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affecting the Six Nations matches this weekend and we will hear from


the Formula 1 world champion on the eve of the News -- new season.


That's all in Sportsday. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are


the political correspondent for the Evening Standard, Pippa Crerar,


and the broadcaster John Stapleton. The Daily Mail's main story is


the Prime Minister's personal attack on Boris Johnson in the Commons


over the EU referendum. Eton rivals is the headline


on the front of the Metro, another reference to today's


acrimonious Commons debate involving The two politicians are also


pictured on the front The Express quotes


a pollster who believes the Mayor of London's position


on Europe could be a deciding factor in June's referendum,


while the Financial Times focuses on the tumbling pound amid concerns


about a possible Brexit. The pound hitting


a seven-year low is also featured the Times carries a warning


from business leaders that a Brexit And the Sun's headline is


"Halal-bert Square", a reference to the BBC's decision to build


a mosque on the new EastEnders set. We are going to start with the


Telegraph and the Guardian's front pages. We will bring them up for our


viewers. The one on the right, here it is, eventually it will come. The


Guardian, very theirs. Left of centre it might argue. The PM


attacks Johnson. Cameron lets rip at Boris. This has, I suppose,


completely dominated the agenda today in terms of the debate over


Europe. Is it going to dominate the agenda for the next four months, do


you think, these two huge personalities? Many on both


campaigns will be hoping not because obviously the focus on the


personalities tends to distract from the focus on the policies and what


people want to hear is actually what the PM's proposals and renegotiated


deal with Europe might actually mean for them. And it is just days since


David Cameron called for an orderly EU debate. And while we are all


aware that the truce was quite fragile, I don't think anybody


really expected the scale of the vitriol which emerged today during


the Commons statement. It was pure political theatre and I have not


seen anything like it, that sort of blue on blue action. Some people


have compared it to Margaret Thatcher, the last example of two


Tory big beasts going at it like this. David Cameron was obviously


furious that after months of leaving him up the garden path Boris Johnson


came out for Brexit yesterday and he feels he has been betrayed after


Boris said not just to him but to friends, Tory MPs and journalists,


inferred that he would continue to stay in, to fight for staying in,


despite the fact that he had some reservations about the EU. it is not


often you hear someone as senior as Boris Johnson shouting rubbish.


Cameron, as you say, is clearly rattled by Boris, and the extent of


his loathing, I'm not sure... There was a lovely cartoon on the


Telegraph showing the driver of the Prime Minister saying to Mr Cameron,


Prime Minister, do you want me to knock down all cyclists or just


Boris? Making light of what was a fairly dramatic afternoon. No doubt


about it whatsoever. Cameron, for example, dismissed as for the birds


the suggestion for Boris Johnson that there could be a second


referendum to get a better deal from Brussels. Ireland got one but it


isn't on the agenda this time. He made references to one particularly


strong quote saying I don't know many couples who begin divorce


proceedings in order to renew their wedding vows, which is obviously


pointed at Boris Johnson, who has had a fairly... The killer quote for


me was when he said I am not standing for re-election, you are


after my job, that is why you are doing this, was the implication. And


many people... It will certainly be up to Boris Johnson to prove to the


public that he isn't in this for Boris Johnson and fulfilling his own


political ambitions. That he actually has Britain's test interest


at heart. The Daily Mail says now Cameron turns nasty. There were


elements of that trait in his personality where he can be pretty


vicious. He is usually preserving that for those across the aisle, not


for those on his own backbenchers behind him. You will remember the


Daily Mail has been for leaving the EU right from the start. Their


campaign has been solid on that front as is their right. That


headline promises... Fits that agenda very well indeed. I think it


is Alan Johnston reminds us of a quote from Churchill when someone


suggested that he should attack the enemy, he said the enemy is not


opposite. And that some extent the case this afternoon because half the


Tory MPs are actually now backing to leave the EU. But it was nasty,


there is no doubt about it. The other thing that struck me about it


is, I am not making a political point here but I thought Cameron's


performance today in the Commons was, these personal asides are


part, was very impressive, as I thought his performance on Friday


night when he made the announcement after all those many hours of


negotiation was also very impressive, but not for nothing was


the boss of corporate affairs at a big television Station in London.


Clearly be in campaign has David Cameron leading it. Boris Johnson


has made it clear over the weekend that he was not going to be taking


part in debates and getting on television and discussing all of


this. Who is going to lead the out campaign? Boris will be the de facto


leader. He finds it impossible not to say something. In his day job as


Mayor of London he comes in contact with the press several times a day.


He is always on the radio or the television, he finds it impossible


to keep his mouth shut. And we should congratulate ourselves, David


Cameron must say, it is Tuesday and Boris Johnson has not put his foot


in it. You will grab a headline. And he will love the fact he is on the


front page. It is important, it boosts his ego, he undoubtedly has


his eye on Number 10 and what comes after David Cameron, eyeing up his


rival George Osborne and I think you asked initially about whether these


attacks will continue, I think you might find different parties being


involved at it wouldn't surprise me at the next one we see this George


Osborne versus Boris Johnson, as that very personal battle for the


Tory leadership takes on a new complexion through the EU referendum


debate. Let's go to the Daily Express. Boris boosts fight to quit


EU. Says expert pollster. Does this ring true to your? You look at that


headline, and we only have the front page, we haven't got the inside page


but on the evidence of this front page, we haven't got the inside page


but on the evidence of this front-page pole where they say 99%


of the Daily Express readers on the phone polls say they want out.


Telephone poles are not necessarily the most reliable of polls, but do


you believe any polls at all these days? But I am sure that they are


right in thinking that Boris will have some impact on people's


thinking, no doubt about that. A hugely influential figure. We have


been talking about him for the last five minutes and all the papers are


covering his shenanigans with David Cameron in the Commons today. By all


accounts Number 10 are worried he could put four percentage points on


the leave campaign. And when it is as close as it is at the moment, if


you believe the polls, that is an important caveat, at the remain


campaign seems to be slightly ahead. But not much, and those four points


could really make a difference. Four whole months to go. Untucked your


shirt by the way. The Sterling tumbles as Cameron takes on Johnson.


We haven't really talked about any of the nitty-gritty about what it


might mean for Britain being in or out. We have talked about the


personalities. But the suggestion is that uncertainty over whether or not


we are going to stay or leave has affected Sterling prices. The


biggest drop in seven years. And Moody 's warning that it could


damage written's credit rating and that could be more expensive for


government borrowing, the Fitch backing those assertions as well.


Commodity prices have increased, oil prices have increased as well but a


big impact on sterling which is good news for exporters, good news for


Britain in the sense that people coming here will be more attracted


to come here. A major impact. And then you have the Times talking


about Brexit putting jobs at risk. The prediction was that 50% of the


FTSE top 100 bosses will be saying let's stay in. It turns out that it


is about 200 business leaders employing 1.2 million people, 36


companies in all. They are big names, names like Marks Spencer


's, Vodafone, ASDA. And the chief executives of Gatwick have also


signed up. Their names are on it. And David Cameron did say in the


Commons that Number 10 was behind it. One of his civil servants had


drafted the letter. As The Times have pointed out, critics are likely


to focus on the dignitaries who have given cash or a Tory donors, who are


David Cameron's friends, and apparently 25 of the signatures have


accepted government roles while he has been in Downing Street. And


while you listed several big names, ASDA, Vodafone and so on,


conspicuous by their absence will be other big British names such as


Tesco, Sainsbury is, Barclays, and it is not to say they are for


leaving, but they have not joined the State campaign. And big


employers in the north-east say that it doesn't matter. The uncertainty


bothers most of them. And the smaller companies are not so


enthusiastic about Europe because of the regulations imposed upon them by


the redtape. Although Cameron has said they are going to try to hit


new targets to reduce red tape but that is obviously yet to be


achieved. We are actually going to move away from the EU referendum. We


are going to go to the inside page of the Sun. NHS offer ?3000 to buy a


birth care. Mothers to be going to be handed ?3000 to buy the services


of private midwives. This is plans to cut the number of hospital


births. The NHS's midwifery in particular has had a bad run of it


and the Care Quality commission has found that women are failed by many


maternity units and 7% of NHS services are inadequate. That


doesn't sound great. I should declare an interest in that I have


had three children on the NHS, all of whom were warned at home which is


apparently what women will be able to do with these vouchers. It is


cheaper apparently to give birth at home than it is in hospital. And it


is essentially what it would cost if they had it elsewhere, I assume. But


there will be a lot of concern about what is privatisation by stealth of


midwifery services, some would say. While choice can be a good thing,


how many pregnant women are actually going to want to shop around for


care? Surely most of them, and I'm sure I was like this, we'll just


want to know they are going to get good, safe care whether it at home


or in their local maternity unit. And some poorer families might try


and get this done on the cheap, as it were. Or people might feel under


pressure. Yes, to get a cheaper service. Personal midwifery, home


delivery, acupuncture, apparently these choices for some people. Are


completely out of it, Hypno birthing? It is about staying calm,


breathing deeply, we will do that later. Later on. Let's go to the


Times, page four. Their apparently is a fashion for wood-burning


stoves. I didn't realise this. I think this may be a rather


metropolitan story, but we will finish with this. We are on the BBC!


It is an interesting story, actually. It is saying that


wood-burning stoves are actually causing about a 10th of all air


pollution in London. And air pollution, this is the most


staggering fact of all of these stories as far as, at least


partially responsible for the deaths of 40,000 people every year year.


People with other conditions, I assume, obesity, dementia, asthma,


and conditions like that which are exacerbated by this. But it is


interesting also because wood-burning was introduced


initially as hopefully an attempt to actually reduce CO2 emissions but it


seems to be putting at risk the very thing it was trying to solve,


according to this report. And transport pollution remains...


Exhaust fumes remained the worst contributor to air pollution across


the board but it does mention that within the homes things like stoves


and... Not just wood-burning stoves, but gas cookers, air freshener is


committing dangerous particles, it suggests that opening your window


once a day will help to blow away the dangerous chemicals that held


up. If you are Scottish and Hardy like me, the windows are open all


night. Doesn't matter if it is freezing, you need fresh air. Put on


an extra jumper if you are cold. Coming up next,


it is time for Sportsday. Hello, and welcome to Sportsday,


with me, Ore Oduba. Coming up tonight: No FA Cup upset


at New Meadow as Manchester United see off Shrewsbury Town to reach


the quarter-finals. Injury woe for Ireland,


who are dealt a triple blow ahead


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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