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events from the Cheltenham Festival by Tom Scudamore won the big race of


the day, the world hurdle. That is in 15 minutes after the papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Liam Halligan Economics correspondent at The Sunday


Telegraph and broadcaster Penny Smith.


We are going to kick off with the disability benefit story and some


unhappy Conservative MPs. Compare and contrast the i. Osborne's


enriches the 10% richest of households. You do wonder if anybody


thought do you know what, this is a really bad idea, cutting taxes for


the rich and taking all the money from the disabled, surely somebody


somewhere said maybe not. Should we just not. It's Budget Day two, we


have gone from do the numbers add up and will he get his selfless to the


sugar tax, was it all a diversionary tactic to save ?1.3 billion, a hefty


slice of cash but not much in the overall scale of public finances.


What the government now has realised is that it only has a majority of 12


and there are plenty of Tories, not the majority of course who are


against Britain leaving the European Union, there could be a lot of


trouble for the Chancellor, a lot of this has to be seen through the


prism of the upcoming referendum and when you have Eurosceptic Tories and


Labour MPs getting together, getting the Chancellor in Havelock, his life


will be difficult. You said 300,000 people may be affected, and some


interpretations and and the Telegraph it is more 640. They could


have their so-called independence payments removed which for many is


important. George Osborne has said overall spending on disability


spending is going up and I quote, the most honourable people will be


protected. The trouble is no matter which way you cut it, no matter


which way you slice it, it would not have seemed quite so bad to so many


people I am sure and he may well be able to spin it some other way


except that it is the richest 10% of households which are getting richer.


And that is the fundamental problem. It is a rapid retreat. They don't


want to have anything kicking around that people can use to get angry in


the to the referendum. If you are one of the third of British voters


in filly the fence, this could be a reason why, I think it is out of


order. There will be lots of people who are thinking I don't need the


extra money at the expense of disabled people. Let's move on to


new day. From the government 's point of view,... This is rather


good women have paid out more than ?240 million in VAT in the last


years another tampon tax is dead. This has come from Europe. It is


very interesting. The EU has a rule that there should be a minimum of 5%


VAT on everything and then for things that aren't we have to get


waivers. Food medicine and other essentials. Until recently women's


parts filly sanitary products were David Cameron has been to a European


summit and he is saying to the people there, you have to give me


something because it looks as though we can't control our own taxation


ends products and it is not clear it will happen but it's seems to have


support on this product. Also it is not that necessary to have a race


for a man because many people don't use them. The hipsters. Once again


the policies you will see up to June the 23rd will be seen through the


prism. Staying with taxes, there might be another one on Kofi Kops?


-- the cups? I didn't realise you couldn't recycle these paper cups.


It is a blend of paper and plastic. Which makes it complicated and


difficult. I have stopped using them since then because I thought if I


have not got time to sit down and have a copy then I will make one


when I get to work or when I'm sitting at home. There is a


difference with a plastic bag tax because if you go into a supermarket


buying if you did you don't necessarily need a bag but you do


need a cup. What do you say put it in the pocket. You do need a


receptacle of some description so will people carry around their own


plastic cups in their bags's why not. It takes more room than a


plastic bag stuck in your briefcase. In the olden days if you when forgot


you would sit down and you would get a biscuit. Nowadays people expect to


rush in, get their fix and rush out again and actually if you care about


your coffee, have a quick espresso, Negi tank get out. Rory Stewart is a


pretty clever guy, the environment minister. He is not somebody likely


to have spoken completely off-the-cuff. He has put some


thought into this. It is billions of cups that end up in landfills. Smell


the copy. School parent governors. To be scrapped according to the


front of the Guardian? I'm a school governor so I'm reading this


closely. The rules as they currently stand there are slots on boards of


governors specifically for parents, they don't have to bring any skills


that they can be elected by other parents. In the new White Paper the


Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has floated the idea that these roles


may be abolished in favour of folk with specific skills that might be


useful. That doesn't mean that parents can't be elected at they


have to have some of those skills. That is a loss. That is a loss for


the governance of our schools if a parent who is not normally in


business but could have all kinds of interesting insights from outside


the world of boardrooms and office politics cannot become a governor


because a lot of these parents end up writing up the hierarchy to


become chairs and deputy chairs. And what do they bring when they do all


of that? General streetsmart in what kids need and want which people with


lots of professional qualifications sometimes don't necessarily have.


The union don't look happy on this. It has come hot on the heels of


saying every school needs to be an academy so I imagine it is being


knocked around from pillar to post. And six from colleges. We will have


more time but for the moment, thank you both for coming. That is it for


The Papers this hour. We are back in an hour's time. Stay with us.


Stay with us here on BBC News: At eleven, the Chancellor rejects


growing criticism of his Budget, amid warnings of a slowdown


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