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Andy Murray is through to the finals. `` wins silver.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are Kate Devlin, the Westminster


correspondent for the Herald, and Amol Rajan, editor of the


Independent. The Daily Mail headlines the police


search of a property in Berkshire owned by Sir Cliff Richard, in


connection with an allegation of a sexual nature dating back to the


1980s. Sir Cliff says he's totally innocent.


The Sun says the pop star faces questioning by police when he


returns from his holiday in Portugal. That story also features


on front page of The Daily Telegraph. The paper also headlines


the thousands have been saved from Mount


Sinjar. The Financial Times leads with the news that eurozone recovery


has shuddered to a halt. The Guardian reports that the UK is


ready to arm Kurds to help forces fighting IS. And it pictures


teachers jumping with joy after the success


Staying with A`level results, the Times says exams are ending the


class divide as poorer teenagers are ignoring debt worries and are


surging into universities. Finally, the Independent pictures the


controversial Russian aid convey bound for the Ukraine. It has exams


on the front page, too. It's headline ` 'Gove gets his A`level


results'. `` its headline.


That's one of my favourite headlines tonight. Let's look at The Daily


Mail. One of a number of papers that has the allegations regarding Sir


Cliff Richard on its front page. I'm totally innocent, it says. Police


raid his home after claims of sexual assault. He denies that there is any


truth in these allegations. He is out of the country at the moment but


says he will co`operate with police fully. Moving onto the Times. It


poised to armed Kurdish forces against


help tackle the jihadists who have taken over a huge swathe of Iraq and


Syria. and meanwhile large swathes of Syria


and north`western Iraq have been taken over by the Islamic State.


What this story signifies is that Britain is now involved in military


operations in Iraq. It's a different Iraq to that which was invaded by


the West many years ago and it is different involvement. Technical


support, surveillance. But Britain is engaged in that region again. The


idea is to help the PKK, this Turkish group, fight the onslaught


of Isis. `` Kurdish group. The UK and US will want to make that


distinction, but it is not troops on the ground. That's right, but I


think they will also be quite keen to make sure that it answers the


people they've been quite annoyed about all week, the people who think


something must be done. We've seen quite a few Conservative MPs, some


very high profile, former senior army people as well making that kind


of argument. There's been quite a bit of frustration in Downing Street


about that. People have been putting a lot of pressure on without


understanding how difficult it is to make these decisions. This will at


least say, we are doing something. But the public point of view surely


will be somewhat moved by the plight of the Aussie `` Yazidis in


particular? The line that came out today, they say things are as bad on


the mountain as they fault. The Yazidis, the persecuted minority,


are being helped, which is a good thing. `` are as bad as they feared.


But people will be moved by the humanitarian situation and they will


also be moved by what IS are doing. These guys are mediaeval in their


outlook and are killing on site at the moment. There will be some


impulse to try to resist their advance. Staying with the Times, the


A`level results. Exams and class divide, it says. A`levels results


sees poorer people surging into university and A`level pupils from


Ashford in Surrey who are invited to form part to open their envelopes.


It will be interesting to see the divide between what girls and boys


are getting. Often we say girls surge ahead. We haven't got the


break down yet. Interesting if this headline turns out to be true, that


people say it will cost me money but I'll go anyway to university because


in the long run it will pay me to do it. I think it's a great picture for


lots of reasons. It is a version of the classic girls jumping up and


A`level results and they look so happy. So pleased. It is probably a


really good year to be going to university. We saw today that people


are getting offers of iPad is, `` iPads, one university is offering


students free flights home. But I just wonder if maybe there is a bit


of a sting in the tail, that more people are going to university...


The government says it is what it wants to do but they also say it


will cost a lot of money. The way they say they will pay for it is


they will sell off the student loans book. Vince Cable said that wasn't


going to happen a couple of weeks ago, not least because they wouldn't


be able to get enough money for it. There's a financial reckoning coming


form this today. `` coming from. Political context is interesting.


The way in which the Times have presented this. This idea that the


results and is the class divide comes after years of protests over


tuition fees. Many people worry `` people worry that's resulting in


some people not going to university. We have some evidence that free


schools are sending people to top universities. This is a politically


loaded story. Let's look at the Guardian Row. We have to give the


teachers some credit. Jumping for joy. `` Guardian. People from


Bristol celebrating their success. What strikes me as peculiar is all


these years when teachers have been knocked because their results have


gone up, this year they aren't getting criticised even though


results have gone down a little bit. It seems back to front. I don't


think teachers can win. They feel very persecuted. They get all this


interference. I don't want to compare them to the Yazidis, which


is very different, but teachers in Britain feel they can't do anything


right. A `` A`levels is a wonderful story of achievement. We should be


applauding all of the students today. Absolutely. The Independent.


Collision course. Eastern Europe edges closer to war, why is the


Western looking the other way? This is an aid convoy, according to


Moscow, that's taking aid to rebel held areas in Ukraine. The suspicion


in Kiev is there is some kind of military support mustering on the


border. The thing that's incredible about this story is that with most


complex, with most hotspots around the world, you can get a pretty


decent grasp of what's going on when you speak to state agencies and


journalists on the ground. The fact is there's an extraordinary


propaganda exercise going on. There are 300 big vans heading from Moscow


to the eastern edge of the Ukraine. Moscow says they are full of aid and


are to support the people of Ukraine. Ukrainians are they aren't


sure about that, this doesn't make sense to us. So, guitar to know


what's going on. What we can be sure of is many vehicles are moving


towards Ukraine and will reach there soon. `` it's hard to know. Someone


said the other day to me, a Russian friend, why isn't this being


reported further up the bulletins? Because more than 2000 people have


died since the middle of April. Yes. There has been a lot of reporting.


Part of it has been it has been difficult to work out what is going


on and part of it has been that the international community has


struggled to respond to this. What this definitely shows is that Russia


is not backing down. We've had a massive increase in sanctions a


couple of weeks ago and it's basically a huge 300 law white van


convoy, saying we won't back down. `` long. Talks over the Stirling.


This is in the Scotsman. The suggestion is that technical talks


have or haven't taken place between the yes for independence campaign


and the Bank of England. In some ways it is an argument over


definitions but what it really shows is that Alex Salmond is finding it


impossible to change the conversation and he isn't being able


to change the conversation away from what an `` what currency and


independent Scotland would have. This argument on the front pages


about whether or not they have the technical discussion, not that


they've actually set you can't have Stirling. It's about whether or not


the conversation took face. It doesn't make much sense. On the one


hand, the finance secretary says they have had discussions. The Bank


of England says they haven't. Presumably they've had some kind of


discussion but it's a question about whether it is technical discussion,


what about the currency. It is a strange story. It looks like the


vote is going to go towards staying together. It is an incredibly hot


subject. As you say, this issue of the currency just won't go away. You


are close to the star. He wouldn't have predicted 12 months ago that it


was all about the currency. Someone decided strategically to go over the


`` go after the currency. It's a real pound in your pocket argument


and it seems to be hitting home. At this stage, the SNP would not want


the main thing... This is on the front of our newspaper as well. They


wouldn't want a massive row with the Bank of England a couple of weeks


before this. It would affect their credibility. Yes. I think Mark


Carney has also left a problem for the UK government, because he


announced yesterday that he was doing contingency planning for an


independent Scotland. There's a lot of pressure now on the UK


government, which has said for months that it is doing no


contingency planning. The Ministry of Defence insisted this afternoon


that it was still doing no planning... Coming really believe


the Bank of England wouldn't do something and have a think about it?


Contingency planning is what they do at the Bank of England! You would


hope so! The Ministry of Defence is claiming that it isn't doing it.


There is a contingency planning committee somewhere, I'm sure. If


there is a yes vote, I feel a very senior servant will be able to go to


that `` the Defence Secretary and stay, we just happen to have this


report. Yes, in a bottom drawer somewhere.


Let's have a look at the Daily Mirror. Robin Williams and his


wife, Susan Scneider, on the top. It is right at the top. What are we


looking at? This is the revelation that in addition to having struggled


with drink and drug addiction of the years, and anxiety and depression,


he was having to get used to the idea of having Parkinson's disease.


It is difficult to speculate on causes but the implication of this


is one of the things that led to his sad and was a new medical


realisation. But what we discussed earlier, it is impossible for


someone like Robin Williams to grieve privately. His daughter had


to come off Twitter because of the abuse. It makes you feel sick, the


way people, because they are public figures, can't remain private. The


other thing is he was sober when it happened. It must be difficult for a


wife who has lost her husband. Some of the terms being used in very


premature. Downton Abbey is returning to our


screens. There is a picture of Lady Edith and Lord Grantham. There is a


water bottle that was left on the set. I wonder how often that


happens. It is the difficulty with recreating the period. My heart goes


out to them. It must be incredibly difficult. They have put so much


work in. It is inconceivable that it would be this much of a problem


before Twitter. It just goes out so fast. Ten years ago, they would have


done another picture. Now they are stuffed. And who cares? We are


talking about it. That is The Papers. Stay with us after midnight.


We have more details about Cliff Richard and his apartment being


searched after allegations of a historic sex offence.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm Nina Warhurst. Two days before the


first ball is even kicked,


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