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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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with Thursday's attack in Nice as France begins three days of


mourning. The man who carried out the attack has been called one of


Islamic State's soldiers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are the broadcaster


Penny Smith and Philippa Kennedy Let's take you through tomorrow's


front pages. The Sunday Times leads with events


in Turkey and the President's warning that those involved


in the military coup The Telegraph describes


President Erdogan's "revenge The Observer also leads


with the repercussions for the people involved


in the attempted coup. The Mail says Brexit Minister David


Davis could send new EU migrants And the new Foreign Secretary Boris


Johnson writes in the Express that the UK can become a "global


nation" after leaving the EU. Philip, let's talk about the Sunday


Times and leading as most of the papers do, many of them at least,


with the dramatic events in Turkey. An extraordinary 24-hour. A dramatic


photograph dominating the front page. Turks crash coup. -- crash.


That is why we chose this. Pictures of the same thing on the broadsheet


papers. The details are beginning to be really scary. 2500 troops, 2800


soldiers have been arrested. 2700 judges arrested. It really looks


like Erdogan is creating a whole new sort of world for himself, cementing


his part. We were talking about this earlier. Some commentators I have


been listening to today since this all happens, they have been talking


about it. There was a suggestion from a commentator who said this is


absolutely... I think in fact Erdogan himself said it is a gift


from God. He can now crack down on the people that he has disagreed


with. There has been this schism. That is a nice way of putting it.


There has been an issue with him and some of the soldiers, some of the


high-ranking generals. He wants to consolidate his presidency and get


more power. In the past the Army has come in and tried to keep democracy,


in the past. It is quite murky what is going on. I'm sure we will find


in the coming days about the background. At the moment, we are


playing off the back foot a little bit insane, what is going on? It


does seem to be a coup led by an element of the Armed Forces but not


clearly the entire arm dashes rugby entire Armed Forces. Not just a coup


anywhere. Front line against Islamic State of helping the European Union


deal with the migrant crisis. It is a critical, crucial country, isn't


it? With the Muslim cleric sitting in Pennsylvania clotting. Allegedly.


He has denied he has had anything to do with it. -- plotting. What amused


me about it is it is kind of the first social media coup which was


announced using the face time app via a video link and a smartphone


held by a TV presenter. That is how the president showed he was around.


Also a quote from someone else, a Swedish woman, screaming for help


and shouting, the consequent is not answering that we do not know where


to go. -- the consulate. That would be loads of other people saying I


have no idea what is going is scary. A similar lead in the Observer.


Turkish leader clamps down after crushing army coup bid. Judges being


fired over their alleged links to the plotters. Some might even face


the death penalty. That might exacerbate tensions within Turkey if


some of them are executed. Indeed. This is treason. That is what he is


saying. What is terrifying is the way he asked his people, his


supporters, to go out into the streets and show support. Would you


do that in Turkey, knowing there were tanks there and people


shooting? That is people power, in a sense. I would rather batten down


the hatches in the safety of my own home. You would not have taken to


the streets? Certainly not with my children. The Prime Minister has


actually called for a proposal to change the con stitch you shown


dashes rugby constitution to let protesters be executed. This country


hopes to join the new. Is that something we need to be thinking


about? Not any more, probably. A good picture in the Sunday


Telegraph. These are young men. Whatever you think of the coup,


these are young men who are now being arrested and, obviously, are


pretty frightened. There are so many of them. Going into this. You have


to remember that many of the people who died, 265 killed. Many of those


were not soldiers. Look at the headlines. Revenge on the coup


plotters. When I saw that I was not sure of this was the Tory Party, the


Labour Party, or something else. Could have been a headline on any


other topic this week. One of the sub headlines is initial release of


world leaders after a unstable region on a knife edge. That is the


point, isn't it? America and Britain, they need Turkey, don't


they? They need Turkey to be stable. That is why they are all backing


Erdogan. We do not know where this leaves Turkey, do we? They do say,


for now, they are pleased that tomography has been restored. The


Independent, plotters paying heavy price. We're not sure what that


means. In the Independent, they produce is wonderful front pages for


newspaper reviews. You can see it online. You can. Have a look at the


inside stories. Simon Calder writing about, is it safe to go on holiday


ownership question does not save anywhere really. Another talking


about the Nice killer. Is he really linked to Rice 's? I am more


interested in reading what is inside the Independent. The main story,


apart from the picture which is techy collect a call for call. They


got a poll on what British people think about whether to have an early


election with Theresa May. They say most British people have had enough


democracy for the time being. Not enough democracy but enough. Enough


of referendums. It is an interesting point. A lotta people are saying


Theresa May should have an election. From this poll result, 46% agree


that Theresa May does not need to face a general election to get


support for her programme. What do think about that? I want some peace


and quiet. I do really. That is what Theresa May is showing. I keep


hearing box pops from Labour voters saying actually she is setting us


all down. -- Fox pops. That is what is required. A lot of people will


feel like that. We do not want any more referendum. It is not a


presidential system. The Prime Minister is the leader of the


Parliamentary party. People do not vote for the Prime Minister. They


vote for a party. That party is still there. You could argue the


Prime Minister has becoming recently presidential in recent decades. You


can argue what you like. I am merely pointing out. It has been said


before. They are voted in for five years and that is it. They are in


for five years. They are going to debate though a second referendum.


We just think, my goodness, when the dust has settled and friends are


talking again and relatives are talking again, if there is another


referendum... The mail on Sunday talking not about Turkey or Nice but


David Davis telling the Mail on Sunday he might send home people who


come into the UK from now, in other words, to try to beat the Brexit.


This comes from something that Mrs May said before she became Prime


Minister. She talked about a potential surge. We were not quite


sure which way she was voting but she had very strong thoughts even


though she was in the remaining camp. She was also worried about the


position of British citizens in European countries. There might be a


bit of that. That is what it sounds like David Davis is thinking hard


about people who live in Spain and France and trying to make... He is


determined to win a generous settlement from those -- for those


people. I do think that splash looks a bit desperate when there is so


much more important going on. You do not think they should be focusing on


bricks because there is so much other news. Yes. It is almost like


compassion fatigue. There are still stories I want to read. I want to


read what happened to that cyclist who tried to stop... They have not


found him yet. They say he was crushed under the wheels, don't


they? Further into the paper, it said nobody knew what had happened


to him. That is the sort of story... This is just really a bit of path.


Really we do not know what is going on. The EU could say, no, until you


start Article 50... I think a discussion about that. You get what


you're given until you start the negotiations. In the Sunday Express,


they have of Boris Johnson exclusive. What is that one about? I


would love to know what Boris has said about Erdogan. He has said so


much about otherworldly does. Do you think Theresa May just did this? Now


spend the next year going and saying sorry. The story really is not


anything. It is a big, fat puff for Boris. He is saying it is going to


be marvellous and it will be OK. The editor is a really good friend of


mine and I do not want to say that. I know you are a keen golf fan. Rory


McIlroy on the back page. Rory on the 16th. He started on the 15th


where he hit a very bad shot and then another on the 16th. He was so


cross with himself, he threw it and broke it in half. I love Rory. He is


wonderful. Is that like racket abuse in terrace? It is naughty. It is


poor sportsmanship. You cannot go around doing that. I will tell you


what. I thought they were metal. Quite hard to break. I once tried to


break a computer and it took me an hour and a half. The steel shafts do


bend. So, he would have bent it rather than broken it. He did break


it. Can our sportsmen not be passionate? You can be passionate


about being a good sport. We do not want young people going around golf


courses breaking clubs. Speaking of golfers setting an example or not,


what about those who are not going to the Olympics in Rio? What do you


think about that? I do not think golf should be an Olympic sport.


Olympic should be running about and throwing javelins. I am excited


about rock climbing being in the 2020 Japan Olympics. You can do that


in a stadium, I suppose. That is what they are going to be doing,


fixed rock climbing. They were not send them off to a mountain.


Apparently it is called sport climbing. Didier watching Greeks do


rock climbing? They do not do a lot of things we do now. The IC thing...


Curling. We are showing a lot of technical knowledge of the Olympics


here. I'm quite excited about some of the new things. Others who do


think... So many of them. Tennis was another example where people said,


why is it there? Will you be glued to your screens? I do. That lovely


summer of 2012 and the London Olympics. It was such a lovely warm


summer and I said most of it in front of the television, glued to


various sports I had never seen before. Loved fencing. Great to talk


to you guys. Thank you so much for being with us. Do stay with us here


on BBC news. At 11, we will be reporting on the huge crowds that


are taking to the streets in support of President Erdogan. More on the


aftermath of the military coup which has left more than 250 people dead.


Next is the weather.


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