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all the latest from the European challenge cup as Sale Sharks plague


Newport Gwent Dragons. That is all in sports day -- as Sale Sharks


played Newport Gwent Dragons. Welcome to our look ahead to the


papers,. Penny Smith and Liam Hannigan are with us. Let's have a


look at some of the This reverse to the road between


Britain and Russia as a Republican enquiry concluded the former Russian


spy Alexander Litvinenko was probably killed with the approval of


President Putin. The same story year, saying the Kremlin views the


verdict as blatant provocation. The Guardian has the same story as well


but also reports that one of Britain's top gynaecologists advises


that a fifth of maternity units should close to ensure mothers get


better care. The FT's top story is that US and European stock markets


have recovered a little after the European Central Bank prepared to


launch a fresh stimulus package. The deliberate claims the Conservatives


could snub UK steel firms and use cheap imports to build new Royal


Navy ships. The Daily Telegraph front page, news that the murder


rate in England and Wales has risen sharply for the first time in a


decade. The big story that has dominated the


headlines, nuclear fallout and in front of the Metro, not often that


the head of state of a country that we are supposed to have diplomatic


relations with is accused of being complicit in murder. Probably


ordered the murder. He prominent critic of blood in your


Britain, Litvinenko. -- prominent critic of Putin. Probably! The fact


it was this radioactive Loney, which was put in a pot of green tea --


radioactive polonium. It was served out at a London hotel, the other


thing fascinating is that it is like something out of spy thriller, the


two people perhaps did not know what they were handling since they left


traces of it virtually everywhere. It was down the sink, all over the


handles and it is still some confusion about why one of them made


their son shake the hand of Litvinenko. A still don't know quite


why that may have happened. Because he probably didn't know that it was


radioactive polonium! Actually, you have to say hats off to the British


police, and also those who found out that it was polonium because it was


a very short time from ingestion to death in the ICU and meanwhile they


find out what it was and then they could have just gone round and said


we have to decontaminate everything because it could cause a danger to


the public and instead they went round, found out where everything


was undiscovered the situation. The Russians are not saying hats off to


the British police, you are a scholar of all things Russia, the


think this is all made up, part of a grand plot against the Kremlin. This


verdict or semi-verdict will provide some comfort to Litvinenko's widow


and son. 328 page report, what has happened now is the Russians have


reacted publicly, calling it written provocation. We great that are


purely criminal case has been politicised and darkened the general


atmosphere of our bilateral relations, said the Russian Foreign


Ministry. Of course, at the moment, there seems to be a thawing of


relations between Russia and the West, conflict in eastern Ukraine


has died down. The Russians are increasingly seen as key in fine to


bring some kind of resolution, temporary or otherwise, to events in


the Middle East and indeed the rapprochement with Iran involves the


UN Security Council plus one, the so-called P five plus six plus


Germany and the Russians are key in that. There are obviously a lot of


high politics going on here, as well as the death of a man and a grieving


widow and son. Given the fact that we have a report that labels


potentially Vladimir Putin as complicit in murder, probably


complicit in murder, is there anyway that Britain should be backing, or


England should be backing Russia holding the World Cup in 2018? The


whole thing spreads out, the worst thing... We all know from watching


yes Minister and yes Prime Minister that there are all sorts of deals


that are done despite whatever goes on. You can totally understand why


Mr Litvinenko's family wants the government to expel all Russian


intelligence officers based in London. They want retribution. The


point is, as we know, is that unfortunately, Isis in particular,


for example, it is global now. While the rhetoric to is strong, there is


actually no talk of additional sanctions to Russia at all, it


strikes me as Penny has intimated, that what Whitehall and the


government really want to do is now draw a line under this case and move


on. That was on the front of the i. The FT, European stocks and US


stocks rebounding, it was a bit of a bloody day on the markets yesterday


on the day before, fears over following oil prices and China's


economy but things seem to be getting back the little bit. I've


hope you would see dead cat bounce. LAUGHTER


She just attacked me with a robot wrist! We have got the NHS story to


come! We have had a very turbulent time on


markets, not only this last week, in fact pretty much since before


Christmas since the Federal reserve raised interest rates for the first


time since 2006. This week the FTSE 100 hit a four year low, we entered


what we call a bear market territory, it doesn't mean furry


animals running around with little pots of honey, it means that the


stock market has gone more than 20% below its previous peak, or there


are proper fears and stomachs churning falls. What happened today


is that Mariel ... He will do whatever it takes to save the euro,


he was the European Central Bank, it is now printing money, 80 billion


euros per month, the not printing physical knocks, they are expanding


their balance sheet, take my word for it! Know what he is saying, we


might see even more of that monetary easing, that money will eventually


find... It is quantitative easing. If I could interject... Thank you.


Dragi Is doing what the Bank of England and the Federal reserve have


been doing. In the middle of the global financial crisis, the Federal


reserve on by government picked up the quantitative easing pattern. The


ECB mostly sat out for quite a few years on the bank of Japan came in


and now the ECB is the main kind of liquidity providing service. You'll


like a delicate dog that has been told you are a bad dog, there are no


more bones. What does it mean for people? There are some people out


there who think it will be all OK if the central banks keep expanding the


money supply, but many people out there that think this cannot go on.


What happens if it cannot go on? The markets collapse and we have 2008


all over again. I'm not predicting anything. Mum, don't worry. A lot of


people are talking about 2008 scenario over again with the proviso


that last time we had a lot more room for the move for governments to


increase spending and borrowing and cut interest rates. A lot less


ammunition in the locker this time around. All the levers have been


pulled, that's the phrase I've been hearing. Our banks are in a better


place than they wear then to stand up? We won't have to bail them out.


You're looking at me like it is my fault. It is your fault she has got


a dodgy wrist! She tried to slap you. Will you not cause another


crash! Oil rigs in the Financial Times.


Running out of time. Good story. This is the rig standing idle as the


oil price fall hits the North Sea. The number of operational rigs have


gone from 57 to 27 and it could be 19 by summer and this is because of


the price of oil, the price has fallen so much that we have noticed


because our gas and electricity bills and our petrol bills have gone


down! Oil is down 70% since mid-2014 and in mid-2014, the SNP put their


budgetary plans together with the $110 per barrel, now it is at $30


per barrel. Not just in the North Sea, and the US as well. You have


the Iranian oil coming on tap as well. That will be an oil glut so


prices will probably fall even further. I suspect we are from ugly


pretty near the bottom now. In the end, the solution to cheap oil


prices is cheap oil prices, what do I mean, when oil prices get really


cheap as in the North Sea, production becomes an economic,


which causes the eventual supply crunch which pushes prices back up.


Onto the Guardian. Close fifth of maternity units. President of the


Royal College of obstetricians and gynaecologists saying there should


be a big expansion in the number of midwife led units, and shrinking the


consultant led units, creating overly large baby factories. I was


actually born at home and you wonder if we shouldn't go back to that


point of having more midwives going to people in their own homes for...


There can be problems but my mum, she had the first baby in hospital


and the other three were at home. You have to find midwives for that.


We need more. And the consultant shortage, which is the message from


Doctor David Richmond of the Royal College. We will leave it there. We


will look at more of the stories behind the headlines in an hour or


so. Much more coming up on BBC News. Now it is sports


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