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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the former Conservative MP and the Managing Director


of Bell Pottinger, Tim Collins, and the Guardian's Deputy


The Daily Mirror leads with the anti-Semitism route which has


escalated in the Labour Party. Financial Times has a story about a


slowing US economic growth. The New Day leads with the woman


who gave birth after a car crash which the paper says


reversed her menopause. 'Work is key to a longer life'


is the Daily Express's headline. It details new research into how


working beyond retirement age The Guardian leads with


Ken Livingstone's suspension from the Labour Party,


including what the papers calls a revolt among MPs about


anti-Semitism within the party. The Daily Mail is also leading


with the former mayor's suspension - 'Labour's Civil War over


anti-Semitism' its headline. 'Throw Livingstone out


of Labour, MPs demand' The Daily Telegraph shows an image


of Labour MP John Mann who publicly accused Ken Livingstone


of being a 'Nazi apologist'. Let's begin. Obviously the


Livingston story is dominating. It is interesting the way the story


developed. The Daily Telegraph has reported about Ken Livingstone being


barked at on a staircase. This all started with Ken Livingstone


apparently trying to make things better after having to -- after the


Labour Party having to suspend a member yesterday for anti-Semitism.


He tried to defend her in a media round, and it just got worse and


worse through the morning. This picture on the Daily Telegraph front


page indicates the point where Jonathan Mann was haranguing him


when Ken Livingstone had been on a radio interview. It is quite


extraordinary. It is remarkable that this is happening just one week


before critical elections for the Labour Party, and many Labour MPs


are saying how angry they are that this can all meet damage Labour's


prospects. Extraordinary altogether. Ten Livingstone, an unusual figure,


but he seems to have Doug himself into an arm is whole and kept going.


-- into a whole and kept going. These headlines are... The Tories


have been very quiet, and why shouldn't they be? The headlines are


a nightmare, a week from elections. This confrontation here as well.


There was one Labour MP who said it was as if Ken Livingstone had gone


from studio to studio acting like some sort of political arsonist. It


is difficult to... The story is developing at your own paper. You


have got the front page that no sign of John Mann and there but


absolutely surrounded by eager journalists wanting to, not


believing the story is being delivered to them right on camera!


It is very difficult. There is a sort of pattern of behaviour. As far


as Ken Livingstone is concerned, he is somebody who likes the limelight


and reacts viscerally to what he perceives to be a tax on left-wing


or minority causes, especially when he considers it to be by the media


or some sort of establishment. This is the man he would say that he


would like to see the Saudi royal family hung from lamp posts. That is


no excuse at all, but I would say there is a pattern of behaviour. It


is worth remembering that only a couple of months ago, Jeremy Corbyn


appointed Ken Livingstone to be co-chair of Labour's policies Board,


and then he goes out to make the sort of remarks again. A short time


ago, he was not just a long-term friend of Jeremy Corbyn, but someone


that Jeremy Corbyn trusted with this review of this policy in this area,


and now he has been suspended, and is facing a number of calls for him


to be thrown out of the Labour Party entirely, not just suspended, but


actually injected from the party. I have spent long periods of time


working with MPs, they aren't tearing their hair out. There are


people who are decent and the Labour Party who can understand what is


happening to their party and that's people in the far left are doing


this to the reputation of Labour at such a critical time. There is no


shortage, and all of these front pages, of Labour MPs who are deeply


unhappy. I am happy about this but I am happy and away that the party has


been led since Jeremy Corbyn... This is a Tory approach to say this is a


proxy row for control of the Labour Party. It is not an invention in


that sense, but it is a proxy row, is it a proxy row about the future


of Jeremy Corbyn and so forth? I don't think so. It will play out


over the next couple of days. Ken Livingstone is set the shadow of


defence needed psychiatric help previously. And it turns out that


Kelvin Jones had spoken out bravely in public about his own mental


health problems. Ken Livingstone refused to apologise and apologised


by social media the next day. Very eccentric and defensive... Whether


it is a metaphor for the Labour Party is another thing. It is not


just one person. The whole leadership team, these are people


who are out of the Labour Party mainstreamed for the last 25-30


years, people who were deliberately kept out, they were not trusted by


those people who formed Labour governments. They are now in charge,


and although Ken Livingstone has had some extraordinary comments that


have revealed some of his thinking, it is just one individual. There is


a rail problem with the Labour Party. -- a real problem. You are


not saying John McDonald is anti-Semitic? No, I am not saying


that at all. Some of the rivalry between John McDonald and as Ken


Livingstone is part of what is going on. Let's move forward. We have the


MPs who had at least apologised. Ken Livingstone has not apologised. Can


you see him being thrown out of the Labour Party? Yes. They clearly


will. There has got to be an inquiry, but you would have to say


that if this was a self-inflicted wound, nobody else responsible, and


if that proves to be fatal, and he has to leave public life and


politics, as has been subjected by some, he has no-one else to blame


but himself. Let's move onto a completely different story but one


that might have more repercussions, I would have thought. The Financial


Times front page. Slow down in US growth sparks doubts over economic


durability. Financial speak, but a serious issue. Extremely serious and


it is forming a pattern of behaviour which is quite worrying. The first


quarter is always a sluggish and shows a growth of 0.5%. That is


quite a problem. Business investment is down, consumer spending is down.


This is starting to follow a pattern of behaviour. Japan might have


tumbled back into deflation. We have this Chinese figures showing that


Chinese growth is the lowest it has been for seven years. China has been


trying to rebalance their economy from trade to domestic consumption.


The Chinese figure looks quite good. If you talk about the UK, the UK


figure this first quarter is 0.4%. We have got no problems there.


George Osborne says our pressure is not necessarily going to come from


China or the US, it is going to come from the threat of Brexit. George


Osborne is a man we take very seriously. He says that if we have


this threat weighing down on our economy... There was eye opening,


you start pointing out the Financial Times says there is a slowdown in


Japan, a slowdown in the United States, a slowdown in Brazil. These


are all because of the Brexit! Businesses in Brazil are not saying,


I am really worried about the Brexit for random so I will not invest. But


what Paul is saying, because he is right about what George Osborne said


about the UK slowdown, we will hear over the next two months that


slowdowns, drops in the global stock market, a 10% drop in the stock


market globally in January, we will keep being told for the next two


months that any setback is because of Brexit. These figures absolutely


demonstrate that that is rubbish. The world is slowing down. It will


be blamed in the UK on the uncertainty of the referendum and it


has nothing to do with it. For people wondering, what has it got to


do with me? What would you say? What it means is that we know, Gordon


Brown famously said he would abolish boom and bust, no-one can do that.


Economy is growing in sharp spurts and they sometimes a slowdown and


sometimes drop back. For the next year or two, there will be an


economic slowdown, maybe even another recession, maybe not a


depression, and we need to be ready for that. We probably need to


tighten our belts again. We have heard that one before! If June 23


goes well, we will see a bit of a surge. If we do not leave, there


will be a surge, you are right. We have got long on this one, work


being the key to a longer life. Do you intend to work forever? It is


one of those things, a well-founded study from Oregon saying that you


increase your life expectancy were cut your risk of dying, which is a


different thing, if you carry on working. Only 20% of people in their


late 60s carry on working. Express readers will get quite excited about


this but the government would have a bit of a problem on their hands. My


father-in-law is convinced that he has been right about this. He and


his work colleagues all retired from their big job building submarines


years ago and he carried on doing other work and he is healthy and


well into his 80s. So, it is true. Inside page of the Daily Mail, best


headline of the day. Marvellous! It is fantastic. The Royal Mail wrote a


letter to the owners of this cat saying they have had a health and


safety risk assessment about it and the caps could not be delivered. A


very fierce black and white cat! That is it for tonight. -- the cat


could not be delivered. Before you go, these


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