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president Donald Tusk have agreed to a second day of talks to try to


thrash out proposed reforms. They met this evening at Downing Street


but have not yet reached a deal. And the Islamic State has claimed


responsibility for a string of bomb attacks at Syria's holiest Shia


Muslim shrine, near Damascus. At least 50 people have been killed.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


bringing us tomorrow. With me are bringing us tomorrow. With me are


Joel Taylor. In a moment we may talk Joel Taylor. In a moment we may talk


about Donald Trump, that could make one of our guests quite exercised(!)


starting with the front pages, Terry Wogan is pictured on many of the


front pages. Its press called the broadcaster a true national


treasure. Independently with research which found the pay gap


faced by black workers widens the more qualifications they obtain! The


Times says the Prime Minister's hopes of securing an EU


renegotiation are hanging by a thread after the president of the


European Council walked out of Downing Street, declaring "no deal".


The Guardian reports that an estimated 800,000 people have


dropped off the electoral register since the government introduced


changes to the system. The Mail says Gps have voted to stop


looking after hundreds of thousands of care home residents. We will of


course look at how the newspapers are reporting the life of Sir Terry


Wogan, who has died at the age of 77, but we will begin with another


story, on the front of the Independent. The pay gap.


It seems the harder they work, the more qualifications they get, the no


better off they are. I am a chance at a university, we have the largest


ethnic winner at intake in the country, if not, we are pretty high


up there, and I know that this is true, what is interesting to me, why


is this now just been discovered, I'm interested in that. It is


welcome that the government is interested in that, that they want


to do something, that they have appointed David Lambie, Labour MP,


but it is an interesting policy in the appearance. -- incoherence. --


David Lammy. This is endemic and long-standing and I do not know how


they will proceed with this. How did they come to discover it now? Does


this article explain why it is happening? Not really, what it does


not have is a reaction from Oxford University which today said it did


not see the need for legislation. The comment from Oxford University


talked about big problems, more ingrained problems, within society


that needed to be tackled. It is extraordinary the idea that black


graduates are leaving university and earning 23% less, it is not


something we have only just discovered, why is it coming up now?


It is very laudable that it has been done but it could have been


investigated 20 years ago. Five years ago, the government is saying


that the government was in, listen but they were still the ruling


party, why has it not been picked up then? I'm not saying, don't do it,


it is an important thing, but sit back and look at the policy


incoherence around it, and Oxford is right, there is a landscape that


explains this. The government is not tackling the landscape. From this


article it seems it is not just educational edge of -- educational


institutions, it is throughout life. This has been going on for ages,


this needs policy coherence, to be looked at across the board. In this


piece anyway I do not see what the government is doing... It almost


sounds like somebody has an idea in the government that this is what


they want to tackle, and David Cameron is going to tackle it. This


is a great thing to do. But it is a long landscape of prejudice and


discrimination that we need to look at. And yet we have had


anti-discrimination legislation for almost as long as I have been


around. Clearly different problems with different communities.


I grew up in an era of quotas, they work. If the government is not


interested in saying to business and universities, you have to do this,


then I don't see how this is going to work. We are going to look at


Donald Trump, featuring on the top of the newspaper, brace


yourselves... America starts to give its verdict. John, Donald Trump...


Do you have an opinion? I have quite a lot of views on Donald Trump! We


can sort of sit here in relative safety and watch the circus, the


pantomime, surrounding him, but we are now getting to a stage where it


might be the case that he seems to be the favourite and he could be


picked be the Republican candidate. I struggled to believe... First, it


is going to be hard to see him as the candidate but it is impossible


to consider that he would defeat Hillary Clinton in a presidential


election. Something the other day that I was reading said that what we


do seem to realise, what seems to happen, American voters pick


something that is different from the outgoing president, Donald Trump is


certainly very different from Barack Obama. This is actually normal


service at this point of the electoral cycle, in the United


States of America, we get... It is a very tactile, very crazy kind of


point in the American cycle. He is a television star, a reality


television star, this is part of his picture. If he does not win Iowa


tomorrow, it is his whole deal is about, I win, if he does not, then


he is in trouble. The Donald Trump Mountain, the mountain he has two


climb to be even the nominee of the Republican Party, which is the only


possibility has to be the president, is massive. A lot of people feel


that he says something to them that nobody else says? It has a lot of


primaries to go through, he could drop off the scale very easily.


He's not from the political class. I know this is a foolish thing to do


at this point, but it isn't happening, he will not be president,


but what is happening is that he is putting on the table, in legitimate


discourse, stuff you hear after midnight on talk radio! That is what


is going on. Amistad has 24 hours to reach a deal with Europe, talks


broken off as Brussels digs in on migrants... On many occasions you


would like to be a fly on the wall, tonight is one of them, probably. I


wonder if there is going to be any meaningful deal. I am not a


Eurosceptic but if I was one, I would be, as we say in Chicago,


hopping mad! I do not know what David Cameron is doing, if he is


trying to get a deal about immigration, migration... It is what


the European Union is... No wonder Donald Tusk walked out. If the free


movement of workers is going to be restricted... That breaks up the


idea of European Union! It is about access to in work benefits. That is


dissemination. It still breaks down the idea of what the union is,


because it is not happening in France, and... I'm not saying it is


right or wrong but it goes to the heart of what it is. Allegedly it


would be tricky for people over here. Because yet again, it would be


young people who are most affected by a benefit saving. Certainly


sounds like he has quite a long way to go with these negotiations, there


are still officials in Downing Street trying to hammer out an


agreement, the only left after 90 minutes. Really that is not... They


had a three course meal to get through, apart from anything else!


Perhaps they were talking with their mouths full. This great idea, the


emergency brake of the welfare system, creaking... Creaking under


the claimants. That would appeal to more than just Britain. But if it


does... The promised and Donald Tusk have got to get it organised. I'm


not saying it is wrong but I am saying if I were a Eurosceptic... I


would be very angry. 800,000 people disappear from the


voter list. There was prediction that this would


lead to a large fall in voter members, now we see and is to make


it 800,000 people knocked off the electoral register. The government


does not seem to be that concern, because any entries removed will be


people who moved house, died, never existed...! Does not sound like they


are convinced of these figures. There is an interesting scheme at


Sheffield University, they talk about enrolment onto the voter


registration as they come into university. Mysteriously, this, in


some way, affects labour, quite strangely, and that is what they are


most concerned about, this affects their potential voters. It is not


designed to effect any one particular party? It is pretty


strange, it was not in any kind of manifesto. It has been talked about


for a while. There have been concerns in certain constituencies.


This is seen as a way to stop electoral fraud, but if it has


knocked of 800,000 genuine people, that is obviously a huge number of


voters, most of whom will be students. More likely to be voting


Labour... And it is Labour who are raising this. There is always a


concern about getting young people involved in votes, in elections, and


if... This... Talking about policy incoherence, which has to do with


one hand hoping to make the demographic more inclusive, more


able to function in society, taking another young demographic and


carving them out of society. And some of that demographic contains a


demographic they are trying to help! I do not see the clearance.


The affection towards him is obvious. We have letters pages that


show that. He could present any thing... Blankety Blank, for


instance... Jeremy Vine said, you have 10 million listeners, Terry


Wogan replied... I have only got one... (!) and that one person, you


could hear it in his voice... It is the way that Frank Sinatra sang, to


be honest, he always sounded like he was singing to you, and Terry Wogan


sang the same way, he spoke the same way. I remember being told, you are


only ever broadcast into one person at a time because we listen as


individuals. Knowing that and doing it... Very difficult... Relaxing


into it, turning up five minutes before he was an error. He will be


greatly missed. Thank you very much rejoining us. -- thank you very much


for joining us. Coming up, at 11pm, more on the life and career of


veteran broadcaster Terry Wogan, who has died at the age of 77. Coming up




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