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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Helen Joyce, who's International Editor at The


Economist, and Dan Bilefsky, Staff Writer for the New York Times.


And now for tomorrow's front pages with.


Pretty much all the front pages Aryan. Let's start looking at them


now. -- are in. The Express leads with warnings that


more than a months worth of rain is expected to fall over Northern parts


of the country in the next 24 hours The Daily Mail reports that


looters are targeting evacuated While the Times carries a picture


of an historic bridge that has Their other main story is that


a third of elderly people who have experienced substandard care


in hospitals and care homes are too afraid to complain according to


a government report. The Guardian writes that a strike


by junior doctors is likely following the breakdown of


negotiations of their new contract. The Independent's front page is


taken up by another picture of the aftermath of the floods as soliders


help prepare for Storm Frank. But, it's main story is a racism row


that has been sparked by the release of a government memo written


during the Thatcher government. The Telegraph also leads with that


story, that government adviser, Oliver Letwin,


has been urged to apologise after papers showed he blamed "bad moral


attitudes" for the rioting in black A story that also appears


on the front page of The Mirror. And, finally, the Financial Times


reports on the likelihood of an We will start with the Times. It


is... Of course, many front pages are leading with the flood story.


Storm Frank is bearing down on the nation as I speak. That picture is


of a 300 -year-old ridge in tank -- bridge in Tancaster. Somehow I just


feel that this picture really speaks to how extraordinarily extreme this


weather event is. Especially after the Paris attacks. Now we have the


human consequences of local warming. Christmas Day, 20 Celsius.


-- global. Forest fires in Australia, storms in the US...


Climate Change, this could be a wake-up call. Is there a sense that,


first of all, it seems that it has taken a while for the world to


accept that climate change is real and can have devastating effects. Is


there a sense that, especially after Paris, that we will start preparing


for this. We want to say this may or may not be Climate Change, but one


of the things from Paris, for the first time we have an agreement on


the fact that money and preparation has to be put in year after year to


move people out of the most affected areas, letting the river flood where


it needs to, and someone. That is what we are not seeing here. David


Cameron said last year this must not happen again. And it is. It seems


they have not been spending enough. They are still building homes in


floodplains. Did you see the extraordinary picture of the sign


about luxury homes and all you can see our floodwaters with the words,


coming soon. We need to start repairing a little bit better. The


Telegraph front page. -- preparing. The environment chief criticised for


going on holiday. That is during one of the most important events for


someone of his expertise. You would expect him to be on scene before the


nation. Especially at a time when David Cameron is coming under attack


for the perception he isn't getting enough financing to the north. It


reminded me of George W Bush arriving late on the scene in 2005


with Hurricane Katrina. You know... This is important. It seems we will


have large, domestic consequences if David Cameron cannot handle this


well. The north and south divide perception in particular. Some would


say the northern Church of England is not his natural constituency


anyway. -- stretch of. But there has to be a point where he is seen as


the leader of the whole country. Are you suggesting that there are people


who feel that is not happening? That is what people there are saying. Is


Ashley with the idea of the Northern Powerhouse, money being put into the


North to make England a less centralised country. -- Especially.


How can that work if this will happen? There is strict three with


the figures. Anyway, we are facing global warming. -- trickery. It


isn't just about what we face, it is how we face and the wounded and


thinking. -- how we face it. -- what are we thinking. Three times in ten


years we have faced a one in a lifetime event. One of the


criticisms of Paris is that it is not enforceable, there is no


accountability is that the what more wake-up call you need? --


accountability. More than 10 million people are wrong storm warning. It


is quite amazing. Yeah. The front page of the Independent. Eight


completely different story. Moving away from the flooding. After a


left-wing memo that was racist on black rioters, he said quite a few


things on the riots in the 1980. -- Letwin. We always have the stories,


things that were said that years ago. Well, that was a different era.


Things were said that shouldn't be said now. Then you look at what he


said... 30 years ago I was not saying... Here is an extraordinary


quote. A scheme to encourage black entrepreneurs would only make them


invest in disco and drugs. I wonder whether he will have to resign or


work as a backbencher. He is the chief adviser. There are cries for


his resignation. The apology at the end of this story is a referral...


It is not even an apology. That is remarkable. Margaret Thatcher held


similar views. She said there was no excuse for the kind of writing that


took place. -- rioting. Nothing justifies it. Going back 30 years.


You two were just barely born. (LAUGHING). Was that it general


view, black people were feckless and lazy and are into all kinds of


nonsense? You know... I am Irish. We had almost none in Ireland with no


immigration... In America, there has been dissemination for decades.


These retrograde ideas remain in 2015. -- discrimination. But you


cannot look at that and say it was a product of that time. If Margaret


Thatcher was raced, that doesn't mean that a Prime Minister can go


back on those ideas. -- racist. If he gives a robust apology, one would


think that would help him, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Into


thousand 15, in an American election year, you have racist speech about


Muslims. -- 2015. Think about Donald Trump. In the UK, one couldn't get


away with saying these things today. That is what is so extraordinary


about this for me. What he was saying is that he seems to be making


some kind of reference to black people in their general behaviour


anyway. Margaret Thatcher was speaking specifically about riots


and said she did believe there was any justification for the riots.


However, this was more about his personal generalisation. Yeah. We


had the report right after the Brixton riots which made it clear


that there was unquestionable evidence of the disproportionate and


discriminate use of stop-and-search. So, social


inequality and lack of opportunity were a big part of what happened,


according to the report. New York City, being a young man who is black


in America, you are at risk of being killed, or at least that perception,


someone was left of that week because of a toy gun. He is still


alive. Very briefly. The Telegraph is the security for New Year


revellers after a silent bomber. Law enforcement officials in this


country are calling for a robust set of preventative measures after this


attack was planned for the ten year anniversary of the 7/7 bombings.


After the Paris attacks, these are not like the jihadi is, this young


woman came from a middle-class family. -- jihadis. She was advising


youth offenders. The husband was someone who enjoyed alcohol and


drugs. We saw a similar pattern in the Paris attacks. Several of the


perpetrators came from middle-class families and were involved in drugs.


They become radicalised through the Internet. We saw that he was caught


because he went on Twitter to brag about what he was doing and to ask


for advice on where he should target. We are seeing this on social


media, they are bragging about what they want to do. It is one of the


only clues they have at this point to point you think people will be


apprehensive going out on New Year's Eve after Paris and Belgium and so


on? It is hard to say, isn't it? What are you going to do? Sit at


home for the rest of your life? What amazed me with the Paris attacks was


the young people having beers afterwards. People are resilient.


There is the perception that the terrorists win if you don't. A


deadlock. Negotiations are falling down. Pay and hours. I don't know


what else to say that the this looks like it may have happened. -- say.


It will be unprecedented. Indeed. Finally, Vladimir Putin. The man for


all seasons. Apparently, there was an official calendar of him in


various states of dress and undress. And, you get this if you


are lucky. (LAUGHING). In Russia. There are


various pictures of the man himself putting a little dog and dancing in


a traditional games. All I will say is that this screams... He is a


macho sports fan. At a time when the economy is doing badly,


geopolitically, Russia and the Ukraine, he is saying, look at my


pecs. He is trying to send this cold of masculinity. --. You say that,


but he had a 90 to approval rating. -- cult. Not many can boast that.


About taking his clothes off and so on, he does that at every excuse. He


doesn't need to distract, he just doesn't for fun. Maybe David Cameron


should get up and get his kit off. No. Would that work for him? I don't


think so. I love that at the Prime Minister and his partner at the


gym, his private gym, and then he cooked in a state. Cut it off. --


steak. Should I move to Russia to be close to it's I remember when Angela


Merkel said she was afraid of dogs so Vladimir Putin had his big one


out when she came to visit the Kremlin. Now, it is time for sports


they. -- Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday -


I'm Azi Farni. Leicester miss out


on the chance to retake the Premier


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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