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Now on BBC News here's Rachel Schofield with The Papers.


Welcome to our Sunday morning edition of The Papers. Let us get a


flavour of the front pages. We start with the Sunday express.


The times are talking about the new Israeli ambassador to Britain who


has joined the debate about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.


The Ob server has an interview with Sadiq Khan.


The Mail on Sunday is all about the BBC and how we may be losing some


prime-time programmes. Yes, and it will do this and they


will do it for all the wrong reasons because certain people in the


Conservative Party, including John Whittingdale, I cannot tell you how


angry this makes me, want to diminish and take away the presence


of the BBC. They want to turn us into the PBS of America. We are told


we are a capitalist country where competition drives excellence. The


BBC has of late produced the most extraordinary dramas. This really


quite vindictive set of policies doesn't understand that the people


feel passionately about the BBC. I hope people like this because this


is happening now. I am all in favour of competition


but this isn't a level playing field. It's all very well seeing


have the BBC compete with ITV. The BBC has ?3.7 billion licence fee


funds so it is not a level playing field. I think John Whittingdale is


try to redress this because he is aware that ITV are seeing this as


unfair competition. I do have sympathy with what he is saying but,


having said that, it would be unfortunate if the BBC's flagship


programmes were damaged. I would not like to see that but I think there


is something to be done to make it a more level playing field.


You said you would like to see people rise up against it. The


public would have something to say about this, surely.


I hope so and I hope there is a public consultation. But when we


need them government really get them to us. I hope we do have one and


they disagree with you, Ruth, because ITV is doing financially


very well. The media expert was seeing their profits are doing very


well. Of course but it is not a level


playing field. What does that even mean?


I will tell you! The BBC has the licence fee money and ITV doesn't.


But the output on the BBC is massive with the number of channels.


I always grovel when the worst comes to the worst. Some people would


challenge whether the BBC should be doing programmes like Strictly Come


Dancing at all. Why? Because they are successful?


I don't go that far. Become irrelevant like PBS. No, the


public loves the BBC. As for your level playing field, the advertisers


on the commercial channels take money from our pocket five times


more. ITV has to work to get that money by


getting the advertisers were at the BBC does not. I'm going to stick to


my DD is that it is not a level playing field.


Before we get 50 cups -- the city coffers Garth -- fisticuffs...


David Cameron 's idea for academies in schools is proving unpopular.


Yes, the minister was heckled and asked if she was running the


Department or Nick Gibb was, and after that there were accusations of


sexism. I have some sympathy with the teachers, which may surprise you


as men. I do see there is a problem here. What I find interesting is not


the Education Secretary being heckled by teachers. That is not a


story, that is an everyday event. What is interesting is that the


Prime Minister is thinking about making his concessions to


Conservative rebels and I think many of them are rebelling purely because


of Brexit. It is to do with the discomfort and rebellion in the


Conservative Party. We are going to talk about Labour Party but let us


remember there are problems internally with the Conservative


Party. You think this is internal politics?


A party that believes in competition wants to kill the BBC. A party that


believes in choice is now ticking choice away from education. Are you


a party, I'm asking the Conservative Party, a party that believes in a


variety of educational responses to educational demands and needs or are


you a party that centralises and quite a Communist way and decides


how everything is going to be an Academy.


I conceded that point. I think they should go easy on the academy


programme. But it is the politics here and recently the Prime Minister


made concessions on the trading and build because he wanted the trade


unions to support a -- support him on Brexit.


Let us move our focus to the Labour Party. The anti-Semitism row


deepens. The Sunday Telegraph said they have put together a dossier


with what they describe of disturbing examples of anti-Semitic


attitudes and Labour Party. It has taken off and I am glad we


are talking about it. No forms of racism should be tolerated. But I do


think, I sometimes wonder if Ken Livingstone is a double agent for


the Conservative Party because what a horrible moment to have a hissy


fit, which is going to affect the elections. The right-wing press are


a field day and he should be banished from the party as from now.


We do not need investigation. He is bringing the party into disrepute.


On one side there is the Ken Livingstone issued but the whole


point is that this has broadened into a wider debate about a


potential problem in the Labour Party.


What do you think? This will shock horror but I agree with her. I


believe Ken Livingstone should just be out. He has form. It is not as if


he doesn't make well statements. You can see how cross some of his


colleagues are. The man is a menace and not just to the Labour Party but


to the country. He has a menace to race relations. I think he should be


banished to outer darkness. While we are still on this, let us


bring in the Observer because their top story is on the same story. On


the impact it will have on the London mayor role elections.


I want as much outrage from the public on, what I have never seen so


much of as the hideously racist campaign that Zac Goldsmith has been


conducting. The letters some of us have had seeing things like you are


a Hindu and you are one of us but those horrible Muslims are not. The


electoral commission needs to look at how Siddique Khan is caught


between the terrible anti-Semitism row that Ken Livingstone and others


have created and this fall going for him because he is a Muslim. He is a


liberal Muslim. If a Muslim of high integrity cannot stand for high


office what kind of society are we running?


I have sympathy with that. We are friends again and excavation


Mark I think the whole racism thing is appalling. I have a great deal of


sympathy with Sadiq Khan. I'm not taking sides politically, God


forbid. Go on.


May the best man win and I would be whole fight -- horrified if he lost


the election because of this. If he loses it because of racism that is


terrible. You have been on your conspiracy


theories on the Brexit campaign some people have said with the Labour


Party that this whole route has been stalked by embittered old Blairites.


It could be but I think he has form of being mischievous.


We need a proper opposition to the government.


Tucked away under the picture from the two-day Yorkshire, the UK in a


housing crisis. And entered to see it doesn't sound like a crisis to me


but what is the angle. David Cameron wanted a homeowning


democracy but new findings say four in ten people will not own their own


homes ever. It is unaffordable housing. In London in particular and


big cities like Birmingham. You are getting wonderful flats being built


at people on ordinary wages working in the public service or even... We


are a low-wage economy. They just cannot afford it. It is


simple economics. Supply and demand. Population is rising and demand is


not following -- supply. Successive governments haven't


managed to get a grip on it. They have not and it is because they


will get a grip on the subject of supply which might mean building on


the green belt. Philip Green's wife has had an


unusual summons to the House of Commons.


I think both of them should be there. This is one of the saddest


stories. I don't think any business should survive cos it doesn't


deserve to survive but what is actually being done to BHS by a


profligate owner and his wife, allegedly, needs to be examined by


Parliament. They are in a tax haven. I am making no allegations but it


happens to be the truth that she lives in a tax haven. They need to


be questioned. It is time that this kind of capitalism was tamed.


Monaco is a sunny place for shady people.


Allegedly. We have to be careful. But they have been called before the


select committee and able look at whether the funds were taken out


while the deficit was being dulled up. And also to look at how the


business collapsed so rapidly. I am looking forward to seeing the


evidence. We are going to skip ahead to the


Sunday Express because a lovely picture of Kate Middleton. She is


going to be on the cover of Vogue. Much kinder than the Daily Mail


because they were quite waspish. I wanted to get a flavour of what the


opposition was doing on the other news channels and they went really


hard on this story. I think she is absolutely a superb person and looks


terrific and natural and is a person of the age.


It is a controlled image. Not overly stylised and glamorous. Not


necessarily their bogey would imagine.


It is absolutely image making. -- not the Vogue magazine you would


imagine. I think that is a bit hard because


the royal family does a terrific job, if I may say so, and I think


she is hanging on that tradition. We won't go there.


On all the back pages, the underdog Leicester City may come out on top.


What is so fascinating is the fact that although the city themselves


are hugely invested in this, other fans from rival teams who know they


cannot win by getting behind Leicester.


Exactly Anders is one of those wonderful fairy stories. It came


from nowhere and they are at the top. The managers from the expense


of football teams are asking what is the magic. In the Telegraph, a


gambler debt to pounds on the team and is now likely to net ?45,000.


All I can say is 5000 to one, I wish I'd put a tenner on.


Somebody put a bet on and cashed it in after one week when they lost.


I could have bought VHS. -- BHS. Yet fully tied together.


We do look at the front pages every evening at 10:45pm.


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