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Serena Williams in the fourth round. That is all coming up in 15 minutes,


after the papers... Hello and welcome to our look


at the morning's papers. With me are Martin Bentham,


Home Affairs Editor of the London Evening Standard,


and Lindsay Watling, Westminster Correspondent


at the Press and Journal. The Daily Express points


to the French Prime Minister's warning that the migrant crisis


threatens the very existence The Independent claims that a US


healthcare giant is making a fortune from the NHS but hardly paying


any corporation tax. The FT says Google has reached


a deal with the Treasury to pay The i reports that a mother


who wrote to David Cameron about the bedroom tax


took her own life. "New drug to wipe out superbugs"


is the headline in the Times. The paper says British


scientists have spearheaded The Daily Mail claims the Queen has


shown "extraordinary" support for Lord Brammall, who was falsely


accused of child abuse. The Telegraph lead is that more


than 100 MPs want to end BT's monopoly of the broadband cable


network because over five million And finally, The Mirror reports that


new British trains will be built in Spain as part of a ?490 million


deal in what it says We can start with the express and


the impact the migrant crisis and what has happened to the Schengen


area will have on the European Union, the crisis will kill off the


EU, is the headline with even the French prime ministers saying the EU


is on the brink of disaster. It does depend on who you speak to, this? It


does but these are very strong words from the French Prime Minister. He


said that Europe could die, he has put this point in no uncertain


terms, very strongly and over the course of the day there has been a


growing urgency with the news just now about further people drowning


today, so I think there is a growing sense of urgency ahead of the summer


when we might be flooded with even more people trying to come in with


the prospect of many more disasters. It does depend on whether we think


the EU is just more than the Schengen area and people crossing


within the EU? When you see that headline, it is wishful thinking


from the express! Is clear the very serious point behind that and made


by the French Prime Minister but you are right to think that free


movement is intrinsic in terms of the ability to work in different


European countries, something David Cameron wants to potentially


restrict, he does not write night but also to move without passport


and I think it is quite possible there will be a change and some


parts of Europe you will not be able to go to without showing your


passport and that has already happened with French and German


temporary passport checks. It does not mean the whole of the EU project


dies but it will be fundamentally different to what it is right now.


Let us look at the Daily Mirror. The betrayal and the national distress.


The government betraying the British Steel industry and the British rail


industry I allowing contractors to go for the new Northern Rail trains,


they are bone rattling things, these nutrients are well needed but the


argument is that instead of going to the factory in Derby, supporting


British jobs, they are going to a Spanish builder who will build the


trains in Spain and it follows the earlier Thameslink contract, those


trains also given to the German firm Siemens and they are also abroad.


The argument is a has-been at egg each rail. Not enough support for


the key British industries, for the steel and the trains. What do you


replace them with? In these places? They are so reliant on certain


plants? Inside there is quite a moving case study about three


generations of the same family employed in the steel industry and


the suggest it does not look like Bobby any job for Thomas, aged


seven. Pretty desperate for some people and this comes at a time when


the government is promoting the Great British brand, we promote


Great Britain to great fanfare around the world and yet these


contracts are going abroad. These figures do not necessarily tally up.


Millions with dire internets. A coalition of MPs coming forward to


try to improve this situation? This is a particularly big issue in parts


of the country like the north-east of Scotland and in parts of this


area Telegraph says in the headline.


Older people not having internet and people in remote areas. They suggest


that this coalition of MPs suggest that more


not connected, how can you do that? The worst affected are people in the


do not get a decent service at all and older people who do not use the


internet much so that is a group of people excluded but even in London,


the internet services are not as good as they should be and


businesses complain that we have not got the speed of service that we


need to have two compete properly in a world market and this report says,


I am not sure who has done this research, published by Grant Shapps,


and there are a lot of people wanting to get the contract taken


away from and so on mean it is economically


and so on mean it is economically important, not just from a direct


consumer point of view. No one will come to your business in Britain if


they cannot connect. The bedroom tax torment of the woman who took her


life. A woman who wrote to the Prime Minister struggling after the spare


room subsidy was introduced. It is a horrible story, a terrible tragedy


that this woman, her son took his own life and she has been upset


about that and the spare room subsidy, she has written to the


Prime Minister and a taken her own life. It is difficult to attribute a


particular cause to something, I would be careful about doing that


but the coroner said it was not clear if she intended to take life


or maybe she was trying to gain leverage over the council with a


staged arrangement. And possibly trying to send a message. Either


way, it is clearly a pretty terrible situation. An awful thing to have


happened. You cannot read the story and not be moved by the predicament


of this lady and MPs in the Commons, Labour MPs repeatedly raised stories


like this but this is particularly sad. It is sometimes difficult to


use these as a weapon against a particular policy because who knows


what was going on? Stories in The Times, new drug to wipe out


superbugs. An antibiotic bullet created from breastmilk. When I


first read that it sounded like they were developing not just another


antibiotic but something entirely different? This is supposed to be a


superbug killing antibiotic but the thing that struck me in this piece


is the words from Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer, she said


that Britain has not planned for a world without antibiotics, which is


quite frightening. We are planning to sort this. That stood out for me.


This is quite an important story because it is feared we will run out


of effective antibiotics because they are being overused by people


and not being taken fully and being used in animals and these different


problems have been articulated quite this differently in recent months by


medical professionals and this suggests there is something here


developed and one of the great strengths of this country, we talk


about the weaknesses but one of the strengths is the pharmaceutical


industry and the ability to generate new research and products which


actually are absolutely pioneering and ground-breaking and this is


clearly at the early stage but if it was the case that we had found some


new antibiotic that can help to counter this problem that will


otherwise cause people to die from simple things. You would not expect


that these days. Serious problem and it will be very good. If this is


realised and we can produce more. But will not be the only think you


will want to produce, you will want to keep producing more and more of


these antibiotics to keep on top of this. This picture story, Charlotte


Rampling. She has upset some people in the USA over this discussion of


how diverse the Oscar nominations are this year? She has suggested


that black actors were overlooked for nominations because they were


not good enough so she has caused quite a list of all of this, saying


that to boycott the Academy Awards would be racist to white people.


Martin has some strong views? Shard grabbing has gone from being the


heroine of the British screen to persona non grata in the eyes of


some people and she might not have phrased this in the best way and


what she has tried to say is we should not be classifying people and


everybody should be seen just as a person and not be certain labels and


if you try to say that we should always have an award in which


everybody is represented according to the category of person, man or


woman, black or white, that is not necessarily a good thing. She was


trying to say that but it has not come out in the way she wanted to.


And when people talk about something that is sensitive, they do quite


often get absolutely denounced for anything they say which does not


seem to be fighting with us isolate the correct narrative and I do not


think she is saying... The argument about the Oscars is it should not be


the case that people, black actors are being overlooked because the


judges somehow do not recognise black actors... Apparently it is not


diverse? Not looking at black actors unless, somehow not seeing their


talent because they are black and that is the argument and she is not


saying that is the case, that we should have the best people picked


and sometimes they might not be of a particular ethnicity or whatever.


That is what she is trying to say, maybe not in the easiest way. Not


easy to navigate. The daily record, newspaper of the year, 45,000 --


?45,000 hangover, people on a bender? This peril of Daft Scots,


they have been dubbed as sozzled on the front page, and this is slightly


embarrassing for me as a half Scot, but they have been on a massive


bender and they bought 500 kilos of fish in the process! As you do! Or


that fish! This is the story of the day! 500 kilos of fish, the fish


include Dover sole, halibut, lobster, king scallops, all of this


stuff, you think, what on earth were you thinking? At least there are


window fried Mars Bars. It was a credit card scam? Yes, it was


criminal, ripped off credit cards. Not to be sympathised with. Not at


all, laughed at. I hope the victims got their money back. That is it,


Lindsay has survived and we will be back later. Coming up next, at 11


o'clock, Google paying tax back to the UK Treasury after years of not


paying enough. Coming up next, Sportsday...


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