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shining through. -- luck of the Irish shining through.


Welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will bring us tomorrow,


with many memoranda Green, political commentator for the Financial Times,


Liam Halligan, the economics commentator for the Telegraph. And


look at the front pages, you will not be surprised what features


mounting tension in the city ahead mounting tension in the city ahead


of the EU referendum vote. The Metro claims a record turnout, the results


on a knife edge. The Telegraph puzzling message, the time has come.


The contest is neck and neck. The Guardian concentrating on the


premises the's last-minute efforts to date Remain. The Daily Mirror


calls for readers not to take a leap into the dark. The Daily Express


says vote Leave today. Let's merge those last two. The express and the


manner on the opposite sides of the debate. These two FrontPage is


summing up both sides of the argument. The express has been


campaigning for the UK to leave the EU for many years. Not just months.


They say the moment of destiny finally arriving. That is how they


are presenting it. The idea of a historic choice, our one and only


opportunity to leave. The Mirror front Page trying to sum up the


essence of the Remain camp. This is too much of a risk. Why would you


want to take this risk for your family, children, pension pay


packet, jobs, NHS? Not the best front Page ever. It is a bit


peculiar. Does look quite work for me. I was mystified, when I first


saw it. There is a real historic theme throughout the front pages.


This reminds me of Lord Kitchener. Your country needs you. I is all


around the room. Historical references, of course, whether the


Mirror sub editors knew about it. The leap in the dark is a reference


to the 1816 great reform act, spreading suffrage across some of


the skilled working class, as the weather discussing before we came


on. The leap in the dark phrase points to an anti-democratic fear,


because there was a lot of concern about spreading the vote. You really


do have the two outer limits of the mainstream media in the UK. The


Express campaigning for a long time under Richmond Desmond, their


proprietor. The Daily Mirror, very much proud Remain. A latter Mirror


readers are not Remain, core Labour voters voting for Leave. In 45


minutes time, when we have more time, we can dwell more on the idea,


do the readers match the wishes of the newspapers? PST, tension


mounting in the city ahead of the historic vote? Interesting detail


about what people are thinking and dealing, and worrying about? That is


right. They have done a tour of the City of London, the preparations


being made in the banks, financial institutions, quite a lot of which,


in this piece, they are said to be doing gaming on what might be


necessary in the event of an out vote. They even have people queueing


up to change their money out of sterling, to dump their sterling, to


something more secure. In case the pound takes a massive tumble when


the results come through. Very difficult for the monetary


Pharisees. Some people say the Bank of England has been too politicised.


Talking about a sharp fall in sterling, Mark Carney said if there


was an out vote. The technical staff at the prepare something like that


could happen. They cannot talk about it to openly. The banks themselves


talking about the attention of liquidity, crunch. If there is an


out vote. Measures taken to stem the panic. Rumours going around, if


there is a sharp vote to Brexit, we could see a suspension of the stock


market. Not unreasonable. This is being openly discussed in the city.


The FT, cleverly, analytically, draws a distinction between the


polling, which people will know is neck and neck and the betting


market, which is showing three quarters of the money, 75% towards


Remain. In this piece they took about echoes of the 2008 financial


crisis. That is what will be worrying people. If there is a big


reaction to an out vote. Could that trigger a soldier recession resort


after the 2008 financial crisis? Another good bit of high fibre


analysis in the FT. Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission


president, previously David Cameron. -- previous with David Cameron. He


has unhelpfully said, you had your negotiation, everything you will


get, you will not get more. Back in the real world, the Leave camp would


say the head of Germany's biggest employers group, saying it would be


very foolish to correct trade barriers with the UK outside the EU,


given the large trade deficit we run with German car-makers. Two minutes


to squeeze two Martin. The Telegraph. The time has come. Any


knowledge of Big Ben. Again, like the Express. This is an appeal to


the idea of Brexit, a quote from Boris Johnson, earlier in the week


splashed across the headlines, saying time to changes to read with


an out vote. I have to say, myself, I am for Remain. I feel to be myself


very patriotic, I slightly take exception to his tone. It is


entirely possible to want to cooperate with other nations and be


very proud of your country. This is a core Telegraph newspaper


territory. Boris is a Telegraph colonist. This is their moment. The


new -- newspaper group has come


absolutely solidly. As opposed to Rupert Murdoch, hedging his bets. An


image viewer, who do we want to be? -- image from Europe. Lights


everywhere. I had to say, the main thing I picked up was a rather


hilarious quote from a number ten insider, insisting the mood inside


number ten the poignant. We know what that means! That sounds like


total panic. People throwing stones at each other. On that note, we will


do it all again at 11:30pm, when we have more time. For the moment, we


have to end it, and go to lead, but the weather forecast. -- go to Liam.


Relatively quiet day up and down the UK. High impact weather on the way.


As we get through the next few hours, keeping our eyes on some


intense thunderstorms developing in northern France this


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