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format in an international coach who has died at the age of 80. That is


all coming up in 15 minutes after the papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are author David Torrance and The Independent's political


A flooded street scene from York dominates the front


It also reports on how Britain leaving the EU could lead to


the loss of funding into scientific research.


Storm Eva is the focus of the Daily Express,


which warns of 80 mile an hour gales and torrential downpours hitting


The FT reports on the trouble facing American banks because of their


The Telegraph leads on an Oxford University study, calling


for more people to be offered cheap blood pressure pills, to cut the


The Mail reports on struggling maternity units - claiming that half


have had to turn away women in labour because of a lack of beds.


After threats in Brunei to imprison people who


celebrate Christmas in public, the Times reports on faith leaders


from across Britain, condemning what it calls a growing crackdown


And if you haven't done your Christmas shopping yet, the Sun


says you could be contributing to the 3 billion pounds expected to be


I've not even done my Christmas cards yet. Let us start with the


male. It continues to focus on the NHS and on the maternity ward. They


are saying that they can't cope. We have known that on occasions


maternity wards have too many people and as a consequence they cannot


function. Have you turn a woman away in labour? It depends where you are


and whether or not you have two act immediately. If there is a clinical


reason, you will not do that. But there are women who can go to


another hospital. Often, the distance is not massively great in


London. And imagine if that is your first child. That is the point that


the mail is making. Last year, 175 women were turned away. At some


stage, they do shut their doors. It is an important story and we know


that maternity units are stretched. The difficulty you have, is that you


can't predict demand. And I am sure, after Labour's warning, the money


being piled into the NHS is just going to go into pensions and other


things they need to pay for with prudent care. It is another problem


for the administration. The course of this is actually covered in the


main headlines. No surprise, but the mail should find that there is a


migrant connection there. It is an interesting story and one full of


Christmas residents, given the time of year. In the Daily Telegraph also


has an NHS story about warnings of patient safety again in the


Telegraph. The headline says that agency nurses in during long shifts


are endangering our safety. I find this story a little bit dubious. It


appears to amount to one nurse who said that he booked two separate 12


hour shifts at two different agencies and was therefore able to


work 24 hours. That is against the guidelines and he has broken those.


He could potentially be struck off. One person doing to me that they


should not do should not make a headline story. Potentially is the


crucial word in the third paragraph. It seems quite specular. It was like


they went looking for it. This was their undercover investigation


unit, and I don't think they found what they were looking for. A


spokesperson for the hospital has said that they expected agency staff


to not, the ability to provide safe care. They are freelance and they


can take different shifts are different hospitals. It is not about


these firms. That situation has always been known. A does not mean


that there are huge amounts of demand, it is just that one person


could do it. At the top of the Daily Telegraph they took about how the


NHS could save money through heart pills. This is a much better story.


Because you are a big fan of preventative care rather than


reactive care. This is what a lot of healthcare vessels have been


advocating. I will not try to pronounce that. Each ten millimetre


HD drop has been found to reduce heart pressure by a fifth and death


from all causes by 13. Distributing this number of heart pills might be


challenging, logistically, but if they pulled it off that could save,


that sort of impact is only different areas, could save the NHS


a lot of money further down the line. You can't actually see it, but


there is a brilliant cartoon in the middle of that piece. It is a chart


telling its mother on Christmas Eve, just before the fireplace, I am


leaving Santa a leaflet on obesity and blood pressure pills. Obviously,


instead of a cookie and a glass of milk. Very funny. They are so small


and they are difficult for us to get them. Let us move on to the time. --


The Times. This is about the persecution of Christians that has


not been covered quite a bit. This is about Christians in Muslim


countries. We're not talking about Iraq or Syria. We're talking about


Brunei that we would think is pro-Western. You can be put in jail


for five years for celebrating Christmas in public. Places like


Somalia, and China. What is interesting is that they have a man


who goes a little bit further against uniting against persecution


of Christians but what he describes as the religiously illiterate


religious intelligentsia. He is having a go at the West saying you


are not taking this seriously enough and you have to stand up. The Pope


released a statement expressing his huge concern about the persecution


of Christians across Asia, across the Middle East and many parts of


the world. Talking about Asia, they left out China which has 70 million


Christians who are set to take over the United States as the world 's


largest Christian country in a decade. A lot of them have been


dismantled by officials of the Communist Party, who are atheist.


Evidently, number 10 shows the Cabinet members are speaking out.


Will he? Or won't he? This is a long-running parliament joke. This


is the time saying that Downing Street is going to allow ministers


to speak out and campaign to leave the EU -- The Times. Of course you


can campaign. It is not in the spirit of a referendum. If you want


to, David and George feel very strongly that this is a good idea


and if you value your place in the government you will either at keep


quiet and support them. To be honest, there are some people on


their way out of government anyway to take a stance and campaign, but I


would have thought, some of the rising Eurosceptic stars aren't


likely to be too vocal. The president is in 1975 gave them


similar circumstances. It is simply a way of managing a very difficult


situation. We were talking about this before we came on air. How much


is at stake or David Cameron and his premiership with the EU referendum


and how is he going to try to play this so it is all not just down to a


make or break it? He knows deep down that it is. What will worry, not


just David Cameron, but the campaign in general, is that some voters will


use the referendum to kick David Cameron rather than anything else.


It is sort of an anti-government feeling that may get behind the lead


campaign. This is what happens at the referendum, and they use a proxy


for wider issue. It is huge pressure from both camps. They aren't as


engaging for the other camps. They have to go down there and explain


how the EU works to an awful lot of people and explain the benefits and


maybe some of the non- benefits of member ship. It will be an


interesting one, pitifully few. -- particulates for you. The


Independent. See what I was doing? It was all planned. They are warning


against leaving the EU. I had an overwhelming sense of deja vu when I


did this story. I cover the Scottish Referendum and there were a similar


line of academics who were very worried about losing research money,


the UK and Scotland punch well above their weight in relative terms. UK


gets 25% of all European Council grants, and naturally, academics who


depend on money from Brussels for their research and livelihood are


concerned about that. Becomes, as all of the nose, -- as all the -- as


Oliver knows. It is collaborative. You will have groups of scientists


in different situations using different equipment. That becomes


that much harder when you have freedom of movement limited, your


wife has to get a Visa. Being part of a wider union makes this much


easier. They pointed to the success of Europe and some of the research


things we have done. And the UK will lose out for not being part of the


wider community. They put a value on how much this contributes to the UK


economy, and they think it is about ?7.6 billion. It would be really


nice if starters could tell us how we can avoid these winter washouts,


which is what the i talks about. It is not the storm that is bringing


the rain, that means that the Dell force winds all adds to people being


affected really badly. More flooding. These things happen every


year and you have to wonder, in terms of flood defences that these


happen in different parts of the country. The difficulty is he get


several bouts of rain and the error becomes that much more prone to


flooding. The ground is already waterlogged. I suspect, that the


storm will come on it's own it would not bring the flooding, but after


everything that has happened, it is going to go all over again. It seems


to be happening more and more. Not a great day, whether wisely shopping


tomorrow, but according to the Sun, a lot of us will be spending ?3


billion in a day. They will save just 4% of pay. Why do people leave


it so late? Know I am quite organised. Amazon. It is the last


big spending rush, and a staggering amount of money which is good for


the economy. Interestingly it offers evidence of some sort of economic


recovery, and we have seen take-home pay start to soar. It might be an


exaggeration but it is going up. I wish you both a very Merry Christmas


and I look forward to receiving my present. Have a fantastic Christmas


and New Year. Thank you for taking us through the papers tonight.


Thanks to you for watching and coming up next is Sport Today.


Hello, and welcome to Sportsday. I'm Hugh Woozencroft.


There is a distinct lack of Christmas


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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