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This is BBC News with Martine Croxall.


We'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment -


President Obama has condemned the killing of three police officers


who were shot dead in the US city of Baton Rouge.


The death of these three brave officers underscores the danger


that police acroos the country confront every single day.


And we as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies


In Turkey, 6,000 people have been arrested as part


of a major clampdown in the wake of the failed military coup.


Owen Smith formally launches his Labour leadership challenge,


saying the party needs to be "radical, but credible."


Five people have been injured in a helicopter crash


at the Breighton aerodrome in East Yorkshire.


Coming up - the female ghostbusters and a Danish horror comedy about


chickens. That's in the film review. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are Anne Ashworth,


associate editor of The Times, The Express claims that the UK


is on course for a quick exit from the EU, with what it says


is a "string of trade deals" already The Telegraph carries


a warning from Theresa May, ahead of the vote on renewing


Trident, that the threat of nuclear of the attempted coup in Turkey,


with President Erdogan threatening to deal with the plot leaders -


or in his words, "these The Mail says the failed coup


could scupper the EU's deal with Turkey over refugees


from Syria, and could lead to what it calls "a


fresh migrant surge". 6,000 soldiers, lawyers


and judges have been arrested in the crackdown carried


out by the Turkish government over The Times calls


the Turkish crackdown And also carries on its front page


the news of the three US While a break-in at new


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho's London home makes


the headlines in The Sun. Let's start with The Mail. Fears of


a migrant surge in Turkey. The bloody response could shatter


refugee deal. Turkey trying to ensure that refugees did not make


their way through to the European Union countries. Why might this


happen? The Mail story is that this deal with Turkey, refugees coming


into Greece and drop, following on from the coup, President Erdogan


saying the arrest of people, 6000, the return of the death penalty,


that Turkey could fall into such a state of crisis that these refugees


will say you cannot send us back to Turkey but, actually, this is rather


lame story. Turkey would have to become a failed state for the


refugees to be able to please they could not go back there. -- lead. --


asked. The government has control of the machine of the government so it


is an entirely different thing. The response from the government is that


is not what is going to happen. It is interesting how the important


strategic Turkey, at the centre of so many things, and very


importantly, the migrant crisis. That deal that migrant not cross the


Aegean, seem to have slowed the tide of people coming over and you can


see behind this is the great concern in the EU and US that if that starts


to fail, all other agreements could fail. The president - we can see how


clever he is that saying that we should not intervene in any way


because then he could turn around and say that is the end of the


migrant deal otherwise. I do not think the headline matches the


story. There is a conviction that there will be a power grab,


President Erdogan has the opportunity and he will not miss it.


In The Guardian, President Erdogan pledging against cleric. Saying the


moderate cleric residing in the US, Fethullah Gulen, is behind this. The


huge amount of animosity. A huge amount of swelling rumour. Was it


Fethullah Gulen, a 70-year-old cleric, who is supposed to have


masterminded these? Was it masterminded by President Erdogan


himself, that he engineered this so he would be able to seize power and


finally silenced the descent within the army which sees its role in


Turkish life as defending secularism. We have had several


coups in Turkey. They created a secular Muslim country and President


Erdogan has seen himself and many of his supporters would not like to see


a secular Turkey. Whoever engineered the coup, it played into his hands.


How much places are there in the presence? One of the reasons it did


not go as well is because they did not have experience in military


leaders in charge of it. But he arrested 29 of them. His argument


that it was just a small section... What is interesting in that time is


and that actually... Bank used his words which said this uprising is a


gift from God to us it was this will be a reason to cleanse our army.


When you have a speech like that, given outside a mosque, you can see


how he is using religion without saying this is in the name of


religion, how he is using religion to reshape Turkish society. It is a


far cry from the language he used in terms of the intention of his AK


Party when he was seeking election. This is a man whose palace is four


times the size of Versailles. Did he not say the minaret is our aim that.


-- bayonet. The is a section of the Turkish people who do not believe


secularism is viable or necessary. Let's move on to The Express. New


plans for a quicker excerpts. A bit of a problem because you cannot


start writing trade deals until you have invoked Article 50. But they


seem to think they are ahead of the curve. We have been raising our


eyebrows a bit. We did some calculations outside while having a


cup of tea and, if this man, David Davis, says he will have a large


trade area eager than the European Union, probably ten times the size


that now, if the EU GDP is 16 trillion that is a massive... $16


trillion... The whole of the world is 106 trillion dollars which means


we would end up with a trade deal of 160 trillion dollars. Maybe if new


countries would be discovered... New planets! This is very cynical of you


both. Putting the figures to one side, people were saying it would


take ten years to agree on these trade deals but it appears they are


making progress and it is not going to take that long. It is not until


early next year we will trigger Article 50 which means the ALS is


2019 and that is not that early and if the Brexit boat has taught us


anything is that the country does not trust the political class and


they should be aware of that now and not make statements which suggests


they can do something that cannot be done. None of this ball scrutiny yet


people are so staff because it sounds kind of impressive. Our


producer wasn't the man with the calculator! He is a blushing,


apparently. In the Telegraph, Trident. May, the Prime Minister,


calling on MPs to back Trident when it gets voted upon. Where is this


threat coming from? I think again, Theresa May in her first public


statement on nuclear threats has over done it. It would be


nonsensical to renounce nuclear weapons because it will not lead to


nuclear disarmament but to say there is a risk of it, why should there be


a risk? After all, and nuclear defence is based on our alliance


with Nato and America and we having nuclear weapons does not make any


difference but there is a case for saying that so many countries have


them, why should we give it up? At some point today, Mr Corbyn said


that his whole career had been involved in peace transformation -


whatever that - we know that he is very violently against Trident. But


you can put forward a Trident case without saying we are going to face


nuclear devastation. You can say no other countries have no nuclear


weapon. Jeremy Corbyn's ideas frankly do not hold water. But there


is a cost of renewing at. But we are getting $350 million a week back


from the EU and that will come in at a cracking pace. LAUGHTER He is


cynical tonight. I think you both are! Quite jaded, like most people.


It is very poor relies on, the Trident debate. In that Independent,


a new centre-left party is needed. This is an historic opportunity to


build a new alliance. It smacks of the gang of four in 1989. Yes, if


these works, it could be more substantial. Let's say the Labour


Party re-elected Jeremy Corbyn. We still have a big chunk of MPs still


not happy with him. That could be the opposition was not would it be a


rainbow coalition, a new party? It would bring together all the people


not happy with the Conservatives and with Labour. There could be some


appeal to this because I have been talking to young people lately and a


stake they did not like Labour and could not see themselves are voting


Tory. What a party in the centre? Wasn't that the Lib Dems? A party of


all the talents... There would be some Conservatives but defections


from Labour are very possible because they are insurrection. You


are keen to get ahead of yourself tonight. Angela Eagle and Owen Smith


champing at the bit to be Labour leader. Owen Smith has agreed that


if more people agree to support Angela Eagle he would withdraw... I


have to have a closer look at this guy, he's very JFK... What part of


JFK? LAUGHTER. Charisma and he looked like a leader. Angela Eagle


is quite a good cricketer so if she gets elected, we will have two


leaders who are good cricketers. Angela Eagle... A friend of mine


played with her and she's quite good offspinner. Off-spin! That is not


easy or stop WoW. Finally, The Sun. Burglar... Burglar at a ?25 million


home as the Manchester United boss watched TV.


What is interesting about this story is he has gone from Manchester


United but hasn't moved from Manchester. What does this say? Not


a good time to be selling a house of that value in the London market. The


top of the London market, a ?25 million property, he probably


wouldn't find a ready buyer in the current market. And after Brexit,


what would happen with his contract with Manchester United? I wonder


what he was watching which was so engrossing quest Pack I believe it


was the BBC News Channel. That is it for the papers. Coming up next, The


Film Review.


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