he is running for office because he has


only a few weeks to make the Uxbridge seat. That is incredibly


convenient to remain Mayor of London. A nice commute. The decision


on actually standing will be made on September the 12th. He has to throw


his hat in the ring quite quickly. The idea that he can't find a seat


before the election is slightly laughable. You think they might make


room for him? I think they might make room for him. It is classic


Boris. Part of the reason people like him is the language he used


around it. I don't want to be furtive. I don't want to be a


modest, that is what people like modest, that is what people like


about him. He has that bumbling, eccentric charm. And he has that


capacity to reach the parts of the electorate the other Tories do not.


It is a farce really, he is just as posh as Cameron and Osborne. He has


that self`deprecating manner. People like him. 60% approval ratings in


London, which is a Labour leaning city. One in five Labour voters


voting for him. This is why the Tory party are excited he is coming back.


Chuck into the mix the idea he is also talking about Britain leaving


the EU, which wipes Nigel Farage's argument of the table, it is not


surprising the Tories are excited. You mentioned the Guardian. Having a


closer look now, the Tory team are divided. That is their take on it.


As I say, reading the first four paragraphs, there is no such


division in the Tory party over this. Halfway through the piece,


right wingback ventures quick to express approval. That doesn't seem


like a divided Tory team. Everyone is trotting out the same line. Twice


in the same piece, the quote is about him reaching parts of the


electorate that I can't reach. And Andrew Mitchell is saying the same


thing lower down in the article. What is interesting, to pick up,


which we haven't focused on, is the context in which Waris Johnson made


this announcement today, it was a massive intervention into the


Eurosceptic debate `` Boris Johnson. Huge positives about European exit.


The language he used was about being a great European nation, with a


future outside the EU. We don't have to be paranoid and scared about an


exit. So his language is Orient and upbeat. Rather than being ashamed


about `` language is buoyant. Final thought on Boris Johnson? Adam


free, who had been suspected of plotting, says this has lit the


touchpaper. This is really good news for the Eurosceptic element within


the Tory party. Boris Johnson expect them to be behind him. In terms of


Waris, this is entirely consistent. I remember when I worked with him at


the Telegraph, when he was doing straight banana stories, he knows


Brussels well. `` Boris. Boris Johnson knows how to negotiate with


Brussels. He has sat in meetings talking French to EU officials, and


this could also be a way of saying the only way to get the EU to take


you seriously is if you paint a positive picture of how some could


be doing well outside it. And actually, Cameron's thing of saying


we will campaign for a yes vote, and staying in the EU as long as we get


this renegotiation, is the wrong way to go. They have to believe we


really might go, or it won't work. There are other stories around. Let


us stay with the Guardian, because, it is extraordinary. On the front


page of the Guardian, 40,000 Iraqis hired on mountain from deadly is ``


hide. Looking at what is happening on the outskirts of Mosul. We have


spent a long time talking about one man who might run as an MP, compared


with tens of thousands of Iraqis. They are under threat from ISIS, who


are highly aggressive in Iraq. The UN now says that many of them, women


and children, have now taken refuge on a mountain which was once


identified in local legend as the final resting place of no's art.


Biblical symbolism, and they were being threatened with `` being


beheaded. `` Noah`s Ark. `` Akrotiri. There is a reference to a


particular city, Sinja, which has been totally emptied of all its


inhabitants. Two talks of starvation, they had to walk two


kilometres to get water. And we know these jihad as a pretty nasty people


`` jihadists. We ran stories last week about them boasting about the


headings. It is really horrible. Particularly in light of what is


going on in Gaza `` beheadings. In the Telegraph, obviously a reference


to Boris Johnson, but we have dealt with him. A ?4 billion tax bonanza.


This is the chance to avoid compulsory annuity, and doing


something slightly more novel instead. Yes, this is the first time


supposedly we have a number on how many people we think are going to


draw down on their pension savings, and rather than buying an annuity,


they can do what they like with it. The quid pro quo was supposed to be


that the government could advise people whether it was a good idea or


not. This is what you need to know. The problem is the incentive of the


government in terms of tax receipts, to have them take lots of money out,


and actually, they then had to pay a lot of tax on the money they have


saved. The concern obviously is that people will do it for the wrong


reasons, because they think a lot of money now, meant a lot of money to


me now, rather than thinking of the long`term. What is interesting about


this is it suggests that the average amount of money people will take out


a something like ?40,000. That is a huge amount, because the average


saving of anyone in this country is actually only about 85,000.


People's pensions, their whole savings, a 35,000. That does suggest


that we are talking about wealthier taxpayers looking to take down money


and not put it into an annuity. Probably thinking they could make


more money by putting it into investments or buying a flat. But


then if you take a 40,000 pounds, you will hit the top thresholds.


Many of them probably don't realise they could end up losing nearly half


their pension in tax. Which is pretty bad, if you think you've


already paid tax on this. Plus the idea of what kind of investment will


deliver enough return to make up for the tax liability? I need some


advice. Or advice available, leaves. The Independent's FrontPage. The


LibDems turn on Cameron over Gaza. This is in the backdrop of Baroness


Warsi's resignation. What Britain should do about arms sales. This is


also Nick Clegg trying to put Clearwater, clear yellow water,


between him and Cameron on Gaza. It was very interesting watching


Campbell on Newsnight last night. He was very much acting Baroness Warsi.


And this is more of them `` backing. The Foreign Minister had


also discussed quitting. Baroness Warsi had mentioned someone had, no


names had been mentioned. Others have denied planning to resign. Nick


Craig says that it is also the Independent Promoting their own


story `` Nick Clegg. UK weapons were being used in the bombardment of


Gaza, so going back to that and saying that there is unrest. What do


you make of it? It is a round`robin of a mop up job after the big news


has come out with Baroness Warsi, the big news story of the week. And


this is all echoes of that. Others say they think the same thing as


well, but it has less resonance. The issue about arms sales to Israel is


certainly being looked at, but the idea that it merits a big strategic


change from government, Nick Clegg already said that a few days ago. So


the fact that other Democrats are saying the same thing is not that


surprising. And also, it is quite weird. The Independent offer and


tries to be different, it has strange news values tomorrow. They


have Boris Johnson making his move at the top, and I love the monkey,


but to have the monkey and the LibDems, is quite questionable.


Maybe they think their readers are more interested in that. Given that


you love the monkey, it features on the front of The Independent. Who


wants to tell us the story of the monkey? What is fascinating, is that


in our DNA is some obsession with taking pictures of ourselves. And


this is certainly borne out by this photograph. This is a


Gloucestershire photographer who went into the jungle of years ago.


With a great camera Koopman, and this monkey grabbed it from him, and


started taking pictures. Not all of them successfully, apparently. This


one is rather good. This was a triumph. He took a good selfie. The


issue is you hope to make a lot of money from these photographs, the


photographer, and wikimedia has put it online with no attribution. And


no royalties. Wikimedia claim he did not take it, the monkey took it.


That is a bit unfair, the poor chap heaved his camera around the


rainforest. The monkey did not provide the camera. He has to prove


he set the camera angles and the scene. He wouldn't have been taking


pictures, but you know. I love the smile. It really does look like


selfie. Time is up, thank you both very much indeed for having a look


at tomorrow's papers. More of course from the Papers at the same time


tomorrow night. Stay with us here in BBC News, at midnight the Mayor of


London, Boris Johnson, says he wants to stand in next to's election.


Hello. This is Sportsday. Celtic crashed out of the


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