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snooker. And it has been a good day for


England's cricketers on day one of the third test. That is in 15


minutes after The Papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are Tim Collins,


former Conservative MP and Managing Director


of Bell Pottinger Public Affairs, We will just get


of the Guardian. Three of the men who took part in


Three of the men who took part last Easter. If we gets nicked we


can hold our heads up. It is like a story from way back. It reminds me


of a story from one of the 1950s or 1960s East end. I would be surprised


if they do not make a film I took if they do not make a film I took


this and Ray Winstone with play on it. The darker side is that one of


the figures was associated with a crime boss. What is remarkable is


that people in the 60s and 70s were involved in a stunning claim. They


have given themselves nicknames. There is the governor, Billy the


Fish, the Ben Martin. Its roots be right not to see them as a bunch of


cuddly old grandad. Their records go back a long way. And basil is still


had the keys? Where is the ?9 had the keys? Where is the ?9


million? A lots of people who had property in those city deposits


boxes would like to know. Let us boxes would like to know. Let us


talk about IAAF. Lord call was declared fit to clean up athletics


but was he part of the problem? Fitness is getting closer to him by


the report. The first report World Anti-Doping Agency said there


had been systematic corruption on the part of Russia. It also said


that the then President, Lamine Diack, was operating a system which


involved in extortion and so on. The second report today sees it was not


Lamine Diack by himself, people on the council must have known. Lord


call has been in position here for eight years. The inference seems to


be he should have known yet within the same breath the person who did


the report said he would be the best person to clear it. He has only been


President since August. He is the best person to deal with it. I know


dealings in what he did with the dealings in what he did with the


London Olympics he is effective and a clean and honest man. He should be


going to talk about pensions next. going to talk about pensions next.


Two very different treatments of the same story. The Daily Express giving


as a positive look at it. Millions get pensions boost. But also the


Daily Telegraph on pensions. Unpick the story. It is


right. What is happening, and that right. What is happening,


tells us something about the age profile of the leadership of The


Papers, if you are over the age of 43 you will be better off as a


result of the changes the Government has taken through. Most people who


read The Daily Express are above the read The Daily Express are above


age of 43 and four then it is good news. The Telegraph also has an


above average readership. If you are under the age of 43 you would be


worse off. There are lots of reasons for that. The system has been


designed in that way. But you cannot ignore that politicians are very


careful and calculating and the careful and calculating and the


point is that people over the age of 43 vote in greater numbers of people


under the age of 43. All of that is true but The Express and talking to


its own audience sees this as good news. But the small print is seen


2030. You have got to make it to 2030. Obviously if you do not


survive to reach pension age there's not a lot the Government can about


it. Young people need to start voting otherwise policy is going to


be designed for the people that do vote. I hope if you are 43 you will


make it until 2030. Let us look at the FT. NHS faces


loss of senior staff as pension cap pushes doctors to retire. Why are


they being pushed? George Osborne has decided to drop the tax relief


on pensions, the amount you can accrue from a pension. It went to


2.5 million. It will be 1 million from April onwards. The main thesis


of the story is that there are a number of well-paid people who have


been working for a long time inside the NHS so they have established


these pots. You can retire at 55. They are suggesting such as the


state within the NHS with people will think, I will jump ship


now. There is difficulty about this. You get frequent stories about so


many people wanting to leave the NHS. We have to remember that the


NHS has got 1.6 million employees. It is one of the five biggest


employers in the world alongside the United States Department of defence.


You are bound to have... It puts into context the debate about junior


doctors. There will be an entire generation, the junior doctors, have


a large prospect of re-tiling on the sort of pension that hardly anybody


in the private sector would ever be able to afford.


brought in mind when you think about terms and conditions. They say their


strike is to do with the fact that there will not be restrictions on


dangerous hours. Junior doctors dangerous hours. Junior doctors


doctors claim that they will only have ?1 million of pension, a phrase


that hardly any MIDI in the private sector could meet.


Carbon critics feared bloodbath. Ten Labour MPs face fight to keep seats


as constituency boundaries change. Will the Conservatives benefit? It


is a combination of two things. The Government is carrying to the change


last parliament. The Liberal that they try to legislate in


last parliament. The Liberal Democrats stop them. It was to make


the boundaries of constituencies even so that you are the same number


of votes in each constituency. It is fair. It does benefit the


Conservatives but that is because the present system is skewed against


them. Within the Labour Party this gives the opportunity for existing


sitting moderate Labour MPs to be deselected because they will no


longer automatically stand for the constituency they represent. The


constituency may change. Jeremy Corbyn may throw them out. There are


high profile names. It is a logical process which leaves the


Conservative Party in an advantageous position. Whether it is


fair or not, who can say? The Conservatives do not make this stuff


up for themselves. There is a Commission that would set


boundaries. How many times have we turned a deaf ear to the boundary


Commission? The Conservatives implement that every single time


which tells a story. Moving on to The Guardian, Church avoids split


over gay rights but liberals paid place. It is an excellent story. We


thought we were going to use the word schism in its proper meaning


for the first time in a long time. Justin Welby has put together a


deal. It is a surprise. The Liberals, the American Episcopalian


Church, are not allowed to play any part, they are in favour of same-sex


marriage. They will not be allowed to play any part for the next three


years in terms of the running of the Anglican community. This was pushed


on by Africans, principally the canyons, Ugandans and Nigerians who


see this as a fragile deal. -- the Kenyans, Ugandans and


Nigerians. Power is shifting. Africa and Asia are less socially liberal


than north America. We will stay with The Guardian. Alan Rickman at


the top of the front page. An actor of singular charm and charisma. A


huge number of tributes paid to him. Friends taken by surprise. Many did


not know he was ill. It is always said of actors that they are lovely.


But it does seem that he was genuinely loved. He was marvellous.


My family will always adore him for the Harry Potter movies. Latterly


impeccable in the Die Hard movies. He once said he did not play


villains, he played interesting people. He did not like to talk


about the actual craft of acting. He said it was too difficult to


describe. Whatever he thought of it, he had such an appeal. It is


remarkable. The announcement came at half past 12. Since then over 5


million people have come on the site and read about Alan Rickman, which


is remarkable. Even more remarkable is that the audience from America


coming onto the site is bigger than the UK audience. A measure of his


appeal in all parts of the world. That is it for The Papers for now.


We are back at half past 11. Now it


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