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in Mumbai, on the first day of a seven-day visit to India and Bhutan.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are Kevin Schofield, who's the Editor of Politics Home


The Mail leads with questions over the integration of Muslims


in society, but also has a large splash attacking


the principle of inheritance tax, and urging Mr Cameron to stand up


The Telegraph says David Cameron will make a 'robust defence'


of tax-free gifts within families when he stands up in the Commons


The Mirror reports the Prime Minister faces a 'public


grilling' over what it calls a 'second secret stash of shares'.


The Times says the focus is shifting to the Chancellor, George Osborne,


and his tax returns, along with those of the rest of the Cabinet.


The Guardian has more on the Panama Papers, pointing to links


between a top government tax official and a law firm that acted


for the offshore fund belonging to Mr Cameron's late father.


The FT leads with warnings over negative interest rates,


they're intended to encourage growth but could undermine consumer


spending, according to a major asset management group.


And the pressures on A is the focus for the Metro, it has a story


about a grandmother forced to wait in a corridor for nearly 13 hours.


We will begin with the Daily Mail. Enough of this madness. Instead of


grovelling, the Prime Minister should be shouting from the rooftops


that, for most people, inheritance tax is immoral itself. Politics has


been talked about a lot this week, some people think that inheritance


tax is quite right because the person who is receiving it hasn't


ended, why should they get this big lump sum? I think we should cast our


minds back to 2007, when Gordon Brown, we all expected him to go to


the country. There was a party conference at the time, George


Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, made the announcement that he was going


to raise the threshold for inheritance tax. It would take a lot


of people out of that threshold, people who would be eligible for


that. It went through the roof, Gordon Brown cancelled the election


and a lot of people put it down to that. That would suggest to me that


inheritance tax is not very popular with the vast majority of the


population. And if Labour are talking about cracking down on that


and making it more punitive, then I don't know how electorally popular


they will be. The Daily Mail, did they have to choose that


particularly unattractive photograph? It is an interesting


choice. They are being supportive of the prime Minister? Yes, you would


have thought... It is a very shallow comment, but is nevertheless. It is


strange, the Prime Minister can rely on support from certain newspapers


for some things, but lately, regarding the referendum, his


constituency has been different. The trouble with all of these things at


the moment, I know I like to move you want to these things, do


things... Could you hold on? Row on. It is all coming under the same


thing, which is taxes and money. This is about one Tory MP saying


that the Prime Minister has been a clod -- go. That he has gone too far


in agreeing to publish his tax details. The tax return itself is a


very blunt thing, it only tells you what is declared in the last 12


months. The Prime Minister, one Tory MP, was said to have been a clod.


That gives me shivers, because it reminds me of what my music teacher


used to write in my book. It is interesting that it feeds into a


feeling that the prime Minister is a bit under siege at the moment. At


the centre is still the steel situation. You also have the Brexit


referendum coming up, it becomes a referendum not as whether we should


be part of the EU but on the government itself. Political support


seems to have abandoned them a little bit. They haven't come out


and said, for Brexit, but they have become more Eurosceptic. George


Osborne has said he doesn't have any funds held offshore. Is it just a


matter of principle that people want to see his tax return? It does seem


that way. If one person withheld everything, then... Should everybody


to add? -- do it? Downing Street have said it should only be the


Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition who should do it. I


think, as an example of how David Cameron acts tactically to try and


get himself out of trouble in the short term... It didn't work in the


beginning. It's sort of like saying, I didn't do it, oh, a big boy made


me do it... That sort of thing. Calculation. Going back to the mail,


a warning on UK Muslim ghettos. A nation within a nation developing. A


warning from Trevor Phillips who used to head up the human rights


co-ordination. Trevor Phillips, former head of the Human Rights


Commission -- Human Rights Commission. He has warned that not


enough has been done to encourage Muslims to integrate with the wider


society. He is saying that you could wind up with debts of villages


unless action is taken to stop housing estates becoming almost


exclusively Muslim. One of the solutions he offers is that schools


would have to consider a 50% limit on Muslims or other minorities as I


don't see how that would work in practical terms at a time when there


is enough pressure on school places anyway. If you then introduce a


quota on ethnicity... He said that the integration of Muslims would be


one of the hardest tasks. It hasn't worked. When you look at the


statistics, he is talking about these Muslim ghettos. The statistics


are, this is from a survey of more than 1000 people, over 200 Muslims


would not give police a terrorist tipoff. In another half of Muslims


believe that homosexuality should be illegal in Britain. There are all


sorts of things in this. To say that all Muslims are the same is quite


ridiculous. There is a high star, what British Muslim is really think.


It has really caught people 's imagination on Twitter. People say


this is so tiresome and passe, can't we just be treated like everybody


else? Cream on my jam, or jam on my cream? What do Muslims really


think? Not all Muslims are the type that this article is discussing. It


also becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you are trying to put


Muslims... We do know that things like polls and surveys to throw out


skewed suggestions in general. We have known that before. Getting back


to the Times. If I can find it... DNA kit reveals what's really in


your dinner. Is it really beef in your beef was -- Reef -- beef


lasagne. It says that you would be able to quickly carry out your own


test. This is a London-based laboratory creation which they think


will be about the same cost as a laptop. My favourite part is there


was an appetite for genetic analysis beyond application, including a


Swiss project called beer, it decoded, mapping the ingredients in


beer and a group of pensioners who are using PE kit to research


mushrooms in Pembrokeshire. -- the kit. You can carry it around with


you and take your food to see if your food is a Honda % beef or if it


has some horse meat in it. If your sushi is really tuna. Food companies


would have a fit. Gene tests, the latest weapon against Spanish


invaders. She's obsessed with that story. There has been quite a lot


about this. This is about the Spanish invader, the Bluebell.


According to some sources, they smell more of onions than they do of


bluebells. I love the smell of onions. British bluebells are a bit


droopy and they are more blue. They were brought over in the 17th


century. There were plant collectors, couldn't help


themselves. They are describing it as gaudy and overtaking the native


variety. And an institute near Cambridge has teamed up with


volunteers to use the latest genome technology to fight the Spanish


subspecies. You could just use the DNA kit. And then go and bury it.


Goodness me. That poor Bluebell. Is just one of those things. I noticed


when this first came up, people said, leave them alone, they are


lovely! Leave them and get on with it. We can't do that, we will have


letters! Purchase a newspaper tomorrow, otherwise we would have


nothing to discuss. The cat and dog videos? Coming up next, it's the


Film Review.


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