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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the Times Columnist Tim Montgomerie,


and John Kampfner, the CEO of the Creative Industries Federation.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with warnings over


Guardian lead with Brexit dangers. They say it could increase mortgage


costs. Warnings over buy-to-let and a


extraordinary picture of a man posing with the man who allegedly


hijacked the flight today. The times has that photo again, leading with


what hay call a clamp-down on buy-to-let mortgage, the Sun has


that photo of that man, the paper reports him saying he is not sure


why he posed for the photo. Britain in the EU is the main story


for the Daily Mail. It says more than 1.6 million migrants moved to


the UK in less than a decade. And the Express leads with the


referendum debate. It claims that UK benefits are being spent on what it


calls palaces in Romania. And Metro carries allegation about


the singer Elton John, claims he vehemently denies. And New Day


reports a call to put qualified teachers in every children's


nursery. So, there we are. Those are the


front-page, Tim and John, welcome. Let us kick off with that photo,


Tim, that is in the Telegraph, one of the more extraordinary photos on


the front-page I have seen in the last few weeks or months. It is


extraordinary, and you know, we can only presume that by the time this


photo was taken he realised that this suicide vest was a fake, it. It


is prominent on his stomach there. You would think you would be at


least be angry, that this guy had forced you to have this frightening


experience and you are... He has a big grin on his face. Extraordinary


grin. A cheesy grin, we were working out before, it couldn't be a selfie


because nobody is taking the picture, who took the picture? Was


it a member of the cabin crew or another passenger? Will he put it in


his holiday album. I don't think I have ever seen anything quite as


bonkers as that, and, it is incredibly humour aside, to go


through an Orr deal like that in the times we are live, after Brussels,


Paris and everything else, and somebody gets on a plane, with a


suicide vest, threatening to blow it up, leaving aside the security risks


and all that and you survive but your travel plans are completely


screwed up by it, then, you know, to find some purported humour. A lot of


questions at the end of the day. The day started with everybody thinking


this was a terrifying incident but didn't turn out to be quit as bad as


we thought. A lot of questions for Egyptian security. This was a fake,


but still to walk through even with a fake suicide vest is


extraordinary. Huge amounts of money have been put into try and


strengthen Egyptian airport security, following the Downing of


the Russian jet. There are stories in the paperers today saying VIP,


big chooses in Egyptian society still refuse to be checked an the


security officers continue feel confident enough to challenge them.


They feel they might be fired o their jobs are at risk, you can't


have security unless everybody is check I don't think this is a fake,


there weren't explosive, this wouldn't have been triggered by


normal security. This is concerning an unstable man was able to pull


this off. The times are leading with what is going to be the big story,


the Tata Steel closure, we are hearing this is from union source,


that Tata Steel are going o close their UK operations and that is


4,000 jobs. It is too late for most of The Papers to do with it


prominence. The Times have it up at the top. Well done. That is why I


asked you about it. When I used to do The Papers with Beth... I will


give you a fiver later. I mean, if you look at it in, in sort of broad


sweep historical terms, it is you know our steel industry was small,


and getting smaller still, almost sort of you know tiny sort of, you


know tokens of of what used to be a great industry. That said, according


to what I read about it before the unions backed by local MPs and


others were saying, all that was needed was some sort of two-year


stay, and the big issue, whether it is a UK Government issue, and much


criticism of Sajid Javid for not intervening or whether it is an EU


issue, the refusal of Governments not to do anything about Chinese


dump, you don't need to sound protectionist to protect an industry


that appeared to be run itself pretty well. There is this now mouse


glut of Chinese steel. Is there anything that any Government can do


about that? Well of course, the people tonight in Port Talbot who


are worried about their future, your heart goes out to them. Them. Tata


were losing ?300 million a year, they have done almost everything


they could do to save this plant. So every taxpayer in Britain, every


voter in Britain has to say is that the best use of ?300 million? It


could go to hospital, roads, school, it could go to train a new


generation of people in the industries that we will be employing


people in. John McDonnell suggested renationalisation of the British


Steel industry? If they are willing to pay that cost, and impose that on


other industry, deny it to other public service, there is always a


cost for doing these things and in the 1970s we subsidised car


industries, and all sorts of declining industry, and


unfortunately, it is not the natural advantage now of advanced economies


like Britain to compete with lower waged economies in other pars of the


world. We have to invest in the industries of for, where educated


workforces are the key, creative industries and that is our future,


unfortunately. Let us have a look a the Express, that I have got their


angle on it on page two, is that it is the European Union that have left


steel jobs under threat, you sense there, you know, in the run-up to


the referendum campaign... The Express, in particular, they don't


let any opportunity to slag off the EU, and go past them. Literally on


any day of the week you could find many anti-EU stories somewhere. If


someone's cat ran away it would be the fault of the EU commission.


There was much more of a sense of criticism you were reading in other


papers many month'sing a, of George Osborne and the Treasury o Mondays


ago. In the terms of some of The Papers kowtowing to China and not


making the case more vigorously. There was that period late last year


when he was in in China and the Chinese President was here, amid


huge fanfare for the state visit, almost, it was please buy up any of


our state asset, we will flog our utility, railways, whatever. In a


way other countries don't do. Since we have moved on the Brexit or the


referendum campaign, any way. Let us talk about the Guardian's lead story


which is a Bank of England committee warning about an issue a warning


over Brexit, Brexit danger, bank issues stark warnings. I think I


think on Sunday the Health Secretary said the NHS would be in crisis, we


had Nicky Morgan talking about a lost generation. I think this is


twaddle. This is scaremongering, this is better to the the people who


want to stay in the European Union. I think the Bank of England will be


sown by more people as dispassionate, more independent


minded. Not part of Project Fear. Contactually. I think there is a


scepticism about the financial sector, big bank, the city issuing


warnings, people think it is self-serving, lots of people


remember how the CBI I and banks said if Britain didn't join the euro


it would be a disaster, we were fortunate to stay out of that


unemployment creating machines, but this will be, this will be a helpful


on the margins. Do you think people will end up confuse by the


statistics from the two sides? I mean, I mean, the phrase, a vote to


leave risks causing a run on sterling, a end cred it crunch and


higher interest rates for mortgage payers and businesses, if that


message gets through, more than Tim was sayings, some of the more


generalise phrase, if it comes down to the pocket book as the Americans


would say, and people strongly believe it, then it will have an


impact on the result. To me, what is interesting, is that the remain


campaign very rarely make the positive case. There is always a


double negative at the moment, if we leave terrible things will happen,


and that may be true, but I also think, I am strongly in favour of


staying, and I think there are positive cases to be made but the


Government and the in campaign appears to have lost its mojo. We


haven't got time to go through the positive sides so we will talk about


the FT. There is another angle on the Brexit debate, is that the Bank


of America are saying this is a word that can't be used by their senior


staff when they are talking to clients. We saw, when the Scottish


referendum result was so close, some big corporate companies intervened


to try and argue for Scotland to say in the UK, and they got burned by


it. A lot of you know, enthusiastic Scottish Nationalists recented that


a company they were willing to shop at would take this view. People see


how divided the country is, the opinion polls are 50-50, banks,


investors, shops don't want to get on the wrong side of the public,


and... So they are being more careful. This is causing


consternation in Downing Street, the fact that big blue chip companies


are not coming out and they are not saying what Downing Street suspects


they believe, which is leaving would be dangerous, and they are hedging


their bets, in that classic way that companies do. If banks like this


don't make the case or more importantly, if companies and others


don't make the care, either to employees, or more broadly, if they


believe that to be the case, then I think it is really... It is less


powerful thing than it was. Goldman Sachs is one of the most hated


industries the country. It doesn't help in the way it would have done


10, 20 years ago. Let us look at the FT. This is to do with Donald


Trump's campaign, campaign manager being charged with battery after he


was supposed to have grabbed a female reporter, I am not sure what


it show, that is him supposedly grappling with her, you spent a lot


time in America at the moment. Is this going to damage Donald Trump's


campaign? He has criticised the war hero John McCain for getting


captured. He has mocked a disabled New York Times reporter. He has made


some incredibly misogynistic remarks, this is his campaign


manager lied about he said he didn't touch this female reporter, he


clearly did. Have good independent headline. He has been Teflon up to


now, he has got away with things, even one would have sung a


conventional candidate. I would hope it would damage him but I am not


making prediction. Less than a man to go, if he is nominated will he,


has he got a chance of beating Hillary Clinton? He has a chance,


she is a row bo tech uninspiring candidate. He is so vulgar, he is so


extreme in some of his view, his anti-Muslim, I don't think that will


appeal to most Americans. Do you think trump could win? Rationale


politics is losing out to irrational politics, whether it is on the right


or left. Populist candidates who defy all the rules, are the ones who


appear to be prevailing everywhere, so logic suggests he's won't win,


but who can predict with certainty. That is hedging your bets.


I know who I want to win, that is another matter. Many thanks to both


of you, we have run out of time. That is it for the paper, before you


go, we have got some other front pains that have come in while we


have been talking. Let us show you those quickly.


And the Daily Mirror with the claim against Elton John.


He says he will fight tooth and nail. All the front-pages are online


on the BBC News website where you can read a detailed review.


Thank you to John and Tim, that is it from us, good night.


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