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recognised. AP McCoy was knighted. We will also catch up with all the


darts action. That is coming up straight after the papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are the campaigner and broadcaster Lynn Faulds Wood


and the Independent's Political Correspondent, James Cusick.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with The Guardian,


which has a picture of Dumfries in Scotland under water after


The paper says George Osborne has been accused of jeopardising


Britain's flood defences by prioritising cutting the deficit.


Top women in business who have received


Its main headline says that a review of Britain's banking


culture has been ditched by Britain's financial watchdog


The Express says the UK's payments to Brussels are another reason


Train tickets could become a thing of the past,


according to the Telegraph, it says customers could pay using a mobile


The Mail attacks the New Year's Honours List, saying it contains a


string of scandal-hit bureaucrats, political cronies and donors.


The Independent agrees, saying among those honoured are almost 30


The Mirror has an image of the man accused of shooting dead


Let's start with the Scottish Telegraph. Armed police hit streets


to tackle new year terror threats? An interesting story. One of the


comments is that this is the largest mobilisation of police on the 31st


of December. It is a very strong message. After Brussels, Paris and


Moscow, London is on high alert. The problem is that the story goes on


with a message from Boris Johnson which contradicts that. He says to


go for a fantastic fireworks display on the banks of the Thames. London


is seriously worried about what might happen, but the Mary is


telling you to have fun. I don't know how you reconcile those


measures. You go out and party if you feel secure because there are a


lot of police to look after you -- Mayor. Council, firearms officers,


there is a specific threat from what they called friendly Islamic State


fanatics to say that European cities would be hit. Some places like


Brussels have cancelled their displays. In London, they are saying


to continue because we have no specific threat. They want life to


carry on as much as we can. I think that is the hard part. There are no


specific threats. You have to assume that the intelligence services are


overworked at the moment. London is not receiving a specific threat, but


if we were taking it easy then the police would be outraged. The trail


of devastation after the floods in Doug Free 's? What happened in


Scotland is absolutely terrible. Some of the most severe flood


warnings could indicate a loss of life -- Dumfries. This last was in


air -- bus was in Ayrshire, they were sitting in water up to their


chests for about three hours before they were rescued. There are 6000


homes which have no electricity tonight. The winds have taken down


the power lines from the Borders up to the Northern Isles. Scotland is


in real trouble from Storm Frank. It stretched a long way across


Scotland, Aberdeenshire was affected as well. For once, the headlines


accurate, it really is a trail of devastation. The Borders, the


Hebrides, it is right across Scotland. I'm trying to figure out


which part of Scotland has not been hit. Looking at the forecast


before, Scotland is going to get another blast. They will get the


worst of the rain tomorrow. It is the equivalent of... This is the


Scottish edition of the Telegraph, it said, a second meeting of the


resilience committee of the government will be called. That is


what we will need to have two survive tonight. You will have to


party tomorrow night. Resilience is what you will need. The issue of


spending on flood defence features on the front of The Guardian. George


Osborne put deficit cuts before flood defences, says to? An analyst


from Oxford University. His analysis of the National office, he says


there has been a real cut in spending of 10% since 2010. They are


effectively saying that the current spending plans fail to take account


of the dramatic changes in climate. I think in the last two months, the


government has suggested that there have been no underspending. He is


obviously challenging that. Some very good figures to challenge it.


David Cameron had promised ?4 million to flood defence, but that


has been cut. I think before the summer comes, we will have a


conclusion as to whether we are spending the money we have got


appropriately. Whether we have been subsidising the right things. This


will tie in with, I think there should be a field enquiry as to


whether we are spending the money correctly. As a former Watchdog


presenter, what worries me is how much there is to do. We just have


not got that number of builders around. When I covered the floods


for breakfast television, there were walls crumbling along rivers because


they had not been built properly. Is now also the time for political


parties to put their differences aside and agree on a long-term plan,


that cannot be altered? That is just impossible. To agree on that they


will say, this is the case. Any new government will change the decisions


of the previous one. I think the Chancellor will have, when


Parliament comes back in January, will have to do something more than


say, I got it right. We will have some great investigative journalism


on that. Not for me, but for others. Talking about builders, the


Guardian's main story is about this. Holding back enough land for 600,000


new homes. Call me cynical, but the booming of profits, and the article


exposing the size of their land banks, they have enough land to


create 600,000 new homes. I would be very interested to know how many


might now be in flood plains where we may not want to build houses any


more because of what has happened. My worry is that this is all the big


housebuilders seem to be included, housebuilding is dysfunctional


because we are not building homes that are affordable. This is a


potential scandal that is going on. Quickchange given what George


Osborne mentions, in the autumn he offered the ?2 billion figure of


public funds are yet to find affordable housing? He had a


policy, the use it or lose it policy. Regardless of everything


that Ed Miliband did, it was one policy that I think needs a


revisiting. If they are not going to use it, the government said they


needed to build 300,000 homes a year. If the subsidy isn't working,


if there is a hesitation, I don't think that the use it or lose it is


a bad idea. The Daily Mail and The Independent agree on their front


pages today. New years Honours, they are not happy because... This is


difficult territory. I will just use what the Mail are saying. There was


a string of contentious awards. They are basically saying that the boss


of Ann Summers, is it still classed as a sex shop? This is not deserved,


they are saying, and the rest of the system is shambolic. A scandal hit


politicians. If we take that and the front page of The Independent, they


have pushed Ann Summers to one side. We have concentrated on the Tory


member supporters. It is not quite public servers. It is party


rewards. It should be public service to the country. They are saying it


looks more like rewards for supporting the Conservative Party.


Several things annoy me about this. Personally, I think the system


stinks. Here is an example with national newspapers putting cronies


on the front page. We have got all sorts of people, you have to


remember that a Baroness got put in the House of Lords because she was


going to conduct a review. Apparently our sex shop queen is


also being given a CBE, this is a really high on a. I might have to


leap to the defence here at -- high honour. Given it you would


presumably, you would say there ought to be some sort of system in


place to acknowledge people who have achieved is perhaps beyond what you


would expect. What should we have instead? . Bat Lynton Crosby, he is


an Australian who masterminded the Conservative election trail. In


Australia, they announced that they would not have this system any more.


It is outdated. I can't remember the exact line. It was very damning of


our honours system. A lot of people who are not big names are sitting


back tonight thinking, I am thrilled to bits. I am thrilled for them, if


a system that is wrong. We need something that is not based in


Empire. The rest of the world is annoyed we are giving all these


honours out of Empire. There is a large list, the media tend to


concentrate on the more contentious figures -- empire. I suppose the


main point is that the Labour Party... Philip Gould was


inaugurated, Ed Miliband said... Whereat think they have got it wrong


is the epic community gets less than 6%. Women, 40%. They make it look as


if women are leading, but we are still not half even though we are


more than half the population. Maseko continues to be really


popular with his friendly and approachable style which means


cheaper. Friendly and approachable. Indeed. Thank you both very much.


Coming up next it is time for sports day.


Hello I'm Olly Foster, these are our headlines tonight.


A Christian holiday for Liverpool, Benteke with two winners


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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