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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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training for it. -- I do not see why Tokyo would not be on the cards.


That's all from Sportsday. Coming up in a moment, the Papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Financial journalist, Louise Cooper and Michael Booker,


Tomorrow's front pages starting with...


The Daily Mail says the 'post-code lottery' for cataract surgery,


will end as the government is going to draw up new guidelines.


The Metro lead with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt getting divorced,


The Express reports that the government will divert


spending on overseas aid to fighting terrorism and tackling


The Guardian says the Labour Party is going to crack down on online


abuse - expelling members who don't adhere to a code of conduct.


The Telegraph reports that BBC staff are allegedly


paid 40% more than staff at other broadcasters.


The Times leads with news that Britain is going to impose tough


checks on ivory traders to protect elephants.


The online Independent leads with a committee


of MPs who have criticised the government's strategy


for fighting the so called Islamic State in Syria.


Are you responsible for this front page? Possibly. There are ?12


billion that we give in foreign aid and if it is perceived as going to


places that seem daft, when the story is about India and we show how


much we give to India and then we have a story about how they put a


rocket into space, people get upset. It will not be the most amount of


money, but some people deem it a waste of time. With The Daily


Express hat on, a lot of our readers will think it is sensible for


Theresa May to say, this money, we will put it towards tackling the


global migration crisis, starting with places like Somalia, it has


turned into a failed state, there is the group Al Shabaab, it is taking


over the country in many parts and if we put money into it and send


troops there and target aid and are seen to be targeting the money


properly, there will be less controversy. She has sensibly put


this out there in the speech at the UN and many would agree. If that aid


is going in the right places, then brilliant. The speech that Theresa


May gave in front of the UN General Assembly, it was a speech that many


conservatives back here in the UK would applaud one suspects. She is


talking about dealing with the migration crisis, making sure there


is a proper differentiation between someone who is coming hither


economic means, someone who is a refugee, someone who is allowed


asylum in the first country they land on. -- who is coming here on


their own economic means. She also said can you imagine it if it was


your own family fleeing atrocities? She is appealing to her backbenchers


with a hard line, but also saying, look, we understand why people would


leave with their families, this appalling situation. It is tackling


the root causes. They are not really, no one is dealing with


Syria. Know, the root cause in Somalia is the terrorism and that is


where the money is being targeted all stop if you stop those states


becoming failed, then people will stay in those countries and the


economy grows in those countries and they become attractive places for


other people. Critics of The Daily Express with the where is the front


page talking about the fact that 20,000 refugees are supposed to be


coming to the UK over the next five years, there has been a trickle,


hardly any have made it. This story we are applauding the use of foreign


aid, we cannot do everything. Every single time, but at the moment we


would back what she is saying. Let's move on, the Metro is talking about


Syria. The UN condemns the bombing of an aid convoy in Syria. These are


volunteers, many of them, they are trying to help people in Syria and


they get bombed. It is a war crime. 18 trucks, it is a pretty big


attack. 18 trucks being destroyed is a very large bomb. We have seen


President Putin and Bashar al-Assad say nothing to do with arts.


Somebody must have done it. You have got the UN aid chief Stephen O'Brien


saying if this callous attack is found to be a deliberate attack on


humanitarians it would amount to war crime, but the trouble is getting


that proof when you have a categorical denial from Russia and


Syria, then there needs to be proof and in the fog of war, that is very


difficult to get. There is a general fear of Russia. The UN commission


has stinging rebukes, but what does it do to Putin and Russia? Ban


Ki-Moon was very strong today, normally does not get quite so the


motion -- quite so emotional. Where does that go? If it was to stop aid


convoys, then it has worked. What would you do? LAUGHTER


The greatest minds at you when do not know how to stop this, if you


have a regime that has decided it will use whatever means necessary,


killing civilians potentially and you have liberal democracies who are


saying you cannot kill civilians, what would you do? We are looking at


it from afar. Ban Ki-Moon is getting angry, at the end of the day it has


done nothing. If we go back a few years and we backed military action


in Syria, the boat that David Cameron lost, where would we be now?


Would it be far worse. -- vote. It is a hellhole as it is, but


somewhere down the line the fighting will somehow stop, I do not think it


will, but these atrocities, no one will prove it. They will get away


with it. There was a real sense of embarrassment and shame coming from


the UN today, it is reported by our correspondent. It sums up how


impotent and absolutely useless they have been in dealing with this. A


lot of leaders will not want to go there. Look at David Cameron with


what happened with Libya, that was only a limited intervention, already


he has introduced over it and there is that report from the committee.


If we had gone into Syria, what would it be like? It is not about


going in the Terry, any kind of diplomatic attempts to deal with


what is going on, it makes the UN look completely and utterly... What


is the point? You had two of the greatest superpower is saying they


would have a ceasefire, how many times have we seen ceasefires broken


in the history of world politics? Talking of war, the Labour Party!


LAUGHTER This is an entertaining story, but


we should not be laughing about it. We should not be laughing about it.


This is the opposition who should be a Sirius opposition. They spent


eight hours, they could not decide on anything important. -- a serious


opposition. Like the brownies they are asking members to sign a pledge


against online abuse. I don't if they have to stand up and say it


with their fingers in the air, but they have to say I stand against all


forms of abuse, if found to be in breach of the Labour Party policy of


online abuse, I face expulsion. They do face expulsion. They could be


suspended and eventually expelled. You need proof. If you are an online


troll, surprisingly a lot of them are anonymous and this is a Jewish


MP, a female MP, Ruth Smith and she said she had been subjected to


25,000 instances of abuse. It is so bad she has required police


protection. For a serious political party to spend most of their eight


hours coming up with this rather than with anything a particular


substance... If they cannot agree about this... This is a major


talking point to be fair. For this Jewish MP it is important that the


Labour Party deals with it. It is very important, the volume of the


abuse that people seem to be getting, this is the Labour Party.


It is embarrassing that this is what it comes down to. It is worse than


embarrassing, it is horrifying. You are right that Ruth Smith did say, I


think this is a great step forward. At least there is something about


Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party and his supporters, this seems to be the


volume of it. To say you will have to sign up and say you will not


abuse someone, it says a lot. I cannot see a lot of other political


parties doing this, because they do not have this problem. They had a


discussion about the Shadow Cabinet being elected, whether or not you


should get rid of registered voters, they put Jeremy Corbyn in place.


They did not get very far on a lot of the substantial issues. Let's get


to the Telegraph. BBC pay is a hot topic, the BBC is said to be paid


40% more than their rivals. This is the Telegraph and apparently it is


carried out for the BBC. The disparity is much later than --


the disparity is much later than the public sector.


If you can get paid more than somebody else, then good on you. We


are a public broadcaster. All I would say as a BBC member of staff,


if this survey had been done 20 or 30 years ago, it would be completely


different. Pay for workers at lower levels of broadcasting in the


commercial sector, they have gone down Pacific to sleep in the private


sector. That has not happened. -- they have gone down steeply in the


private sector. They are lining up. Very briefly, Brad and Angelina. We


have three minutes, we can spend some time on this. What is going on


here? I thought I kind of expected that. I


know he has had his problems before with Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth


Paltrow, but no. Irreconcilable differences according to Angelina.


I love the way they put it. In the year that has given us Brexit and


bake it, we now have Brad it. Who wrote this? Hats off for that, come


on. This will be the big story. This is the first one since the split. We


have 15 crews standing by to head to LA to spend more money so you can


write about it and the people will get upset about it. That was a joke


by the way! Very briefly, fitness training. They are flooding the


I like Forrest Gump, do not need these things. If you have not done


any steps for a while it serves get a move on pork chop. There has been


a study that says when people are done the steps, it is a complete


waste of time. You are spending ?150 on a fitness tracker and they are


changing it. I have got one. I am still looking all right, aren't I? I


am not committing. Angelina will not be coming running, but... LAUGHTER


We did not get to cats! LAUGHTER Thank you very much indeed, many


thanks for that. That is it for the papers, do not forget, all the


papers are online. Let's have a look at the weather.


Hello there, good evening, fairly quiet weather, things get boisterous


as the week goes on. A lot of dry weather overnight.


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