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last eight. Also we will hear from Jimmy Anderson on how to save the


fourth test. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are Kevin Schofield, the


Editor of Politics Home and Mina The Telegraph says the


European Union is considering plans to "seal Greece off from the rest


of the Continent", and move the passport-free zone so that it


covers only northern Europe. It says the idea is aimed


at tackling the migrant crisis. The Times has a story


on the same theme - the papers says the Schengen zone could be suspended


completely for two years. The 'i' leads with the agonising


final message of the explorer Henry Worsley, who died just 30


miles short of being the first man The Financial Times reports


Downing Street has distanced itself from the Chancellor's claim that


the ? 130 million tax deal with The Guardian says spending cuts are


to blame for a rise The Mail says the NHS 111 service is


a box-ticking exercise which can miss life-threatening


symptoms in children. The Daily Express says scientists


are getting close to developing 'It could be them' the Mirror


reports that hundreds of people are now claiming to be


the holders of the missing ? 33 Let's start with the Telegraph,


dramatic plans for migrants. The idea is to take Greece out of the


Schengen zone. Yes. Essentially, we would be leaving Greece to defend


for itself. As you can imagine, this has not gone down terribly well in


Athens. The government has said... Has accused the EU of assaulting it.


There is a massive problem. Massive flow of migrants coming in to the


region. Most of them coming up in Greece or the islands surrounding


it. Then looking to make their way to the rest of the continent. It


seems a pretty extreme solution to the problem. Is this Brussels saying


it is not our problem? You would think that Greece, as a member,


there would be a collective response. On the one hand, there is


the issue of pushing the border up and pretending it is no longer any


bodies problem but Greece and Turkey. It is strange that the


European Union would also consider imposing internal checks on the


borders between Europe because this is one of the most successful


policies of the EU, have it the Schengen policy. If you keep them in


Greece, the economy is doing so badly, the refugees cannot work and


create a new life for themselves. It was almost like a blame game, as the


Greek government is complaining. The blame game is from countries having


huge conflicts and this is a symptom of it. It is bizarre that they would


single out Greece like this. There has been controversy. Greece is not


registered some of the refugees so they are not completely faultless


and it is a failure of policy. The failure of the rupee in union in


general. -- European Union. This is shocking, the numbers in this report


by the Guardian shows the depths among mental patients in England has


risen by 21% over the last three years. The article does the there


are new ways of monitoring the figures and, therefore, it could be


they were already high figures but were not being reported and we do


not know. Regardless, there are over 700 people who have died and there


are constraints on the NHS and the lack of ability to cope with those


in need of support. There is also something here, again, about a


lifeline given to those who can get support at home rather than going


into hospital because the NHS is stretched. It is really a crisis,


this issue of mental health. Kevin, this is part of the Guardian... It


has been doing this for a few days, looking inside the NHS and they have


come up with these figures. Is this something people in government will


be taking notice of? They should be. Under the coalition, one of the main


benefits was to make mental health more of an issue. These figures have


been uncovered by Norman Lampe, health Minister in the previous


government. He is a driving ambition was to improve services for those


suffering from a mental illness. There was a scandal about unclaimed


deaths, unexplained death that could be prevented were the proper


procedures and resources put in place. They should be looking at


this. What about the Daily Mail, Bob -- bombshell report over the 111


service. A little boy died just after his first birthday. There were


16 blunders that led to these poor baby dying. One of them is the fact


that his parents really did everything necessary. They had gone


to doctors. More than one GP failed to see symptoms. In the end, he was


very ill and they called the 111 line at what is a very telling is


that most staff use computer scripts and are not medically trained. If


they miss a certain symptom, then it could cost somebody their life.


Having said that, Kevin, the problems of this poor baby, they


were missed by trained professionals anyway must make yes, they were. The


extent occasions in which something could have been done. The parent did


everything right and, as a parent, you would like to think that you


could put your trust in the medical profession if your child is unwell,


you leave the their hands and they would do everything they possibly


can but multiple opportunities were missed and, as a parent, it is


absolutely heartbreaking. I cannot imagine anything worse, especially


when it is preventable. The ad line saying the phone line is not safe


for six children, is that fair? This was the final blunder, the worst


one. There are certain moments that they could have realised that the


crying of the baby, the type of crying would have been indicative if


it was a trained paediatrician or Doctor. You would go to the


emergency or call 9/11. As you say, the parents were doing the best they


can, thinking the person on the line would be giving them good advice.


This is a case that has highlighted a -- but it is widespread. Is this


turning into a bit of a problem for the government? There is a breakdown


in the message. George Osborne was hailing this as a major success, 100


and ?50 million brained out of Google. -- received. This is a step


forward but more needs to be done. The problem is that George Osborne


looks complacent. If you look at the revenues, 5.7 billion dollars that


Google makes. 150 pound in tax is not the an awful lot. The French


government is playing much more hardball with Google and has made


500 million euros out of Google. -- ?150 million. You hammer individuals


for not paying enough tax by a youth so happy that Google is not paying


that much tax. This is the kind of thing that winds people up. You have


these mega companies that pay next to nothing. From 2005-2015, the tax


worked out to be 3%. Are people who say they are employing hundreds of


people so to use scare them off and get them to go somewhere else rather


than generating these? Personally, I think, if we have a tax rate, it has


to be for all. Small businesses do not get a break like that. It should


be British businesses are getting that sort of tax relief. It will


increasingly be a problem, especially since the French are able


to get three times that. In the mirror, we will scoop past the last


story in the Times because we are running out of time. The winning


Lotto ticket! LAUGHTER. There is only one person who won this. Where


did they buy the ticket? Was it will start? You sneak over to try and


claim it? If this woman is to be believed, unfortunately for her, she


had heard ticket in the Jints pocket and it was put through the wash. --


Jints. -- pants. The ticket has the numbers on it. The numbers checkout


and it says that 2016 but the barcode is not scanned because she


says it has been through the wash. Camelot have said they do want to


pay but they have to be shelved it is the right person. Hundreds of


people have thought, they will go for it. How are they trying to claim


it? At least she has a ticket. You find this sort of companies will


make up what they call greetings cards or business cards so, you


know, I do not see any reason why they could not knock up a little


ticket for you! Issue completely out of the picture?


They have said that they want to pay it -- is she. They have to be 100%


sure. They just don't have CCTV footage of her going into the shop.


She checks out in terms of the area and the time it was bought, that is


in her favour, it is just the final bar-code they cannot verify. They


are worried about opening the door for people who say that is in her


favour, it is just the final bar-code they cannot verify. They


are worried about opening the door for people who say their seeing as


the numbers -- who say their ticket was washed. She didn't know she was


going to win the jackpot. -- seeing as the numbers show up. Whenever I


play the lottery I end up forgetting about the ticket. Only God knows. We


will end it there. Thank you very much indeed for coming in to look at


some of the stories behind the headlines of some of the papers.


Stay with us now on BBC News because it is time for


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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