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from Roger Federer, who has big plans for next year. That is coming


up in Sportsday. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are the economist


Bronwyn Curtis and the broadcaster and former football administrator


David Davies. We are going to start with the i.


You will see a number of different coloured boxes of Nurofen. A blue


one, an orange one, a red one, if I can zoom in, and a purple one. The


suggestion is, according to the Australians, that although these


boxes... You are in Australia? I am indeed. Although they are different


colours, they have the same stuff in them? Yes. That is the allegation.


The competition authority in Australia are saying they are


exactly the same. It is misleading. Get them off the shelves. That is


what is happening in Australia. But it is coming here as well. The


company has said, just because that has happened in one region, it is


not applicable to others. Here, the advertising standards authority is


now taking a look at this. It is after they have had a series of


complaints, earlier this year. It seems to have taken the Australians


to pull the trigger. They are exactly the same! What does that


mean? An Australian backache is different from a United Kingdom


backache? A layperson like me cannot understand. It is like this. You


look in your cupboard, I've got some year offence, or ibuprofen. --


Nurofen. If it is not brand, it is cheaper. I better go and see if they


have anything specific for backache. You go to the chemist, it is called


product differentiation, I think. You can charge double for it. I go


to a wonderful chemist. Because I had an illness earlier this year, I


have had more medicine in the past six months than in the past 60 plus


years. That is the first point. And I have got increasingly worried and


depressed by, when I go and see all of these different painkillers, this


story in Australia just makes things even worse. Cold cures are the same.


It's only because I've got an excellent chemist in my village who


says, have that and do not have that. If you don't happen to have an


excellent chemist, or there is not a chemist, somebody to talk to you, or


a doctor on the end of the phone or whatever, this does mean if you go


into a pharmacy and UC for back pain, for a headache,


it. That has been allowed, to a point, in the advertising


here, they might not be breaking any laws? They might not. There have


been complaints here. If you look at the back, I am sure the company has


had focus groups that have said, well... Some of the public wanted?


They will buy it. If it says Nurofen Express, does that mean you get


cured more quickly? That is the idea, it gets absorbed into your


bloodstream. And I being cynical, that is just the same... That is not


something we can go into, let's not be subject of a court ruling.


Britain to quit EU over migrants, we know that David Cameron is trying to


negotiate a different relationship with Brussels. He has put feelers


out, it is not looking too good, particularly on cutting the benefits


of new migrants arriving in the UK. A new poll showing that Europe is


unpopular because of the migrant crisis. Hardly a sensation. From the


pro-European point of view, you have to do worry that David Cameron is


actually allowing the wrong questions to be asked in this


so-called negotiation. Is that cynical? It is a negotiation. It is


going today, particularly later in the week. Are there bigger


questions? Is Europe's safer, for the UK and its citizens, if we are


in or not? That seems to be a fairly basic question, when I hear Sir Hugh


Orde and former police chiefs saying that we need to be in Europe to


share the important security information. To me, that seems


fundamental. It is difficult to get away from the whole migrant and


refugee question. So many people are trying to get in here, it has been


all over the media for two years, practically, that has become a


central question of the whole debate. Or, is, as David is saying,


the staying in camp is allowing it to be the central question, and not


making it more of a side issue? As you can see, it makes a great


headline. Blame it on the migrants. People are a bit frightened by it as


well. Who is coming in? Can we control them? So it is easy to play


to those emotions. Either way, this particular survey in the express was


by a company called Servation, I've never heard of them. They are


commissioned by the Lines For Direct Democracy In Europe, an alliance of


parties including Ukip. I am not saying they have not done their job


properly, but I think they brought out the things that they wanted to


bring out. As you say, there are other things. Europe is our biggest


trading partner. We sell most of our goods to Europe. 60%. Having said


that, there clearly is, according to polls, and Servation is a reputable


company, no question about that. People seem to be leaning towards,


according to these polls, towards a situation where perhaps they don't


want to be in. You could be excused for thinking that there is a get


Britain out campaign and a little bit of a staying in campaign. The


biggest name that I am aware of at the moment, who is active, is Will


Straw, the son of the former Foreign Secretary. Maybe they are having


trouble getting the message out. Are you seeing what the bookies are


saying, 63% are going to say they will vote to stay in? I listen to


the bookies sometimes. Even the ones that say Louis van Gaal is going to


leave... We'll not get onto that! We will talk about pension bonds,


saving rates are slashed by half. These pension bonds, they were


announced a year ago. One year, and I think three-year bonds. They had a


great interest rates. The one-year, 2.8%. The three-year, 3%. They are


not going to continue with the one-year bonds. Well, they are going


to continue with them, but they are dropping the rate to 1.45%. That is


not only outside the top ten, it is 0.7% below the best rate you can get


for a one-year bond. We didn't hear anything about that in the Autumn


Statement, did we? I didn't hear anything. Funny, that! I don't think


there is an election this year, is there? Probably not. Why are you so


cynical? Because, being a person of a certain age, in January of last


year, the other side of the pond, I spent hours trying to get through to


National Savings And Investments, to buy some of my bonds. I fought and


fought, and I worked the computer in Mexico. I got some bonds. I have a


view on this. This sort of retrospection... You got to be


careful, it is not a retrospection, it was a one-year bond. What about


the three-year? What they are saying is that when that mature as they not


necessarily do that either. I think they won't. I think this... These


are fantastic rates. There was no suggestion that they would carry on?


At all? I suppose people felt they would. The application was? So we


got suckered? That is what you are trying to say. But you got that good


rate for a year. If you put it in for three years, you made it for


three years. Doing all right. But only for a small amount of money.


You got suckered, David, sorry! Have this bloke. He is going into


space! Tim Peake. He is leaving Russia


tomorrow, Kazakhstan, sorry, and he is going to the International Space


Station. It's going to be a very special day for the UK. I know there


will be people that are saying tonight, what a waste of money, what


are we doing up there? All of the rest of it. I think it is great,


Boy's Own stuff. I would love to blast off, and some people would be


glad that I did, blasting off from Kazakhstan. He is achieving a


lifetime ambition. I saw his mum and dad, sitting, as you do, in


Kazakhstan. They were so proud. And rightly so. And credible. Is it


Boy's Own stuff for you? Is Definitely Boy's Own stuff. Gil's


Own stuff? The only thing that would have made a better would be a


British woman going. It is a great story. We have had a lot of really


depressing story so far. This is a really nice, feel-good story. Of


course, it does mean that, you know, they are blasting off from


Kazakhstan, it means that Britain Kazakhstan, it means that Britain


is, you know, working with all of these other countries as well. That


is really good. A lesson for us in Europe? I think it is a lesson for


Europe. We might get in trouble for that. Many thanks for that, you will


be back in one hour's time. Much more coming up. Now it is time for


Sportsday. Hello I'm Olly Foster,


this is Sportsday, here's what's


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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