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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Africa as England score a lot of runs on the opening day of their


first tour match. That is coming straight the papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the Middle East Correspondent for the Wall Street


Journal, Margaret Coker, and the Business Correspondent


Let's have a look at a few of the front pages before we discuss some


of the stories you want to talk about. The FT says Mark Carney has


signalled they will be no haste to raise UK interest rates. The daily


express believes falling oil prices could hit pensions. The eye warns of


a Christmas travel nightmare. The Metro leads with the funeral of the


fiance of Michelle Dockery. The NHS watchdog has told doctors they must


show more respect to dying patients following complaints from families.


The Guardian has a picture of Tim Peake's Soyuz rocket blasting off


for space. Leading on a story about Prince Charles. And The Times


carries news of plans for a European Union force.


DfT has caught your eye this evening. Let's start with the news


that the Bank of England governor does not seem in a rush to bring up


interest rates, or at least in interest rates decision until the


end of the year. What should we read into that? We were expecting an


increase in interest rates. We expect to see tomorrow that the US


will increase interest rates. Good news for borrowers, not such good


news for savers. They want is to spend. They want is to spend. This


is a reflection that the economy is not that strong. The reality is that


the recovery, such as it is, is not that robust. The economy is not


overheating. Certain segments have a lot of heat but overall it is not.


The economy is not in a position to take increases in interest rates. He


is not... Lower for longer, it seems. Another story on the front


page of the FT. A picture as well. Inside Isis is the headline. The


story is that she had a's can bankroll the war for years. -- jihad


E's. This is a very important story


because I think the public perception is still there that


Islamic State is just a bloodthirsty group of terrorists, when in fact


they have spent 18 months putting together a pretty sophisticated


local economy. The FT story shows that. No matter what the


international community is doing to stop revenue coming into Islamic


State whether through oil sales or other mechanisms, the Islamic state


has money, it has a very, I think, primitive but sophisticated also


economy, whereby small businesses are still operating. It has an


amazingly effective tax regime. Two or three years of revenue where it


can pay its fighters, that is a bad thing for us. The FT has done some


good work on this. There was an article a few weeks ago where they


interviewed one of the commanders on the ground in Syria in the rebel


groups, saying they are filling their tanks up with oil that is


owned by Islamic State, and loaning -- loading the tank to the front


line and firing it at Islamic state. Yes, a lot of people have been doing


this inside Isis business. We are seeing some documents have been


discovered and annual reports in which it boasts about its


achievements. The oil is a small part of it. It does obviously stick


in people's throat, the idea that Islamic State is exporting and doing


business with its enemies. Some of the parties fighting Islamic State,


it is alleged, are supporting it and helping it to continue. We are


getting a better insight into it. It does go back to the same trove of


documents time after time. A lot is being written about it but probably


not as much new information. Let's move on to the Daily Express. One of


its main headlines is on the story about every school in Los Angeles


being closed because of a terrorist bomb threat. What more is it saying


that we do not already know apart from the fact that everybody is very


tense? And America even more so. Los Angeles is very far away from the


UK. But the San Bernardino attacks happened just outside the


metropolitan area. I think everybody is trying to figure out whether the


threat was real or not. People in Los Angeles decided to play it safe.


There is probably chaos on the roads of Los Angeles as parents try to


figure out how to pick up their children and employers try to figure


out what to do without their parents at work. Yes, the US is very tense


right now. Is this something we're just going to have to get used to?


It seems that way. This is the first Christmas, the first time when I


have noticed that people, when they discussed their plans for Christmas,


suddenly bring in security arrangements. I'm not going to


mention places that people say they will not frequent but we are seeing


big-name places. People do not want to go there with their kids any


more. It seems to be new. It is a worrying development. When people


start to talk about those things, it gets you to think a little bit,


should I be going there? The daily express main story is their


perception that the oil crisis will hit pensions. Yes. The oil price is


$37 a barrel now. Generally good news for the economy. It is a fiscal


stimulus. The problem is if you own oil company shares you might be


relying on them for your dividends. Oil companies are big payers of


dividends historically. They do not have the money any more. From the


consumer point of view, your heating bills go down. I am not quite sure


what metrics they have used tear to say what kind of hit is going to


happen. If you are not so reliant on dividends you may see a dividend


from low oil prices. I thought there would be a bit more of Tim Peake


hold the going were few Britons have gone before. It does make the front


page of some papers. Fantastic images. I had great fun and BBC News


denied reporting on this. It is interesting. Maybe they are


struggling to say something new. It is surprising. This is the first


Briton. Over 300 million euros a year in the UK gives to the European


Space Agency. Italy have had five astronauts. Britains -- Britons have


gone into space before but have done through the back door as space


tourists. Five Italians and one Briton. It captivated Britain for


the day. Here is a story that is very annual. Sometimes true,


sometimes, I don't know. Big Christmas travel nightmare. Rail


links to to of the country's biggest airports will be shut down. -- two.


It is horrible for people who are trying to be frugal and pay cheap


rates on their airfares that you cannot get together with because it


is closing down, the Gatwick express is going to close down on Christmas


Eve. That really bites. The trouble is they have to do the work at some


stage and there is never going to be a good time. No but they could have


announced that in September and October when people were trying to


book their holidays. It is a stressful time of the year. Probably


people are more stress at this time of the year. That is why the story


has greater resonance now. I wonder if Tim Peake is going to miss


headlines like that for the next six months. Shaul we return to the FT?


There is a story that will make many people smile. Starbucks taxes


beginning to flow for the UK Exchequer. This is after a long


campaign to pay the tax many feel is due. Basically in 2012I did an


investigation into Starbucks which showed they were not paying any tax


in the UK. There were telling their investors they were making very good


profits in the UK. That led to an outcry. They decided they should pay


tax and they would not take these deductions they were paying them


selves in overseas jurisdictions. The money is flowing in. 8 million.


Many thanks. We will do it again at 11:30pm. We will be back at 11


o'clock with the main stories of the night, including Tim Peake making


history, becoming the first official British astronaut to board the


International space station. Up next, it is Sportsday.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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