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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are London Evening Standard's Home


Affairs Editor Martin Bentham and Cassell Bryan-Low, UK Editor


The Metro says there's been a huge rise in crimes linked to Tinder.


Users of the app say they've been raped, robbed and blackmailed


The Daily Telegraph says some of the country's highest-paid public


sector workers, including civil servants and head


teachers, are pushing for big pay rises to make up for pensions cuts.


The Times has the story that human organs are being grown for


According to the i, 4000 operations could be cancelled in Tuesday's


Sean Penn's handshake with the now-captured drugslord El Chapo


features on the front of the Independent.


The Daily Mirror has the story that 25 former Coalition ministers


are now employed in industries they oversaw while in government.


The Guardian warns of a funding crisis for the Labour


Party, which it says could be set to lose ?6 million under new rules.


And, Cameron aims for a summer vote, the Financial Times on the EU


We will start with a health story on The Times. Redundant NHS staff


rehired in ?92 million farce. You assume that if someone is made


redundant it is because their post no longer exists and they are not


needed. Yes, this is an eye-catching story, as you say, ?90 million in


redundancy being paid to staff who were immediately rehired. This is a


particularly bad time forgot us, who are about to go on strike, feeling


that they are being shortchanged. A bad time to them. Why is it


happening? What happened was that the previous Health Secretary had


reorganisation of the NHS, and abolished lots of trusts, and are


therefore lots redundant. They then get rehired


often by other NHS bodies that have been created in their place. That is


basically what this story years, these figures all come from


labour's Shadow Health one public sector authority and then


rehired by another one on similar terms, the government has actually


promised to cap pay-outs for people at ?90,000, which would obviously


reduce the amount of money spent in these situations. But if someone is


made redundant and rehired, there is nothing you can do. Just looking at


the Daily Mail, no end to the witch-hunt, it says. Pounding


British troops over their role in the Iraq war. With more than 1000


compensation claims. But the paper says that these are compensation


claims paid out where there has been no prosecution for conviction. These


are civil claims, and there was a judgement in the High Court a while


ago that said that the Convention of human rights could apply to actions


on human rights when they shot people, and those people who were


shot could bring civil claims. You can bring a civil claim even when


there is not a prosecution of someone, what the mail is aiming


at, and it does seem distasteful to have a lot of sympathy for those


involved, given that many instances were a long time ago. It is likely


they are opportunistic claims, that is what the defence is suggesting.


These being applied to alleged actions being carried out overseas


and dragging on for years and years hanging over these soldiers.


Multiple investigations being faced sometimes. We have a lot to get


through. We are going to go back to the Times and look at the EU story.


David Cameron was talking about this on the Andrew Marr Show, and he said


that even if he was on the losing side he wouldn't feel compelled to


resign. If you remember, he said something similar and head of the


Scottish Referendum. Afterwards, he admitted that actually he probably


would have had to resign if he had lost out. I understand why he says


he isn't sure, he has a choice in saying that, but I don't... It seems


to think he can get a move on with this. Yes, and it is enraging his


critics within the Conservative Party and outside it. He hasn't yet


got a deal, he thinks he can get one next month even, and potentially


have a referendum in June. That has always been his objective, to get it


out of the way, and although it theoretically if he doesn't get a


deal, he would recommend a no vote, but most of his critics think that


is a fiction and he is completely committed to staying in, and it


almost doesn't matter what the deal is. Today, he has admitted there is


no plan for leaving, which is like threatening military action and


having all your tanks and planes parked over here, and having no way


of actually doing something that you have threatened to do. There is a


quote here from the vote leave campaign, saying that he hasn't


promised anything. Clearly, this story is going to go on. It will,


and we will be following up. The Guardian, a picture story of Sean


Penn meeting the then fugitive drug lord kingpin, nobody ever calls


anyone kingpin in normal language, but anyway, El Chapo. This interview


seems to have led to his recapture. It is a twist worthy of Hollywood.


It seems that the drug lord was captured partly because of his


silver screen ambitions. It is good to know that drug lords are as


everyone else, and the Mexican authorities seem to have been led to


him after Sean Penn went to speak to him. The White House is not happy


that this happened. Not that it has happened, although I'm sure they are


very happy they have got him. To be fair to Sean Penn, the question is


not that he did the interview, but maybe about the exact content and


methods and how he conduct it. But, as long as you are not paying them


and glorifying them, journalists can do this. It casts an interesting


light and insight on to this man. He talks about how he had a fleet of


submarines, aeroplanes and boats, and he has supplied more drugs than


anyone else in the world. He has obtained some interesting material


about this man, and inadvertently it has led to his capture as well,


which is apparently not as good for the would-be drugs lord. With all


that wealth, that was the shirt he chose to buy! We need to cover this


fast, Labour fears ?6 million funding crisis. Why is this? This is


because they have union members who are already had into paying the


levy, and at the moment they are automatically opted in that they


will be required to physically decide to opt in. In most cases the


Labour Party believes that people will choose to do so, so they will


lose our lot of the money, which will leave them with a large funding


hole. Look at the Metro. Crimes linked to Tinder soar. Suggestions


that people who have met up with people through these applications


have suffered some terrible crimes. Yes, it seems there is an increase


in rape and attempted murder, the idea of people having met people who


have no framework for knowing where they come from, it is a risky


position. All these dating websites in the past, this is just the latest


version, if you meet someone that you don't know, have no knowledge of


their background, then perhaps you should be meeting them in a public


place, and not in places where you will potentially be vulnerable. Many


people don't take that advice, and that is why they have been given


that advice by the people who run these applications. Back to the


Daily Mail, we have Cheryl Cole who is likely to face a hefty divorce


bill. She didn't have a prenup, and I believe she didn't have one last


time around either. She has amassed a lot more wealth this time around,


so while I believe her current husband is from a wealthy family,


she is clearly the wealthiest. This will keep the tabloids happy and


obsessed for quite a long time, I suspect. There will be infinite


mileage on this. The divorce lawyers will no doubt be e-mailing their


clients, suggesting they have prenuptial agreements. This idea


that you are in the throes of this romance, and you think everything


will last forever, it is not a very romantic idea, is it, to have such


an agreement? I believe when she got married she said she thought it was


disgusting. You would have thought someone who is an astute


businesswoman in some ways would have been different. She might not


like losing ten, but she has still got ten left. No, it wouldn't be


nice, but she has worked hard for it. That is it for tonight, thank


you for your company. Up next, The Film Review.


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