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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are Matt McAllester, who's Editor of Newsweek Europe and


Melanie Eusebe who is the founder of Black British Business Awards.


The Times leads with the allegations of anti-Semitism


It says Labour front-benchers are threatening to resign over Jeremy


The i newspaper quotes Diane Abbott as saying the Labour Party faces


The Telegraph highlights a survey from doctors which says


thousands of patients are issued with Do Not Resuscitate notices


The Financial Times leads with the story of one of


the world's most powerful investment funds, which is planning to lead


The Mail claims that a British army interpreter from


Afghanistan has killed himself after being refused asylum in the UK.


The Express says a heatwave is on the way after a Bank Holiday


The Guardian leads with a warning about the increasing availability


The Mirror leads on SATs tests in primary schools.


It says parents will pull six-year-olds out of tests


Let's begin with the i. And what is happening with the Labour Party


after Orana mulcher this week with claims of anti-Semitism within the


ranks -- tumultuous. They are saying the party is heading towards


elections on Thursday, which could turn things around after the defeat


of the general election last year, but no, it doesn't look like it will


be that straightforward. It doesn't, and the more that people like Diane


Abbott talk about the coup and a leadership challenge, they have to


be careful what they are talking about. They may get one. Her point


is that the disaffected, bitter Blairites who are still in the


Labour Party, who are minority, but they would lose such a thing. She is


trying to scare people off, but it creates the impression of a party


that is coming apart. Today we saw that Jeremy Corbyn was out saying


the Labour Party denounces racism, but for some people he hasn't at


that quickly enough. For some he has not acted quickly enough but he was


very definitive in his statement against any racism, anti-Semitic


behaviour or language, the tolerance level was zero. For me, if the


tolerance level has been instated as zero, and very clearly there have


been, they have put measures in place to say, you should not say


these things, why are people trying to step down? It is one thing to


say, maybe you were a bit too slow. But it is another to say, I'm going


to step down because he didn't act fast enough. Really? Surely that is


what leadership is about. You have to take decisive action and really


mean it, the emphatic about it and recognise what is going wrong. Today


there is no problem before this independent enquiry is even


reported... If I was to apply that philosophically to every battle our


government is involved with, including with gender and ethnicity


in general, then no one has that did definitively and no one has said


anything. For us to start jumping around about this, splitting up the


party in regards to this, it seems ludicrous to me. If we look at the


Times, buried in the text we have the Israeli Ambassador to London


saying that Jeremy Corbyn needs to distance himself and disown groups


like and Hamas, which don't recognise Israel's right to exist.


Jeremy Corbyn has been too close to them in the past -- Hezbollah. He


has been associated with groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, because to the


left they are freedom fighters. To the others they are terrorists, and


they still call for the destruction of the state of Israel. That is


unpalatable to the Israelis and too many indeed. Chips are coming off


the menu, it says at the bottom. What is happening? There seems to be


a move by the government to make you feel a bit clearer. Sajid Javid is


saying that people are confused about tipping in restaurants. There


are too many means for us to beginning service charges as


customers and we don't know where it too. It is unlikely that it gets to


the staff, where the customer intends it to go. Last summer it


seemed clear that if he wanted to wait staff to get money, give them


some cash. That's right, and I think some people are almost double


tipping without realising what they're doing, because they don't


look at the bill and there is something on the bottom, and then


they leave a few pounds for the excellent service they are getting.


That is wonderful, but it is just a lack of clarity, it is very opaque.


Children aged six in school strikes. That makes it sound extremely


militant, but it is their children who will be pulling them out of


school in some cases. Why is that? These are these new, tougher tests.


The shift is that these tests and testing of six and seven -year-olds


used to happen, but it was quiet and there wasn't a big public brouhaha,


and the children didn't really know they were being assessed. Now they


do, and the Mirror describes young children who are having nightmares


and worrying about it in the ways we all worry about our A-levels and


finals, and that this should not be happening to six and seven


-year-olds. Potentially 30,000 people will be taking their children


out of school and taking them on educational trips instead. I wonder


how it would be to lower the temperature in schools so children


are not so aware of what they are doing. I think it would be very


difficult to change the culture in schools because of the way the


education system is structured. Schools are not only performing


against one another. It would be a deep cultural change that wouldn't


change easily. You don't mind children this age being tested?


Science I do mind children being in the battles of adults. A test is


fine, but they should be able to go to it and take it and walk away. To


take on the battles of their parents, I don't agree with that.


Mourning over the rise of danger drugs in prison. These are synthetic


versions of drugs like cannabis having an impact in prisons --


warning. This is violence and suicides, and one of the things


about these drugs is that unlike traditional cannabis, natural


cannabis, you can't smell them when they are being smoked. The prison


guards can't tell when prisoners are abusing these drugs, and some of


them give off noxious chemicals, and some prison guards are suffering as


a result. The thing that struck me is that these drugs are getting


dropped by drones, catapulted over fences. I don't know how prisons are


supposed to stop drones flying in with packets of synthetic cannabis.


Know, and whether they come from? They are obviously made in our lab


somewhere. Synthetic cannabis is the most common of these new


psychoactive substances. What they are doing in the prisons, because


you can't smell them or detect them, prisoners are more exposed to


them and it has led to deaths and serious illnesses. It has also led


to self harm, so now there is a call to say, to give a warning. Let's


look at the business pages. We don't always get all the way into page 41.


The only way is up for the oil price. An anticipation of rising


investment as markets recover. The suggestion here is that non- OPEC


members are going to drive up the price of oil by producing less.


There has been a glut of oil on the world market, with Saudi Arabia and


OPEC countries pumping aggressively to try to put the American shale


industry out of business. You have to be making $60 a barrel


essentially to make shale work, and it hasn't been working. So, the


predictions are that in the next 12 months oil will go up again. But the


non- OPEC countries are pretty small group, aren't they? That is why I


didn't understand exactly where the article was coming from, because if


most of our supply comes from OPEC countries then it should hardly


impact the price if supply from non- OPEC countries drops. Norway wealth


fund set to launch crackdown on high executive pay. This is a huge oil


fund in Norway. The fact that it is in Norway rather than Saudi Arabia


took me by surprise. What they are proposing, we should look at the


little backdrop for this. What they are proposing is that this boil


sovereign fund, they phoned approximately 1.3% of every listed


company in the world. Their influence is large and fast. They


are saying they will start a public campaign, first by issuing paper,


but then by pointing out when the executive pay situation is out of


control in their eyes. This is unseen, it is a new level of


corporate governance and we have never seen this type of enforcement


done by shareholders. There is so much criticism of multinationals and


international business these days, because they say it is too difficult


to get action that will span the world. This is a way that it might


start. Yes, and I think the Norwegians are seeing the tide


turned a little bit with global opinion on executive pay. This kind


of thing doesn't really happen in Scandinavia, the gap is much


narrower in pay. Here is the back page of the Guardian. Leicester take


a step closer to title dream. Now it is all down to the Spurs. I was


hoping we could be celebrating tonight, but no. Rennie area's team


missed out with a 1-1 draw against Manchester United -- Ranieri. It is


an amazing story. It is an amazing story. Why are they getting an


American to comment on sport? I love sport, crime and athlete myself and


I love... This is so pure. Pure capability, nothing to do with large


investments will be backing, but everything to do with heart. This is


the dream of the premiership, of all the little kids who watch it. I


think it is amazing. My family support the Spurs so they won't like


me saying all of this, but I would love to see Leicester win because I


think it would say so much for football in the Premier League and


bring back some of the integrity that may have been lost with other


incidences. We need Tottenham not to beat Chelsea tomorrow. Tottenham


haven't beaten Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in 20 years. 20 years is


nothing when you haven't ever won the league. There has been a lot of


generosity, I have read, towards Leicester, from people who ardently


support other teams. It has brought out a great spirit in people. I


think it is one season blip, I'm sorry to say. Leicester have


benefited from the fact that all the great big teams have been terrible


this year, and I don't think that will happen next year, sorry. Let's


enjoy it while it lasts. Enjoy your bank holiday, I hope it is not a


washout. Up next, The Film Review.


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