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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Oscar Pistorius. Rugby Union, five matches to talk about and all that


and more in 15 minutes. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are


Sue Matthias, Editor of the Financial Times Weekend Magazine and


political journalist, Rob Merrick. Thank you for being here. Tomorrow's


front pages, starting with... The Daily Mail leads on a warning from


the SNP's former deputy leader that Scottish banks will be broken up and


oil giant BP nationalised to punish them for backing the No campaign.


The FT has the same story, and says the Better Together campaign claims


the threats show the ugly side of their rivals.


The Guardian has a new poll which suggests that the gap between the


yes and no camps is still just 2% of voters but seventeen percent are


saying they don't know. The Scotsman says the poll is on a knife edge


with anticipations of a turnout of 88% for the vote. The Times reports


that fears about the referendum vote have triggered the biggest sell`off


of British investments since the collapse of the Wall Street Bank,


Lehman brothers in 2008. The Independent carries a dramatic


portrait of Ian Paisley, who's died at the age of 88. The Daily Record


devotes part of its front page to Oscar Pistorius's conviction for


shooting and killing his girlfriend but says the Paralympian may never


go to prison. And The Mirror leads on the news that animal lovers have


raised over one million pounds for the dogs home in Manchester that was


badly damaged by a suspected arson attack. So now will talk about this


one, the fact that this menacing intervention as it is described by


the Daily Mail is coming from the former deputy leader of the SNP.


This will not be helpful for the Yes campaign. Of course not. I work at


Westminster and I have seen many of my colleagues had to `` go to


Scotland in the last few days and these sorts of things have been


thrown around. The idea that companies will need to bend to their


knee to a greater power. Key is that the SNP's former deputy leader is


being talked of here. I don't think Alex Salmond will be trying to drive


the oil companies out of Scotland. I think what we will see, is more of


this before the end of the referendum campaign is through. This


does give the No campaign some more ammunition to say that businesses


are safe in an independent Scotland. They are already saying


that this shows how ugly it has got. I think so and the language is


getting more heated on each side. It is happening day by day and you sort


of wonder where it will end up. When we get to the vote, what rhetoric is


going to be used. I noticed this quote from a leading Scottish banker


earlier this week who was saying, what is next? A plague of locusts


descending on Scotland? I think the issue really is that everybody needs


to calm down slightly and take a more sober stock of the situation. I


think the background picture is that, there is going to be


uncertainty about the financial future of Scotland. Uncertainty in


all sorts of ways. What would more devolution look like in the event of


a No vote and how easy would it be to break the union up in the event


of a Yes vote? It would be very interesting from a journalistic


point of view. Let's look at this one. Five days to go. A number one


German bank warns that a Yes vote would trigger a new depression. They


are warning that it would be a big mistake for the world economy since


the decision would have global ramifications. That is cataclysmic.


We are talking about this intervention from bankers and


leaders of large retail chains and, the fact is, the only thing that is


really certain is that uncertainty. There is nothing economist hates


more than uncertainty `` economists hate more. You may possibly have a


self`fulfilling prophecy. There is no doubt that it will be a big cost


to Scotland. The people of Scotland must recognise that data is not a


scare story. It is a big leap from that to another great procession,


however. They may wonder at the bank saying that since the banks caused


the recession in the first place. There is the ability of political


organizations to stand on their own and that is the argument. What will


make the difference? If someone doesn't know which way to vote or


whether to vote at all in the next few days, what will encourage them?


Is it scare tactics? You just wonder which way it will make people go. I


think if I was a Scottish voter right now, I would have probably


been a little bit fed up with the general tone of the argument and the


debate. The tone coming from south of the border in particular. The No


campaign has been criticized for being too negative and failing to


paint a positive emotional vision of why we should be a union. I think


the Prime Minister tried to do it but for me, it didn't work. It is


like he is clinging to the ankle of a wife who is marching out the door


yelling" Please stay! " . If they only need a few voters to get over


the edge... They are expecting 88% turnout and 98% registered. When you


think of how dismal the turnout is formed collections in the UK `` for


elections in the UK. You would think it was the end of the world. The


gloves are off now. Many comments saying that everyone needs to stick


together. A great deal of comments on social media as we have seen in


the last few weeks to stop the Guardian. This shows the No vote is


in front but only by two points. Just a couple of percentage points


one way or the other depending on which poll you read. We both work at


in newspapers and we know there has to be a momentum but the polls don't


really say that. They are all nearly identical. What they tell us is that


nobody is significantly up or down in the last few days. It is


impossible to call. This is seen as good for the No campaign but it


could be a disaster. It will go down to the wire. 17% of people on this


poll don't know how to vote and it could be in their hands. Absolutely


and many of them are very young voters. What difference might not


make? `` might that make? It will be on a knife edge and it will be


interesting to see what happens in the next few days if the whole


temperature cools down. You might get a little more clarity. It is so


important. The consequences are so great in the consequences are so


great interview of George Osborne, whichever way it goes, that he has


decided to call off the trip to the G 20 in Australia. It seems that no


one has taken it very seriously until these last few weeks. When the


Prime Minister came back from holiday, he was even asked if he had


actually watched the second debate and he didn't even watch it. There


was football on that night. I was watching it but I thought the Prime


Minister might have paid attention. Away from the Scottish referendum. A


look at the Sun. Emblazoned across the front page. Oscar Teets justice


is how the Sun sees what has happened in Pretoria today ``


cheats. He has been cleared of the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. Finding


him guilty of culpable homicide. Not a verdict we would ever have here.


Something close to manslaughter. The suggestion is that it is injustice


but he is still guilty of a very serious crime and could face


prison. We don't know what is going to happen to him. The sentence could


be anything from 15 years in jail to a fine or community service in which


case he would walk free. If it is the latter, there will be an


uproar. It is not going to convince people either way. I think there is


overwhelming disbelief that he got off with culpable homicide. The


judge seems to think that he could not have reasonably known that the


person on the other side would be killed, on the other side of the


door. For premeditated, he would have had to... It would imply that


he fired shots knowing that he was firing at her and intending to kill


her. Am I right about that? That was never approved. `` proved. The judge


accepted that he firmly believed it was an intruder behind the door but


the fact that he fired four shots is what gives the most Emmys. `` the


most unease. What would the reaction be in South Africa if he got off


completely? Goodness. I can't imagine. He is still he is only 27.


It also draws attention to how much gun use there is in South Africa.


Absolutely. And also, he is a very rich celebrity. A contrast is being


drawn between a sports star in South Africa who was driving while high on


drugs and killed some people. He got 25 years in jail for murder. Moving


on. Talking about the other story on the front of the Sun. Not just the


story but the way they have framed it. The pictures they have used.


After arsonists killed 53, give a dog a home. There was a fire, 50


dogs were killed and ?1 million poured in over the last 24 hours for


this. You take issue with the way the Sun has done this. I did. I


recall being on this programme not very long ago when we were


discussing that evening, the Ukraine air disaster. It was the day after.


And, the presentation was exactly the same, showing the victims of


that awful tragedy and naming them, presenting them. And the Sun has


done the same thing with dogs. There may be a difference between a front


page that makes people feel uncomfortable but is effective and


one that spurs positive action. People may be wondering which dog


they would like to adopt. Hopefully they all find homes. That's it for


The Papers this hour. Thank you Sue Matthias, Editor of the


Times Weekend Magazine and political journalist Rob Merrick. Tributes are


being paid to the Ian Paisley who has died at age 88. But coming up


next it's time for Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday, I'm


Lizzie Greenwood`Hughes. The headlines this evening: Yorkshire


wind their first County Championship title for 13 years. St Helens have


to wait to find out if they'll wind Super League's Leaders' Shield after


narrowly losing tonight.


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