05/11/2015 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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And England's cricketers lost their test against Pakistan 2-0.


That is all after the The Papers. what The Papers will have. Good


evening. Before we hear what they have got to


say let us take you through the front pages. The Financial Times


saying the Bank of England is saying the Bank of England is


considering making it harder to gain credit to avoid another crunch.


The story of a driver jailed after filling himself at 192 mph on the


Metro. The daily Telegraph suggesting that


British intelligence intercepted intelligence regarding Islamic


State. The Express leads on the decision to


keep interest rates on hold. Good news on the front page of The


Mirror. The story of the baby girl who has been cured of leukaemia


following pioneering gene therapy. The Guardian also running that


story. The crisis in Sharm el-Sheikh is on


the front page of The Independent. The Times claiming there is evidence


that an Islamic State on was smuggled on to the Russian jet in a


piece of luggage. The situation in Sharm el-Sheikh and


the speculation over what proper aircraft down dominates tomorrow.


The Guardian focusing on the passengers coming back tomorrow, but


without their luggage. The logistics of the situation. 20,000 Brits


stranded holiday-makers. For thousands of them will be


carried back tomorrow. Companies such as Thomas Cook and British


areas are starting to resume flights. But this is all with the


condition but by number ten on airport security in Sharm el-Sheikh,


that security must be tightened up at the airport. The whole of the


aircraft should be empty. There should be extra screening on


passengers and checks on their hand luggage. This means if you are going


on holiday, you must leave your luggage behind. Apparently it will


arrive within seven days. I would imagine that the vast


majority of people stuck in Sharm el-Sheikh will not give two hoots


bags behind. An interesting day for bags behind. An interesting day for


David Cameron. He has been David Cameron. He has been


entertaining the President of Egypt. Coincidentally. Absolutely.


Government had asked ten months ago Government had asked ten months ago


for security to be looked at at this airport and the President said they


did look and they found nothing untoward. So did they miss something


view is that he has little option to view is that he has little option to


do what he did, based on what appears to be the intelligence stop


also, it does egg the question how much intelligence should be shared?


What's the bulletin no if you months ago?


And it has emerged that we did not share this information with Russia.


This information, we did not share This information, we did not


that with Russia. I would love to that with Russia. I would love to


have been a fly on the wall in the conversation between David Cameron


and Vladimir Putin. To find out what was said there. We do not have too


sheared the intelligence. This was not intelligence ahead of the crash.


It was subsequently, the intelligence services went back and


days and there they found chatter, days and there they found chatter,


as they call it, which seemed to point to an event like this. Look at


what the other papers are saying. The Telegraph is digging deeper into


what the intelligence might have been. British spies uncover Isil one


plot. The Telegraph has a piece on British intelligence which uncovered


the fact that it was in fact a form rather than an accidental clash. As


a result of that the Prime Minister a result of that the Prime Minister


made the decision, alone among world leaders at that point, to stop all


which when it was announced last which when it was announced last


night was pretty Jim at it. Some wondered whether it was an over


reaction. But he had -- but if you had not acted in that week, and


security is not secure at Sharm el-Sheikh, and subsequently another


event took place... It is worth pointing out that the Egyptians and


the Russians were quick to say this is not sabotage, this is a terrorist


attack. How they could say that I do not know. They were equally quick in


Cameron was accused of being in his Cameron was accused of being in his


assertion that it was a terrorist attack. Diplomatic relations between


Britain and Russia, it is interesting what will happen about


this. It is interesting also, as your husband points out in the


article, that it was British intelligence that unearthed this. Do


you think that reassures a lot of people, not just those in Sharm


el-Sheikh, anybody planning to travel who worries about terrorism


which a Mac I do not know. One of the issues that this raises, we all


tiptop but the security at some tiptop but the security at some


resort airport may not be so good. Everyone should be a little weary.


there again. There are questions to there again. There are questions to


be asked. You can imagine the security services will be having


words with the politicians to suggest that the surveillance powers


that be have been talking and writing about food, had they had the


powers that they are after, previously, they might have been


able to see it before it happened and offer some warning. That is what


they will be arguing stop our people reassured that at least the British


Government is keeping an eye on British nationalists around the


about taking responsibility to fly about taking responsibility to fly


him home. But there is only so much the intelligence services can do.


Look at the amount of electronic communication, that is currently


being monitored, social media, we cannot cover everything. Shall we


talk about some other stories? This is also fascinating. Let us stay


with The Telegraph. George Osborne too soft on tax credit cats with a


read on an effort reform. The Lords has compelled George


Osborne to water down his repose all. Critics claiming that 3 million


families could lose an average of 13 -- ?1300 per year. Many Tories in


marginal seats are concerned about this. The majority is smaller than


the number of people that might be affected. It is a politically


different issue. George Osborne has been under pressure to mitigate it


in some way. Prominent members offers own party like Boris Johnson


have put pressure on to try to find a way of softening the impact. He


seems to have gone along with the idea of a more staggered


introduction. And here it seems he is going to try to rejig finances


further by taking money from universal benefits instead.


We had to read that story to three We had to read that story to three


times before we got it. It does show that George Osborne has


miscalculated year. He did not properly assess the amount of Bill


this his poll tax moment? It is this his poll tax moment? It is


something like that. Not yet. Meanwhile, we are getting a taste of


the Mark Carne we were told about, the Mark Carne we were told about,


ready to rein in credit. The Bank of England are considering making it


harder for people to borrow, people to lend. Concerns about low interest


rates having their wrong effect on the economy. He is saying that


interest rates are not likely to rise again until 2017. But they have


said before, then the last three or four statements, that interest rates


how they will rise, and then they how they will rise, and then they


did not rise. This is good news for people who have got mortgages. Bad


news for savers. It is not good news for those people who remortgaged


their houses. They have a right to feel rattled that previously they


were told interest rates would go up and they did not and the remortgaged


on the prospect. The Express also reports on how this is a blow for


savers. It goes to show that forecasting errors on occasion the


mag's game. Whether political surveys ahead of elections or


things as facts, and people make things as facts, and people make


serious financial commitments on the serious financial commitments on the


them? Economists are presumably them? Economists are presumably


using all the information available to them. Maybe B was like the


forecasts to be more accurate. It suggests we are not out of the woods


yet. The Daily Mail. An uplifting story.


It has been reported today. And The Daily Mirror with the


headline. And the story broadening out now. This is the breakthrough.


It is a remarkable story. She is 16 months old, or 17 months old. There


was no hope for this baby. And the treatment she has had had only ever


been tried on mice before. They had to get special permission from the


ethics Commission. They had exhausted all options. And her


parents have asked to try anything possible. You can only imagine the


doctors thinking, there is this untested approach. And it appears to


have worked. The doctors are being understandably cautious. But they


are hoping that has saved her and it will have implications for other


people. It is also great news for great Ormond Street and British


medical science. This is what our doctors and scientists are doing. I


want to go back to The Telegraph. The police making money from


speeding fines, but not from the fines themselves. This is an


interesting story. I had never realised but police have more than


doubled the amount of money the get in from speed awareness courses


since 2010, it is about ?60 that you pay. Just to explain, you either get


a fine and points on your license, or if you have not been on a course


you get the option to be on a course but you still pay a fine but jury


Skip the points on your licence. And Skip the points on your licence. And


they can keep the money from that. They keep the money. And it is


making them a great deal of money. And this comes 24 hours after the


Police and Crime Commissioner in Bedfordshire said he wanted speed


cameras on all the time on motorways for more money for the police


force, and he was slapped down. The obvious they are making it in other


ways. The bigger picture, with the Spending Review, many police forces


will be concerned about levels of cuts. The Met police are looking at


it hundred million pounds over four years, cuts to its budget, and they


will be looking at every option possible to raise money elsewhere.


We have run out of time. We will do it again in one hour. Thank you for


11 with the next round of The 11 with the next round of The


Papers. Next it is all the sport.


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