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have taken preventative measures. Nigeria has created isolation


centres. Welcome to our look ahead at what


the papers will bring us tomorrow. With pep are Jo Phillips and the


editor of the Sunday People. Thank you for coming in. The front`pages.


Let us begin with the situation in Iraq, it dominates most of the front


pages as you can imagine. Save us from death says the Sunday


Telegraph. Obama vows to smash the militants in northern Iraq is the


headline in the Sunday Times, The Observer high lites how minority


communities are freeing from Islamic state fighters, and points out who


British aircraft have joined the relief effort. A picture of Baroness


wars Sir is on the front of the Independent.


`` the Mail on Sunday claims that a UKIP MEP is coaching candidates to


emulate the public speaking techniques of Hitler. The Daily Star


Sunday is reporting that UK airport staff are set to strike ore fears


they will be the first to catch Ebola if it comes to the UK.


Let us begin, Jo, Nigel, thank you for joining us as ever, as you said


you have done this slot more than I have, probably. You could lead us


through it. Shall I take the sport? That would be very good! There is


not a lot. We were saying, you know, normally at this time of year, of


course it is the silly season, with nothing. Not this year. There is


nothing but doom and gloom and the most terrible story, and this Sunday


Telegraph that we are starting with, this striking picture, save us from


death, with the starving refugee, who are now trapped probably about


150,000 of them, stuck up in the Iraqi mountain, where they are being


purr `` pursued, escaping from the Islamic state, formally ISIS. The


Telegraph is the first British newspaper to have a journalist


there, Jonathan Crone, who has managed to get near, but the reports


are appalling, and as you were reporting, in the new, we have Obama


saying this is not going to be over quickly. But I think beyond the sort


of the human horror, and human scale of this, is there are a lot of


questions to be asked about how this has caught the international


community, particularly America, and Europe, on the hop. I was talking to


Christopher Hill, just about an hour ago on the BBC News channel about


this very point. He said they didn't have that much intelligence from


inside Iraq, from ISIS, now known has the Islamic state. You wonder


why not, the amount of money America spends. Especially as they have been


in Syria before, it might be new to us, but for the intelligence


community wow would have thought they would be monitoring it. The


trouble with President Obama talking about we are in for the long`haul,


we don't have time, these people will die one day, I mean according


to the Telegraph report, the heat is 50 degrees send grade. Yesterday's


drop of food aid was useless, again, according to the Telegraph. It came


down from 15,000 feet, without a parachute, burst all over the


mountain, so it is things like that that are going on, you have to allow


for the screw ups along the way, but the real problem is this has to


happen now. Tomorrow is too late. He was talking about it being a kind of


long project, but that was more about pushing back the Islamic state


rather than helping these particular people. One of the things that Obama


has to do, and I would rather hope Britain would help on this, is that


you have to stop ISIS or IS as they call themselves now, you have to


stop hem in their track, because if you don't, we will see much more of


this, we are talking about something medieval brutality, crucifixion,


beheadings, there are people being executed for not changing their


religion, this is extraordinary stuff not seen in the world for 500


years. The feed it is moving. Through Iraq and Lebanon is


astonishing. I notice that Lord Dannatt is suggesting what sounds


sensible, that actually you send in soldiers, to create a safe refuge,


for people, while you try... Good luck in selling that. Absolutely,


but you do that to keep these people safe while you as Nigel says you get


rid of the, the march of the Islamic state. We saw this in Afghanistan,


with the American bombing what they thought were convoys, only to find


they were wedding parties and thing, so it is a nightmare. You can


imagine this is a major headline in all the George Papaconstantinou ``


papers. `` in the papers. Nigel. You


mentioned this pointor, do with those poor people on the mountain,


the Yazidi, the trouble is that air drops is not going to get them off


the mountain. No, this is the important point. The next stage you


have to think about is because the buzz words this week have been


pre`Budget report shall response in Gaza, what is the pre`Budget report


shall response in a situation like this? I would argue that you have


got to stop ISIS in its track, and you certainly do it from the air,


carpet bombing, whatever it takes, Britain should get involved, so


should other western country, and a response to the kind of thing they


are doing is to go in with massive force. What a dilemma. Let us turn


the corner, stick with The Observer but look at the story that is above


that Obama story. This man is 1.5 billion private equity firm buys


this nursing home. Now they want to slash this care work's wages. It is


an interesting story. There are pages of it in The Observer. With my


sort of slightly cynical hat on, you think, well, it doesn't really take


a huge newspaper like The Observer do this, all you have to do is to


look in a local paper, and see the salary, the hourly Valerie that is


offered to care workers, you know, you look round a lot of coastal


town, a lot of the, you know, outside of London, places where


these are the only jobs that people get, and they are by and large


minimum wage, the story is about a Unison strike for, 50 carers for


disabled people, in Doncaster have been on strike for seven weeks,


because William Jackson, he who is photographed here, the Managing


Director of bridge pointIcal Tam. They are a firm who are bought care


UK and they own or are involved in some high street names, like fashion


and food, retail. They have cut the care workers' wages by 25%, they are


on the minimum wage, ?7 an hour. I don't know if you have had


experience o dealing with care homes? I have. People will wonder


how you can provide any standard of reasonable care when you are paying


wages that are so low, and you are not counting the travel time... Who


is making the profits? Absolutely. Let us go back to the Sunday


Telegraph. Another story about care home, the headline, we failed


elderly by being too scared of taking care homeowners to court,


Watchdog admits as the Care Quality Commission which has come in for


criticism. What do you make of this 1234 This is the head of the Care


Quality Commission, think it is an appalling admission, frankly,


broadly saying that when they found a home that was below par, if they


felt any legal action was going to be taken against the Care Quality


Commission, they backed off. So, so we have had years then, of no proper


policing of the system. Now, of course, now, because of the horrors


exposed recently, now they have to go in and we have a mandatory


inspection regime coming in. High time too. You can see that if


somebody in his position is admitting they didn't do the things


that I were meant do at the time, we really do need this inspection


procedure now. But it goes back to more than inspection, if you really


care about how you look after elderly or disabled people, 234


Doncaster it is disabled adult, but you have to pay people proper wages.


That is probably right. The next question comes dough, should people


be making a profit `` out of it? In our strike story. You could have a


better headline that says we failed the elderly and have a list of the


Governments for the last 20 years. The tail `` Daily Star Sunday. I am


sure it is in your weekly reading. Big headline, Ebola, in red so we


don't forget it is dangerous. Ebola UK airport staff set to strike. I


only have the front`page of this. I only have the one paragraph on the


top. But it says it all. It claims UK airport staff are terrified they


are pretty much the front line. Who can blame them? As you say we only


have the paragraph, a couple of sentence, staff at Heathrow and


Gatwick have threatened to strike and really, mine, they are going to


be the front line, because as far as we can tell from Ebola, it is very


likely to combination somebody arriving on a plane. I did hear a


woman from the relevant union the other day saying they had no


briefing, no containment areas, I think what is astonishing it is the


first time in my living memory the Daily Star has done a story. It is a


real story, it is fascinating. I agree with you, you would be


terrified. However, one rather assumes that you wouldn't just get


an ordinary border guard seeing somebody with Ebola coming into the


country. You would hope not. Shuffle your way to the Sunday Times, if you


don't mind. This is interesting. I know you will have a lot to say


about this. Baroness Warsi. Tories can't win the next election, is that


sour grapes? Hell hath no fury. I think Baroness Warsi, she quit for


principle reason, she wasn't happy in the first place, so there had


been a lot of sniping, the argument was she wasn't up to being a senior


minister in the way she was. There had been a lot of pressure on


Cameron during the reshuffle to sack her. He didn't do so but he didn't


promote her and she didn't like that either, so, in that sense, that


there is a history behind this, it is not just a matter of the


principle, however, one has to take her at her word, and in fairness she


does think that the British policy over Gaza was not strident enough


against Israel and that is why she resigned. It's a little bit Geoffrey


Howe to Margaret Thatcher isn't it? Yes. Not quitting in the first


place. Yes, what is interesting is that Gaza is off the front`pages at


the moment because of what is happening in Iraq. She has scored a


hit certainly. The whole thing is that our policy


against Israel has not been good enough. We need to be Morrow bust


about it. It's a pity some other ministers didn't say the same thing.


Exactly. Is she right saying the Tories can't win the next election?


Looking at the poles and the real votes cast, it looks like a minority


Labour Government. It can change. Well, UKIP...


That is it for The Papers this hour. Thank you to Jo and Nigel. You will


be back at 11. 30, look forward to that. Before that, it's time for


Reporters. Welcome to Reporters.


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