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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the broadcaster Edward Adoo and journalist


and features writer for the Independent, James Rampton.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with...


The Financial Times leads on the ?11 billion, 13 billion euros


Brussels has ordered Apple to pay in back-taxes.


The Metro has done the sums saying they effectively paid 0.0.5% tax in


a sweetheart deal with the Irish government.


According to the Daily Telegraph, Labour plans an "expenses


free-for-all" following calls by one of its senior figures


to replace expenses with an allowance for MPs instead.


More on Apple in the Guardian - it leads on the multinational's


warnings that investments and jobs are on the line following


The Daily Express reports that the Prime Minister has ruled


out holding a second referendum on any Brexit deal her government


Junior doctors are planning five-day strikes to the end of the year. Ed


Balls is on the front page of the male ahead of his Strictly Come


Dancing appearance. The Times thinks Jeremy Corbyn is on course to win


with an even bigger mandate. The Metro, Fiori at Apple's tax. ?5 for


every million quid. ?50 for every million, so to a lot of people who


work hard and pay their taxes, they will be in disbelief thinking, how


were Apple able to get away with this. So they have been told to pay


?11 billion. How long has this deal been going on for? Will it ever


happen? The Irish government have said that. They have said they don't


agree with the actual deal and both Apple and the Irish government are


appealing against it. They could go on for a long time, to try and


resolve it. The competition commissioner, the Danish competition


commissioner, I am going to call it. Very wise, I was struggling with her


name also. I wonder if she has a Apple handset or an iPad. It is


going to be blocked now. Exactly. Whether this goes ahead now, it is


like being given a lottery ticket, a poisonous chalice. You accept it, or


you don't take it. The bottom line, James is, Apple have been told they


have got to pay back taxes that comes to ?11 billion. They are


suggesting this could hurt investment in Europe? I do think it


is a threat. There is a veiled threat in what Apple have said and


the US government who back them up. They say if they forced to pay this


bill, what does that mean for the future corporations, many of whom


are headquartered in Ireland, with its favourable corporation tax deal.


The Danish competition Commissioner said it might tax bill fell but far,


I would think I had to take a second look at my tax bill. If we had


favourable tax rates, we would be jumping up and down for joy. Any CEO


of a company would say it is a devastating blow. I watched a


report, I think it was a news piece earlier on people who asked is a


good or bad. A lot of people said, how long has this been going on for,


why was it happening? The concern is if the Irish government accept and


take the money, will Apple leave and go elsewhere? If they leave, will


other companies follow suit and do the same thing as well? Also the


Irish economy with the euro in a bad state a couple of years ago. I


remember family friends and other people saying, we will leave because


the economy is unstable. By having these companies in Ireland is


beneficial for the economy. I think this could open a whole different


can of worms. That certainly will be the Irish government's argument, as


part of its attempts to get this decision overturned. James,


Brussels, 13 billion euros tax bill clears the way for further


crackdowns on Apple. 13 billion in respect of what George Osborne


managed to get out of Facebook recently? Yes. Are we going to see


other countries across Europe tried to claw money back from some of


these tech companies? Well, she has thrown down the gauntlet and saying


this should be a challenge for other countries to try and get back some


of that money. This was a huge amount of money, 13 billion euros is


in fact the total budget for the Irish health service every year. So


it shows how tall they are, they are challenging this, because they are


prepared to forego this money, rip up this winning lottery ticket, in


order to appease other corporations, to say to them, we are your friends


and we are favourable tax shelter for you, so we will reject the money


in order to encourage other businesses here and not frighten


them up. One assumes they are getting more than 13 billion in the


kinds of business and job creation, whatever from different companies


benefiting from this low tax regime. Huge corporations are based there


with turnovers Biggers than most nations. They are headquartered in


Ireland. It is an economy that was struggling and the Celtic Tiger was


on death's door a few years ago. It has come back from the dead and this


would threaten it, if Apple withdrew and it had a domino effect. It would


be catastrophic. Let's move on to the Telegraph. Labour plan expenses


free for all? The Parliamentary expenses should be scrapped and MPs


should be trusted with an allowance, that is what has been put forward. A


senior ally of Jeremy Corbyn has said the Parliamentary watchdog was


a bureaucratic ornament. The whole deal here is MPs, the expenses


should be placed in their bank accounts without us knowing about


it. We have had an issue about the expenses, it has caused a lot of


issues, why should this happen? It sounds dodgy in every aspect. They


get a fixed allowance rather than putting receipts through the claims?


Yes, like a lot of TV companies give allowances to their employees. Not


free money technically, but placed into their bank account. It would


also be deductible against tax as an expense. Paul Flynn, this man


suggesting this, it that he hasn't been made policy, had to pay back


?2000 after the last scandal. Another MP says it shows how


completely detached from reality Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party is. How


many people out there would be saying I would love all this money


every week without having to submit claims. We all had to submit claims.


Several people went to jail after this scandal. It seems idiotic and


totally detached from reality. At the end of the day, the man or woman


on the street, who works hard and pay their taxes, if they went down


this route or try to think of considering this option, why has


this been put on the table? It does seem like an odd thing to do. But I


suppose the argument would be the bureaucracy involved in dealing with


receipts, accounts and people having to put their expenses in, have a


flat rate. We all have to do it. Trust me, we have to do it here at


the BBC. It is like they are saying we are special, different from other


people. He would argue this would save money, which is the whole point


of the exercise. The New York billionaire heiress who was found


guilty of tax fraud a few years ago who said, taxes are for the little


people. You should just be given the expenses. The despite many others


went to jail a few years ago, it seems ridiculous. Staying with the


Telegraph, about churches. Yes, after what took place in France,


churches should have bouncers. The church is a place where many people


go to worship, get away from the outside world. But my mum is a


devout Catholic, I couldn't imagine her having to speak to a bouncer in


order to get in. There has been a 12 page guidance by Nick Tolson, who


advises the Home Office. This has been put through. Is this for


Catholic churches? All churches, I just cited my mum as an example. My


concern here is, churches are places of worship. If you start putting


bouncers in churches, by the police getting involved, a lot of


anarchists will be saying, it is turning society into a police state,


where you don't have the freedom to go to a place of worship. It is a


bit scary. James, it defeats the whole idea of church being open to


everybody? Yes, we have freedom to worship, that is one of the things


enshrined in our whole DNA. It is almost laughable, this idea of


bouncers standing on the door, you're not coming in, you are


wearing trainers. You have the wrong suit. If your name isn't on the


list... If your name isn't Joseph or Mary, you are not coming in.


Junior doctors, five-day strikes, plotting, not planning, plotting.


What a surprise it is in the Daily Mail. Saying hospitals will be


overstretched and strikers might forfeit any other remaining public


sympathy. They would take place between eight in the morning and


five in the afternoon. You have got to think of operations, most


important issues, cases which need to be looked into. Would they ever


get done? What will the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, what will he


do? I think next year we may see Jeremy Hunt on Strictly Come Dancing


with Ed Balls. He is on the front page of the Daily Mail. I am going


to take some bets on that. What have we got here, patient is ten times


more likely to die in cancer lottery? It is the postcode lottery


again. Certain areas who are not using cancer treatments correctly or


quickly enough. As this headline says, in those areas, you are ten


times more likely to die. It is particularly upsetting his thing, my


relative, my mum, my dad, my granny could have been saved if they have


the correct treatment at the correct time. It is a complete lottery and


something the NHS must address as this report says by Public Health


England, as a matter of urgency. 19 trusts have been told to review


their cancer treatment as a matter of urgency. 12, it is not OK, but 19


trusts, it is worrying. It is something that touches us all.


Nobody in this country doesn't know somebody who has had cancer and


often it is a close relative. It is a very emotive thing. If you feel


the NHS has not got it under control, it is a bad reflection on


the NHS. An institution we all love, but it has to get control over this


because it impacts seminary lives. The big talking point that some


people, as cricket fans... Lots of people out there who aren't cricket


fans. I played cricket once in my life. Alex Hales and the England


team have smashed, completely smashed a world record. 444 in a


one-day limited over again. Most astonishing of all, Alex Hales has


had a terrible Test series and his place was under threat. He has


completely battered the Pakistanis almost single-handedly. They speak


the score by Sri Lanka in 2006. But it was against Holland. England did


it against Pakistan. Our Pakistan the world number one? They are in


tests, it is not a Mickey Mouse team, it is a serious opposition and


to clock up this total, over eight runs an over, is astonishing. It was


a batsmen's pitch. I once got eight in one afternoon. So to get more


than eight and over. Don't ask. We will end it there. Thank you both


very much. That's it for the papers tonight, the front pages are online


on the BBC News website. You can see is there with each night's addition


being posted on the page shortly after we have finished. Wang is


tonight guests, Edward and James and thanks to you for watching.


Gorgeous day across most part of the UK today. Temperatures got up to 27


degrees in the South East. Tonight and tomorrow there is rain away. Not


a lot, but for a


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