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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the Political Commentator, Jo Phillips


and Benedicte Paviot, who's the UK Correspondent


Who Kindly brought me creme caramel for pudding. Jo didn't bring me


anything. But she can think about that for next time!


The Sunday Express says the Portuguese detective who led


attempts to find Madeline McCann will release a new book


on the investigation, bringing fresh anguish


The Sunday Mail says the BBC will be forbidden


to schedule prime time programmes at the same time as its rivals,


The Sunday Telegraph also leads with the BBC's Royal Charter,


saying the corporation will face more checks


That is where we will start, with some BBC navel gazing. Rules to end


ITV clash. This is supposedly to give competitors a better, an easier


time of it? Yes, this is obviously a well-timed leak ahead of the White


Paper on the BBC. Which is due out on May 12th. In which it is expected


to renew royal chart hear the runs out this year for eleven years, but


in return there are all these, the Mail, you would think there is


nothing else going on in the world, there are four pages. I don't know


about navel-gazing, but it is BBC bashing. In the daily mail? No? The


BBC will be banned from showing popular programmes like Strictly


against The Voice. They will have to find another time to show it. If it


is that popular, people will watch it. Yes, it is about giving the


commercial broadcasters much more, it is about the BBC being perceived


to use the licence payers' funding to have an unfair advantage over its


rivals. But the licence fee is a privilege and many say it is out of


date when we are used to paying for things. If the BBC wants to keep the


licence fee, the terms should change. Yes, but you don't then


mutilate unfairly, which a lot of these leaked measures seem to be


about. But the BBC shouldn't be "aggressively broadcasting or


trailing its programmes" so much. Any broadcaster, any company worth


their salt will promote things that they have developed. There is even a


battle of the bongs, centring on the 10pm news, ITV has invested heavily


in a revamp of its News at ten and according to the Mail on Sunday it


wants the BBC to move its programme to an earlier slot. A A long time


ago the BBC did the 9 o'clock news. In France it is the 8 o'clock news.


You either stay in to watch it or go out. The 9 o'clock news was popular.


Maybe there is an appetite for it. There a peculiarity, the BBC's


programmes shouldn't be too popular or they could be poached. And the


quality will be checked. But checked by who? Are we going back to the


days of Mary white house. The BBC has programmes for all peoples. Some


are duff, some are amazing. But people with watch two programmes at


once, because they can record one. It is astonishing what technology


does. Nit mail of tuned there is -- in the Mail on Sunday, Mr


Whittingdale, who has endured weeks of embarrassing things about his


private life is expected to tell the BBC to come clean. An interesting


impression from Mr Whittingdale. To come clean about what it pays its


presenters. So we won't find the exact pay cheque of every presenter.


If that has to happen, who am I to stand in its way. That is enough of


BBC chat. Now The Telegraph, PM's Academy deal. We have heard every


state school needs to be an Academy. Not everyone is happy. But there are


deals for people who don't like it in Conservative constituencies.


Although the Telegraph gives its main story to the BBC, sorry, but


telling it like it is, there is a paragraph about what the Telegraph


called the Prime Minister's deal for rebel and concessions to win over


Tory rebels, because they are threatening to kill off his school


reforms. But what this paragraph or two or three also tells us is that


after Mrs Morgan got heckled, the teachers were so cross they're


considering industrial action. We spoke to a head teacher who said she


may close her school for a day. And this is is a moderate union, the


head teachers' union. So there is a lot of anger. There was a report


that schools run by local authorities are doing better than


academies. The real rebellions is coming from rural areas, if small


schools are not supported by the local authority, they will close.


That is of course a lot of Tory MPs. The Sunday telegraph has a story


about the anti-Semitism row deepening and Ken Livingstone saying


he was sorry if he upset anyone with his comments about you could have


predicted where the story would go, the Sunday Telegraph said it has


found more examples of anti-Cem Tim. I would have that so, it has had


four reporters and there is a full report and an editorial comment, but


all we can see on the dossier is one Labour council leader, unknown,


unnamed, sharing an anti-Semitic post and Jeremy Corbyn questioning


why an anti-Jewish mural should be removed. But the timing couldn't be


worse with the local elections and the mayoral elections and Labour


being predicted to lose a lot of seats and Ken Livingstone has done


it again. You wonder what the impact will be. Which groups will support


Labour in spite of this and which will say this is beyond the pale


you're not getting my vote? We will find out next Thursday. Speaking to


a Labour MP that I will choose not to name that I met professionally


last night I will say she... Was concerned about the impact and was


planning to go out campaigning in other constituency. This is what


people are talking to this MP about on the the doorstep? Or did she not


say. I did not get to that. It was, there is a real fear that this will


mean that it has turned people off voting Labour. We should mention


that in this small story in the Sunday Telegraph, which deserved


more front-page analysis, Sarah Pickles, the Government's Special


Envoy for post holocaust issues said Jeremy Corbyn has legitimised a


strain of anti-Semitism that has been lurking in the shadows of left


for some time. Of course, it has been rumbling on. But I have to pick


up Ken Livingstone on what he said, I have heard this so many times,


particularly in this continualliry and this -- country and this


phrasing when you say something outrageous a week before your party,


a man who was London mayor twice, that is extraordinary, the first


time as an independent candidate. You say if I have caused offence I'm


sorry, I think think need to be called out on they're not offering


an apology at all. They're saying what whoever was offended, it is


that problem. It is hi style. - his style. In the fend it is not about


the deed, but you respond to it and there will be people, including many


Labour MPs throwing their head in their hands thinking why on earth


didn't Jeremy Corbyn deal with this? There is an investigation and an


inquiry. So let's see how quickly they come up with something and what


the new rules will be to deal with any provocative statements. Now The


Independent and we have one of their typical pronlt pages -- front-pages,


of course they're online. A burning message to ivory poachers, a huge


amount of ivory set alight to end poaching of ivory. How sensible is


it to get rid of something valuable and could it make... Other elephants


more vulnerable to poaching? When you said symbolic, that is what this


is about, a gesture, it is shocking and Independent fantastic


photograph, and we have seen the coverage, but it will raise


questions as you have done, won't it make people think it is more


valuable. Why not raise money wit. And put to it conservation. It could


encourage more poaching, because the value will rise. Some


conservationists are saying it is a PR stunt. Now the back page of the


Sunday Telegraph. This is not a stunt. A miracle. A fabulous


photograph in my opinion, a title, my kingdom for a title. I grew up on


the hill where Richard III lost his crown and Henry was crowned the


first Tudor king. But that is decide the point. But some context. There


he is with the Leicester scarf, Jamie Vardy, who won't be playing,


although he has done well for the city, Leicester City, he is banned.


Sitting on tenterhooks. You can get a Vardy cino. Oliver Brown, it is


lovely, and describes the atmosphere and I don't think there is a


football fan in this country who isn't hoping, well maybe Manchester


United, but hoping that Leicester do it. Because it is what the FA Cup


should be. And there have been so many horrible scandals and so much


money sloshing around and we have had Fifa and all of this stuff that


has soured it. It is a story of a great team, fabulous manager, who


has put a lot of the others in the shade and actually on the brink of


history. Some generous comments on social media as well from people who


support other teams, but want Leicester to do well. Yes what is


interesting, I love, I agree with you, Oliver Brown's story is great,


there are crews from all over the world and a man who belongs to the


Gujaraty community who says for the first time, he travels a lot and he


says, usually he has to explain where Leicester is and that is no


longer true. It is great, because it is not just a big national story,


but it has become an international story. We should mention also as


well as your connection with Richard III they're saying that Richard III


might have something to do with the success of Leicester. Because it is


since his re-Interment that this good luck on March 26th actually,


that this good luck and this... Success has been coming to


Leicester. Who knows? They were in the relegation zone. They were. An


extraordinary run at the end of last season that kept them just... They


had the luck of being the one-hit wonders and they have done it.


Unstoppable so far as Oliver Brown says. If they win tomorrow, when


they win tomorrow... Let's hope so. Do we feel a film come on. I think


there must be. Quickly, we are going to look at the Sunday Express and


the real katd and the natural -- Kate and the natural cover girl on


the 100th edition of Vogue. I thought it was more interesting they


used a 100-year-old model and... You're not referring to Kate. No,


but she is a cover girl. Like Diana was. That is it for this hour. But


because it is a Saturday, Jo and Benedicte Paviot will be back later.


Coming up reporters.


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