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Exits polls for regional elections put the far-right National Front led


by Marine Le Pen ahead of the centre-right Republicans


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are political commentator Lance Price and the author


The i leads with Storm Desmond, warning there's more high winds


the Times says the environment agency is now reviewing


its flood defences after the deluge from Storm Desmond overwhelmed new


The Financial Times runs with the news that France's Far Right


National Party is leading in the first round of regional elections


The Guardian headlines Storm Desmond, and also carries concerns


by the police that the Leytonstone tube attacker may have been inspired


The Daily Mail carries an interview with


a commuter who took on the knifeman at Leytonstone tube station.


The Sun also carries a picture of the dad who was knifed in his


the Daily Telegraph quotes an unnamed Scotland Yard commander,


who says it was alarming that armed police had not been present


And The Independent leads with the devastation following


Storm Desmond and puts Carlisle as one of the town's worst affected.


We are going to start with the flooding in the north of England and


the Scottish Borders. With a newspaper from Carlisle. The picture


of rescue team bringing a woman and her dog to safety through the


floodwaters. It is very heartening, I always find, how stoic people.


They do seem to rally around in times of trouble. It is good to see


a paper like this one in Carlisle coming up with a positive front


page. They could have been complaining about cuts to flood


defences and instead they are concentrating on the efforts of the


emergency services but also in the story inside the paper on the way in


which local communities have been rallying around, local businesses to


-- donating food and money. A similar picture is on the Times,


with another woman being brought to safety. And do not forget the pats.


People refuse to leave their homes if the animals cannot come as well.


This was just overwhelming. It raises the obvious question. We will


not be able to build barriers that can cope with every single


eventuality. It is obviously not just a question of rainfall. It is


about land use, defences in the area. There will be a lot of picking


up. It exacerbates it. As Matthew says, these are record levels of


rainfall. Nobody was expecting this kind of circumflex stance to prop up


so quickly. It was only 2009 that they were inundated before. I was up


in the north. It was unbelievable to see it coming down. We are going to


see more and more of these stories. We have got a huge climate meeting


taking place under the auspices of the UN in Paris. It does not have


the kind of news value of a natural disaster. But the stakes are


absolutely the future of civilisation. It will be good to see


more reporting coming out in Paris. Stay with the Times. Commuters put


on Terror alert. A place issue which make issuing a warning. The police


treating this as a terrorist incident.


-- of the police issuing a warning. There are scant details from the


story. It does not sound like they have got any link to any bigger


organisation or any evidence that this individual was a member of a


larger group. Clearly the motive that may have been terrorist


inspired. The question that several of the papers are asking is whether


there were enough police on hand. But it seems they did a pretty good


job. Now in custody. We just know it is a 29-year-old. Do not know much


of the detail. This quote, the response of somebody who saw this


happening. The suspect was supposed to have said, this is for Syria. You


could hear very clearly on the film recorded this person, presumably a


Muslim himself, saying this. I think it was just a very British way to


deal with it. That response in its self is a very tissue response. The


way in which the police on the scene dealt with it quick and effectively.


It is heartening that we are able to deal with this without being shot


dead. If this was America, that would have been the outcome. The


Daily Mail, an engineer who is featured. Clearly he stepped up and


took on this knifeman. You can see children were terrified. He had the


courage to confront him. But the bit that really jumps out, there were so


many opportunities where somebody could have grabbed him, but adults


were standing around filming. We have enjoyed watching the clip and


seeing the drama, but it raises a question, when there is a whole


group of people standing around. If it is terrifying, run away. But we


need to have a national conversation, if there is a crisis,


it is not acceptable to stand around and film it and you could be


helping. But do we want people to go and have a go? Also, the police are


appealing for people to show them these pictures. They are extremely


useful. Maybe we should have a rule that gets people to involve and then


film, rather than the other way around. There was the foiled attack


in France if you weeks ago. There was an off-duty American servicemen


who stopped what would have been a massacre. It would take a very brave


person. It should not be general advice. The Daily Telegraph, police


missed it. They might have known that this could have happened? Do we


want armed police on every street corner in every underground station?


It seems the police could have dealt with it quickly. The idea that this


has led to Christianity in decline. Is it sensible to have it at the


heart of public life? The research has been going on for two years. I


find the conclusion is extraordinary. As Janet Peters


propped up by so many of our institutions in this country. --


Christianity. Relatively speaking, fewer people follow the Christian


faith. To have seats reserved for Anglican bishops in the House of


Lords is one thing. And also the BBC comes in for some criticism as well.


The story in the Daily Telegraph says there should be nonreligious


messages. It does strike me as extraordinary that every Sunday


morning when I turn on my radio, I get an hour's Kristian service. --


Christian. The Queen is also the head of the church. This report is


recommending that in the next coronation service, other


participants from other faiths should be given a prominent role. I


think what you said it's absolutely true, but a lot of people in this


country will feel profoundly unsettled by this kind of


suggestion. Basic Christianity as part of the British identity. This


is going to be a delicate issue for the government to navigate,


especially when there are concerns. Prince Charles said he wanted to be


the Defender of the Faith. The Front Nationale are set for a historic


result. They have done well in the regional elections. Better that ever


since the party was founded. A search of the far right. It mirrors


what we have seen in other countries. It is a worrying portent


of the political landscape in Europe. Nicholas Sarkozy said he


would not go into partnership with the Socialists to stop it. When her


father got into the final round of the presidential election, there was


a package of parties that stopped him winning. There will be a lot of


Front Nationale councils all around France. Looking at page three of the


Times. BBC tried to defeat dad 's Army. The series poking too much fun


at the Second World War? This is news to me. I grew up with it, I can


virtually recite the dialogue. It is such a part of national life. It


almost did not get made, because BBC bosses were concerned it was edgy to


start making fun of the war effort. This was in the middle of the 60s,


when the BBC already, satire was alive and well. It was taking the


Mickey out of politicians in a way we have never experienced before.


But somehow the home guard was beyond the pale. But they still went


on to make of the series that took the Mickey out of everybody. It


shows why focus groups should be ignored. They had a viewing with a


focus group who hated Dad's Army. The writer had to fight hard to get


it made. They showed Dad's Army two samples of viewers who did not like


it very much. That is it for the papers tonight. Thank you very much


for taking us through the stories. That is it from us. Next up, the


film review.


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