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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Josie Cox from the Wall Street Journal and Pippa Crerar,


Political Correspondent from The Evening Standard.


Let's have a look at some of those front pages.


The Guardian, which leads with those IMF warnings


The EU referendum leads the Telegraph too.


It reports a ?5 million push to leave, by a new group set up


as a response to the government's pro-EU leaflets.


to the stars' is the top story for The Times.


It says tiny spaceships will be 'blasted' to distant stars by laser


The Daily Mail has the migrant crisis on its front page.


It reports that criminals are offering migrants passage


to increase corporate tax transparency is the lead


for the Metro, it says it's intended to shame big companies out of moving


reports speculation about the end of the slump in oil prices,


which have risen to their highest level this year.


says Prince William ignored protocol to talk to India's Prime Minister


that the financial crisis has caused delays to retirement for millions.


Josie, let's start with The Guardian, the IMF raises stakes with


warning a Brexit would hit global growth. The league campaign saying


hang on, this is Project here again. -- the league campaign. They are in


cahoots with the EU, and it is linked by the umbilical cord of


Christine Lagarde, the former interior finance minister for


France, and therefore this should be ignored -- Leave Campaign. Yes, we


have to remember that it is not a huge surprise the IMF has said this,


we knew that the report was coming out about the state of the economy


and we have known her stance for a long time. The section where the IMF


spoke about exit was pretty small. It could just be seen as a case of


people paying attention to what they want to. In the grand scheme of


things, the economic outlook that the IMF has issued for global and


for Britain, they've cut it for the fourth time this year. In the grand


scheme of things, it is looking relatively robust compared to a lot


of economies. Of course, the government have seized on it and


said look, this is proof the IMF, a respected organisation, have said it


would be a catastrophe if there is a Brexit. But they forecast for the


British economy and what would happen to this country, they got it


wrong in the past? It does not stop George Osborne et al leaping on the


reports, and talking about the mere risk of the fact that the UK economy


had been tipped off and the impact on jobs would be worse of the Brexit


happen. George Osborne and Christine Lagarde are old pals, he was one of


the first finance ministers, Noble finance ministers to nominate her


for her role in the IMF in 2011, -- global. He did the same earlier this


year. The Brexit campaigners are saying that it is Christine Lagarde


getting her organisation in line and doing the British governor and a


favour by coming out and injecting a degree of warning in their report


this time around. Brexit campaigners pointed out that Cameron himself


insisted the referendum itself would not unsettle the UK economy. They


are trying to discredit this is Christine Lagarde doing her mates a


favour. The Financial Times," traders call


into slump as oil price hits its highest level of the year".


Interesting, the suggestion that this is why there has been a global


downturn in oil prices? Yes, we are back at a level that we've not seen


for some weeks or months. It would be quite easy to say that this is


the era of sub $40 per barrel of oil, that is over. We have to


remember the fundamentals of white oil fell so low over a short period


of time, that is in place. Oil markets are in supply, there is a


glut. The share industry is doing well. There are many different


factors in place. The Doha meeting of the weekend could be a good


start, and could be a good thing to get Opec members like Saudi Arabia


and Venezuela around the table and talking about a concerted effort to


cut production. At the end of the day, we've seen this before and have


heard this rhetoric before. Whether it will lead to $50 per barrel of


oil again is yet to be seen. Why would it be good for all of us of


the prices are going up? Is it good for all of us could mark if oil


prices are lower committee would think it would be better? The key


economies that are going to benefit are the Opec members. Countries like


Nigeria have been devastated by this slump in the price of oil, and


Venezuela. For them it will be a good thing. And big corporations,


like BP and Shell, they have had a tough few quarters, for then this


will come as a relief. We have seen the effect on the Scottish oil


industry. Jobs and big problems? In terms of Scottish politics and


domestic invocations, this will give hope. Maybe not much more than hope


at the moment but will give hope to support Scottish independence. The


oil revenue they could raise from the North Sea was a key fundamental


when it came to the economic case for independence. It has been


devastated in recent times because of a collapse in the oil price.


Staying with The Financial Times, consumers warned of weeks either


defences on leading retail websites? This is worrying stuff, it is


reminiscent of the Tour Talk data leak of a few months ago. -- Talk


Talk. Hackers broke into the websites of and that resulted in the


loss of customer data. What they are mentioning are household names like


Waitrose, top shop, Debenhams... I do my fortnightly shop from Tesco. I


happily tap in my home address and details, goodness knows what else


they know about me from my shopping habits -- bank details will stop


cyber security experts have warned that British consumers should


reconsider interacting with some of these affected websites. Matt Elan


denies that they have poor cyber security in place -- Matalan. They


say they invest heavily in making sure their customers data is safe.


Be of e-mails coming from these businesses, they could be from


hackers. And other technical flaws, private information like bank


details could be hacked into and used. These are websites millions of


people use? Yes, and regularly. If you go on the Tesco website every


weekend, you are not going to look every single time at whether it


looks like it did last week. You might not pay attention to that kind


of detail. On top of it, a lot of the retailers are having quite a


tough time more generally in terms of competition in the market, price


cuts, and prize was going on. Any kind of reputational damage that


this could incur could be really make or break for them. It could be


difficult for them. As you were saying, pepper, Matt Elan made it


clear that in their case, they have strict measures to deal with this


kind of thing -- Matalan. In the Daily Mail, migrants


apparently smuggled to the UK for just ?100? At first glance, it looks


like a classic Daily Mail immigration story. The scandal,


people could arrive on our shores for only ?100, how easy it must be


to get here. Looking more deeply, the report is an update given by the


National crime agency. Every camera last year set up a group of about 90


officers -- David Cameron. A new task force to look at the migrant


crisis. This is the first report back. While there were some


eye-catching figures like, you can get to the UK for just ?100, stuck


into the back of a lorry from Calais. ?13,500, you can fly from


Iraq with high-quality false papers. Or take a speedboat from Dunkirk for


?12,000. The fundamentals of this are quite worrying. Because, what


the report and update talks about is how the Aegean route, many refugees


and migrants are taking it to come to Europe, from Greece and Turkey,


because of that crackdown, people are going back to the previous most


popular route, Libya to Italy. -- to Greece and Turkey to stop Austria


have said they will build a wall on the border between the places


migrants intend to cross. We know that Islamic State, they control a


Libyan port, they have vowed to send fighters across the Mediterranean


disguised as migrants. There is a terror concern that will only make


the plight of genuine refugees and migrants worse. We have all been


shocked by these pictures of poor souls coming across on these


dilapidated craft, many of them drowning. These figures, 100s and


thousands migrants travelled from Libya to Italy in 2014. It was the


most popular route. It was 885,000 the following.


Inevitably, those travelling this summer will lose their lives.


Wales, save our steel. Prince ignores protocol to tackle


the Indian Premier Mr over petition jobs axis? -- Indian Prime Minister.


It is one of those issues that affect our lives. It is a political


and economical subject. It is a people subject, about livelihoods.


I'm not that surprised to see this out while he is over there. And that


he said something. As we've seen in the past, he has to be careful with


these things. That he does not overstep the mark and say anything


that is not in line with the official line that Buckingham Palace


is taking. People get angry about him allegedly breaking protocol, to


say, you know what, help us save British Steel? Will people complain?


It is such a political topic it is a hot potato in the sense of taking


sides. It will be interesting to see what the responses to this. The


Royals are absolutely loved in certain parts of India. On trips


that I've been on, with various seedier politicians in


-- senior politicians in India, there are always questions about


what the Queen said that Buckingham Palace for her tea, and what he


called these are called! Kate Roxette


-- Corgis. This is a headline. She charmed the kids in Delhi. They are


drumming trade Up? We had a bit of an issue with


the ?50 dress, it is from temporally. As you know, because you


are over say with your designers, you are regularly looking the racks


at Selfridge's, unless she has got it in a sale or off the back of a


lorry... It is more like ?500! We will knock


a few more quid off for you! There is the uncomfortable, nation of Kate


and her sparkling jewels and the street kids in New Delhi --


uncomfortable contrast. They live lives of pure deprivation.


We have two ended there. Thank you both of you for coming in.


Don't forget, all of the front pages are online on the website. You can


read a detailed review of the newspapers.


It is their seven days a week. As I say, many thanks to our guests.


That's all, goodbye.


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