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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the journalist and author Rachel Shabi


and Toby Young, author and associate editor


Tomorrow's papers, starting with the FT.


The FT's main picture features three serving leaders implicated


in the Panama tax leaks story - Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson from Iceland,


Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine, and Vladimir Putin.


The Kremlin said "Putinphobia" was behind the leaks.


"Wish you were hiding your money here" is The i's take


They say that half the companies exposed are based in


The Telegraph lead on a poll claiming that the EU Remain campaign


is gaining ground with the headline, "project fear is working".


A handful of walnuts a day could help us live longer


by preventing heart disease according to research published


Back to the Panama Papers in the Guardian.


They put David Cameron centre stage, they say the PM has insisted his


late father's offshore fund, which avoided paying any tax


That's also the top story in The Times.


They claim that Ian Cameron's investment fund paid no UK tax


And The Mail also go with those leaked documents,


"Cameron dragged into Tax havens storm."


No letters talk about some of those stories. We will start with The


Guardian that has access to a lot of the leaked material. Rachel, tell us


what they have on their front page. There are going with David Cameron's


father. They are focusing on a couple of things on the front page,


they followed from these leaks but also David Cameron and the fact that


his father avoided paying UK tax. David Cameron has insisted that this


is a private matter and he says it was looked into if years ago, or he


responded to it if you years ago. This is problematic when the father


of the Prime Minister is making use of these tax havens. I don't think


it is problematic. There are two things I find really annoying. The


liberal left led by The Guardian condemns The Daily Mail as morally


disgusting for using Ed Miliband's father to attack him when they ran


that story about Ralph Miliband. Why is it acceptable to use David


Cameron's father to attack him when it is unacceptable to use Ed


Miliband's father to attack him? Whatever your view about the


morality of using tax shelters offshore to legally avoid paying


tax, I don't see how David Cameron can be held responsible for the


actions of his father. If he can then every single Guardian


journalist is equally responsible because they use the tags heading in


2008. -- they use the tax haven. If the Prime Minister's late father is


named in these kinds of documents it would be strange of the newspaper


didn't mention it. It would be audited and mention it but the


suggestion is that there is something dodgy. He benefited from


his father's perfectly legal use of tax shelters, but he had no choice


over whether to benefit or not. He had no choice about whether to


benefit but he could stop bashing people who do not have the


privileges he had, but more importantly he is the Prime


ministers since he has the power to close these loopholes. The whole


thing that it's still annoying is not who has benefited or not, it is


the fact that the people that are benefiting from it are so closely


allied to the governments that failed to prevent its. This idea


that the Prime Minister has the power to close the loopholes is only


partly true, because if you're going to resolve this issue, and you can


debate how serious it is, it has to be global. Of course, I'm not saying


the David Cameron is any more guilty. There is a conclusion of the


leaves are perpetuated the system and they are in it together. It is


an important story and it reveals the extent of corruption by


political leaders across the globe, but the attempt to turn it into a


partisan issue and to use it to bash the Conservatives or capitalism or


the leaders in the West is ridiculous. The only way you can


improve it is not a partisan story is that there was a progressive


Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn and they did not close the


loopholes. Then you create accused them of being hypocritical. George


Osborne has close more tax loopholes in his six years than Gordon Brown


did in ten years. That is why said a progressive Labour government. It


strikes me it is not necessarily a left- right issue. The issue of


whether people should pay the right amount of tax. That is what is so


annoying to most people is the fact that most people are bearing the


brunt where we are paying our taxes and taking collective responsibility


for the running of the country and elites are not. They are getting a


way out. It emerged that the last general election that Labour's


greatest and it was the tax avoid. One of the reasons Ken Livingstone


lost the mayoral election was because it emerged he was avoiding


tax, powerful illegally. This was one of the loopholes that George


Osborne shut down. We need to move on. The Financial Times, they are on


the same story. They have taken the more international view of it in


terms of who else is mentioned and might be feeling uncomfortable. I


think this is a blow against David Cameron and it will be forgotten


about in 24 hours. I hope it will not. The story about Vladimir Putin


is much more serious. The story is that people closely connected to him


are funnelling billions of pounds through these offshore tax shelters


and investing in the alias industries -- in various industries.


It paints a picture of Vladimir Putin at the centre of a web of


corruption, which comes as no surprise to anyone who has been


following his regime. This will hurt Labour because of links with


Vladimir Putin. You are now free styling to ludicrous degree. I am


denying that connection. We should focus on... We must... No leader is


any less more guilty than the other. To say that Vladimir Putin is more


corrupt... To say he is more corrupt then David Cameron is wrong? You


have to let me finish one sentence. There are other things coming and we


will hear about other leaders. This points to corruption on a scale that


is very widespread. I do not think it is justifiable for the Kremlin to


accuse the British media or the global media of being against likely


near Britain because other leaders have also been accused. -- being


against Britain. -- Vladimir Putin. Somehow the accusations against


Vladimir Putin cannot be presented as being similar. They are all


avoiding paying tax. I'm going to move it all now. There is another


subject here you both agree on, Project Fear is working is the front


page of The Daily Telegraph. We were talking about this earlier and we do


agree that who can trust the polls as they seem to be swinging every


day. I don't think anything can be revealed from which way the polls


are going, but I do think that the gentleman quoted in this piece has


said the one true thing he will ever say which is that the outcome of the


referendum will hinge on which side can turn out their supporters. I


think that is likely to be the case. I fear that a lot of people will


stay at home. I think The Daily Telegraph has over emphasising the


results of this poll, the paid for it. It is the telephone poll and


generally they show a stronger trend to remain badly. The general trend


over the past couple of weeks has been towards leaving rather than


remaining, insofar as there is any detectable movement in the polls and


we need to take it with our pension of salt especially as they could not


affect the last general election results. Rachel made the point about


turnout been key. The campaigns are virtually tied at the moment so this


idea of the people who are not sure whether they will bother will make a


difference. Project Fear doesn't alienate a lot of people. They will


be less likely to vote and the lower the turnout than were likely they


are to win. You could argue that the campaign to leave is also quite


fearful and they are turning people away in equal numbers. Note The


Times. They were talking about people preaching jihad. This goes


back to 1993. It is a terrible story. The story has been uncovered


by Andrew Norfolk from The Times and is producing good journalism these


days. This story is that one of the biggest Islamic sects which controls


almost half of the 16,000 mosques in Britain invited an extremist cleric


for a 30 day visit in 2003. He went on a tour of the mosques lecturing


young Muslims and urging them to seek weapons training in Pakistan


and they are linking this to one of the London suicide bombers, who it


seems attended one of these lectures. It speaks to the wider


story about the tolerance within our own news on community for Islamic


extremism being far greater than is often claimed by representatives of


the Masonic unity. I don't think it points to that at all. This is a


really frightening story and it is very troubling if it is true. I


don't think there is intolerance for Islamist extremism amongst British


Muslim communities. I have spent a lot of time with those people and


they are just as worried as anyone else. There was a BBC poll a few


years ago after the Charlie Hebdo though murders where a large number


of Muslims said that they got what was coming to them. I don't think


they said they got what was coming to them. Are we talking about


Charlie Hebdo? There is a difference between condemning what happens to


the cartoonist which everyone does and, at the same time, questioning


the kinds of cartoons they were running. No one is suggesting that


to question Charlie Hebdo is to condemn them to death. A bit like to


get one more story and if I can. I know you sought earlier ritual. It


is in The Telegraph. This is a story saying that magicians are failing to


check children because they do not blink as much as adults and the


premise of this is that slight of hand happens when you blink and


because children do not blink predictably... It seems like


complete rubbish. The notion that children are not taken in by magic


because they blink too much. When the magician takes the woman out of


the cabinets and Solitaire and have, the rest of us are blinking so we do


not notice. It was on the front of The Telegraph so it must be true and


accurate. On that note thank you both very much.


Thank you Rachel Shabi and Toby Young.


These headlines have just come in. There is an alarming rise in


children self harming. The Daily Mirror says that the Prime Minister


also has questions to answer. And The Independent says that Europe


closes its doors to refugees under the EU's repulsive. Do not forget


that the front pages are lying on the BBC news website where you can


read them in detail. You can see us there as well. Each addition of The


Papers was posted on the page shortly after we had finished. Now


it is time for the weather. The heaviest of the showers have now


faded away. There was thunder and lightning earlier Ron but that is


now mostly gone. For the rest of the night


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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