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has more to say about his decision not to make a 147 as the Welsh open


snooker. That is in sports day after The Papers.


Welcome to our look ahead to what The Papers will bring us tomorrow.


We were stuck with the financial Times. It leads with news of the day


between Saudi Arabia and Russia to freeze oil output. The Metro has


more concerning the search for a missing junior doctor. There are


reports tonight she left a letter which referred to personal matters


but also mentioned the health secretary Jeremy Hunt. The daily


Telegraph headlines the news that Prince William made a speech at the


foreign office, some have interpreted his words as giving


support to keep the UK within the EU. The Independent reports that


eastern European leaders are demanding David Cameron water down


some of his key demands. The some of his key demands. The


Guardian leads with the same story but also focuses on the high sugar


content of hot drinks. The express says house prices are rising by an


average of ?18,000 a year. We will start with the Independent. Eastern


countries think David Cameron's on the plan is unacceptable. Once it is


by Thursday. Hopefully he will be able to announce that the referendum


will be sometime in the summer. Some in the eastern Bloc are trying to


block all about, aren't they? This is overstating what is happening in


Europe. This is last-minute skirmishing ahead of the decision


this week. They do not like bits of the day, so it is to do with child


benefits for Polish workers in the UK and a bout of this is behind the


scenes, how much does that mean Paris can not pay benefits to punish


people question what it is about the impact on other countries. That is


not quite true, it has been a mixed day for David Cameron in Europe. He


they are starting to wipe their they are starting to wipe their


fingers at Saint Catherine listen to us as well, although can say they


don't have a veto over these proposals. There are mixed messages.


You want a row with Europe. David Cameron want to be seen to be having


a bit of a row. I think this is a poker game. The negotiation is


coming up. They are making complaints publicly to paint Cameron


into a corner. He will say they will not accept this and the most


interesting thing in this story is that I imagined it has to be done,


the dean, at the end of this week otherwise can work back and say I do


not have a deal, therefore I recommend we get out. That is his


bottom line, but he is hoping for a deal he can sell. It says here that


if he does not get the DVD is looking for, he will take it further


and will be discussion. He has always made the point there is no


rush on this. He has until the end of 2017. In theory he has. If he


doesn't get it. It could mean we leave the European Union or we stay


in. He needs a D he can take to the public. If he gets the deal he can


sell to the public is prime ministerial career is over. A that


these negotiations are technical. They will not win over at the


public. These are marginal issues. public. These are marginal issues.


As the European people have been sent, this is being grown. We are


talking about the odd carrot in the crew. The French and Germans are in


favour, people did not want to see the UK Niamh, so I think this is an


overstatement of what is happening. Rather sanguine about the situation.


Let's go to the Telegraph. Prince William. He is being drawn into the


EU raw -- row. Is this overstating it? These are different pages of the


press. It is a big thing. We had Margaret Thatcher coming back from


the dead to advocate for a sting in Europe and now Prince William is


giving a speech in which he doesn't mention the word Europe, but he


alludes how Britain is better off working with other nations and some


have chosen to interpret this as Prince William... They could have


said this at any time. I disagree. The Palace knew exactly what he was


saying. We have a proud tradition of seeking out allies. During the


Scottish referendum the queen made a very carefully orchestrated


intervention. What is fascinating about our Constitution is we have


this former head of state who cannot explicitly say nothing. They do it


in code and we have interpreted and I think this is a fair shout for a


front-page story. I think it is the first time we had Prince William on


the first page of the FT. We did take it seriously and it is an


interesting intervention. I like that David Cameron said the Queen


had heard down the phone. Maybe there will be some purring in


Westminster tonight from this story. The Britain, at last an apology for


her. -- Lady Brittan. She had a private meeting and got an apology


for the handling of the allegation like of abuse concerning her former


husband. Yes and he was absolutely right to make a very precise


apology. The police were aware that the investigation into the word


Britain had been dropped, there wasn't sufficient evidence, but they


delayed and procrastinated about telling the late peer about this and


he died with these allegations hanging over his head and his widow


was not told in a timely fashion. That is quite wrong and it is a


denial of natural justice. Having said that, I do understand why the


police have been so eager to investigate allegations, because the


previous problem was they were getting allegations and not taking


them seriously which was a denial of justice for victims. They swung too


far the other way and they will not grow back, but I am glad there is an


independent enquiry analysing this issue. This is not an apology for


the investigation, which is what some people were asking for, but an


apology for not telling Lord Britain before he died that he was in the


clear. This is a senior public figure. I do find it shocking it has


taken so long for the police, even if it is a technical apology as he


explains, he says he is making a precise apology, but six months...


This is a high profile case. He was slandered in the newspapers along


with other people as well. I do think she is ready to deserve this


apology. Financial Times, your paper. The average weekday edition,


not the splendid weekend edition. One wondered how long it would take


for these oil-producing countries to crack. They agree and output freeze


in a bid to halt the oil price slide. It seems they have realised


they cannot keep doing this. I think this is a really interesting moment.


In some ways we expected this a long time ago given how much the white


price has crashed, 70% since 2014 and they are hurting. The Russians


and Saudis are hurting. This isn't as far as the market wanted them to


go. They wanted to cut back on output and instead they have said


they will freeze output where it is. But is not as far as market wanted.


It may set a floor under where we are going with when prices. Some


people were worried it would move to $10 a barrel. This suggests that


might not happen, but it might require other countries, like Iran,


to agree to this and that is a big unknown. The geopolitics are


interesting because the Saudis have been priming the pumps and pouring


out toilet in order to keep the price low and to put American


fracking out of business. They are paranoid about America developing


energy security and removing their reliance on Saudi Arabia, which is


the guarantor of Saudi Arabian security and the lives of the Royal


family. The fact they now have there is an interesting story last week I


just read, saying some of these companies in America are struggling


to get funds from private capital because they are losing so much


money. The Saudis have now come in at this time the moment, it is about


more than economics. This is a central strand of the narrative that


has linked the West and the middle east over the last half a century.


Let's go on to the Guardian. High sugar content of hot trunks. Did you


like coffee or hot chocolate? I really did laugh at the beginning of


the story which said people are putting their health at risk by


ordering the fashionable drink hot chocolate and I grew up of hot


chocolate and it was not particularly fashionable and I don't


think it is now. So, yes it does say it can be the equivalent of adding


25 teaspoons in just one drink. They are talking about some of these


generous drinks with extra stuff on the top. It is a bad story and we


probably do not realise how much should we have in our copies, that


my father, if he is watching, does have five spoonfuls of sugar in his


coughing every time. I think he should pay attention. 25% in a group


moved forward with China. With a name like that, white with you order


that? Quickly onto the Telegraph. British children are apparently the


laziest. They don't give a lot of space for this. What is worse is


they spend less time on homework than those in other countries which


are surveyed and I think that is a worse story than lazy kids not doing


household chores. My wife bought our child ate little mini Dyson. It


doesn't work. He has taken to it. You will be back in an hour and we


will look at more of the stories in The Papers. Many thanks for that.


Much more coming up, but now time for


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