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Hello and good evening, welcome to our look ahead in what would be in


newspapers tomorrow morning, and we have got Benedict Baggio, and the


former Trade Minister Lord Digby Jones. Let us just show you the


front pages that we have. The FT says that Western countries are


resisting Chinese takeovers of businesses led to about ?32 billion


worth of acquisitions being blocked. The Daily Mail says that shutting


down the migrant camp in Calais will cost Britain ?36 million. The pop


star Pete Burns who has died of a heart attack is on the front of the


daily Star. The Telegraph says that the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson


is planning to block the proposed expansion of Heathrow Airport if the


government gives its backing to the project tomorrow. The closure of the


migrant camp in Calais, is the main story of the express which says that


new sites could be spring up within weeks. One in four local authorities


are refusing to accept refugee children from the Calais Campbell


according to the garden. And the daily Mirror says that cost British


tourists have called the Zika virus in Florida. Finally the Times


reports calls for family doctors to wait all of their patients in an


attempt to tackle the obesity crisis. Let us kick-off, we have got


the Telegraph, saying Boris plots to block Heathrow expansion, is that


right? Ever read the headline was trying to get a story that wasn't. I


don't think the words plot to block are relevant to the article, and


other papers. I think plans to oppose that is absolutely right.


Which we have always known. It is a statement of the obvious. Where he


is is between a rock and a hard place, I'm going to lie down between


a bulldozer if they start, and some people say bring it on and at the


same time, rightly, he has got some degree of part out from the Prime


Minister to say a bit and do a bit, but within certain confines of what


he can and cannot do. This is the Telegraph thinking we have got to


get eight story in anticipation of this, when the announcement comes.


Is it news that Boris is opposing it? No. It is more asking the


question, so what? Some of the papers saying, that he will not to


the TV studios apparently and that is quite a long way from his


original promise to block the bulldozers as we were hearing will


lying down in front of the bulldozers so he may not make too


much of a song and dance? That is funny, cast your mind back to the


Sunday when he suddenly announced, he told the Prime Minister Mr


Cameron that he was going to actually side with Brexit, I seem to


remember then that he quickly said within 24 hours that he wouldn't


tour the studios because he was on the Brexit side, what happened then?


So Theresa may did say in her speech, to conference, not the


Brexit one, the other one, on the Wednesday, that how long can Boris


stay on message? I think, I think he can't help but to the studios, but


interestingly, if you go back to the Boris plot to block Heathrow


expansion, the title doesn't bury resemblance to the article, however,


the Telegraph does talk about Mr Johnson opening a cabinet rift and


there is no doubt that Theresa make apart from Brexit meaning Brexit,


but of course, Justine Greening is against this as well. Jazz act


Goldsmith is not dead to lie in front of a bulldozer but he has said


that he would stand down, so that would be a majority that is already


very small that would be reduced, so of course it is interesting that all


of these ministers are going to have to ask permission, and that Mrs May


is going to try. But this sounds like Brexit. Well, I think the rift


already and the divisions on Brexit. I agree with you totally, Boris


teasing capable of staying on message about this. -- Boris is not


capable. I would just say that in the article, between 20 and 30 Tory


MPs will vote against Heathrow expansion but the SNP are in favour.


So let us say that she loses 23 of the majority achieving goes into


minority because of 30 but 56 SNP MPs walk into the lobby with her. We


are going to move on and we will find a much more about airport


expansion tomorrow, Calais we need to talk about. In the Independent,


they have got quite a dramatic picture? The Independent, the


Guardian and the Daily Express, you have got quite a nice spread of the


view, the Independent is very focused on the picture and well done


them. It brings it into focus, this Ethiopian migrant saying goodbye. At


the same time in the garden, you have got council sitting there


saying we dare want to take these kids. And the Daily Express, doing


what you'd expect the Daily Express to do, they refer to it on the front


page when you go to Page five, Torrington in Devon, they have a


historic 17th-century manor house where the migrant children will be


based. The concern I have for this, my nation I hope around the world is


known, when you are a kid and you are there, we can provide a home for


you and a safe haven and somewhere where you can train, skin up and get


work and build a life. I think that is one of the greatest things our


country can do around the world. And if they are over 18, I did call them


kids and I have no problem saying test them. I wouldn't say test them


at 18 but give them a leeway and if there are 34-year-old blokes coming


in, I don't blame the 34-year-old bloke but I do blame the immigration


authorities. You have been reporting on this Calais story for France 24,


what is the French perspective on all of this? There is great


interest, at why these people really want so much to get to the UK. The


dead want to be in France? Somehow change their minds. But yes, there


are a number of reasons. It is much easier to find a job in United


Kingdom, much lower unemployment. Quite if you are then speaking dish.


Better benefits stop they used to be better benefits. There is a


perception of that. And another thing, French law stipulates that at


all times you must have your identification, Heidi documents,


passport and identity card, as we have in France. This is not the case


in Britain, said it is much easier to melt into the black economy and


people do, in Britain. I agree with that. The Etihad got a story about


the EU, and Canada. -- the FT have got a story. It is dead. We are


witnessing something wonderful tonight. This is the first time that


the FT since the 23rd of June have run a front page without their


propaganda sheet on behalf of the remoaners. I can't believe it.


Basically, the one wounds, part of Belgium, don't want this. 3.5


million people in Belgium,. Which means Belgium has two Cena and the


EU says no stopping it is Canada with 20 million people, they had a


problem with the Greek saying anyway because of feta cheese. So they have


got this issue of trying to get through this trade deal. Why is that


relevant to Britain because of course people will say, if you can't


crack it with 20 million in Canada for seven years and you are blocked


by 3.5 million one wounds in Belgium, God help you. I would say


with great respect to both wallow only and Canada, the fifth biggest


economy on earth called the United Kingdom is a bit different. Let us


see another FT story, which is China and Western resistance to China,


blocking billions of pounds worth of acquisitions? It is interesting,


moved by Brussels and Berlin is to thwart high-profile bids made by the


Chinese were basically trying to take over lots of different


companies in Germany, and Switzerland and elsewhere. And they


have basically fallen foul of competition and also security


concerns. So the Chinese, quite if you people in Germany and


Switzerland and EU, is looking at these deals quite carefully. One of


the proposed deals was to buy a hotel, that was actually very near,


it calls security concerns because it was very near a naval base. It is


interesting because it reminds me of Hinkley Point, some of the concerns,


the cause of the Chinese and the French involvement, it was the


Chinese aspect that was posing problems and Theresa May took her


time, didn't just want to rubber-stamp it but it has gone


through. Over my French holiday I spoke to a Frenchman who act she had


been working on helping the Chinese with any clear staff and said that


these concerns were actually completely unfounded. I think it is


an issue of trust, China is coming out in the world and is only


different ways in the last 20 years, and it is having to deal with being


big globally as opposed to being big as a place where you make things


cheaply, it is having to deal with all of the issues with being that


come at the top table. One of them is trust. If you are not trusted it


is incredibly difficult to get democracy is to say that you can buy


my hotel next to the airbase, you can build my new car power station.


You can build the electronics thing in Switzerland, because the local


populace and the local vested interest say just a minute I don't


trust you. Over a long time, if China are clever and they usually


are, they will crack that but they are learning a lesson very harshly,


that if you don't behave in a certain way over a period of time


people don't trust you. OK, let us quickly go to the times, they are


saying that GPs are urged to weigh all patients. Is that a good idea? A


gym membership would be much better. Having lost a couple of stone over


the summer and rather proud of it, I would say one of the reasons I did


it was because of the pressure from the GP. So in a way it is a good


idea. What I'm trying to say is that if a GP can use it and alarm you a


bit I don't think it is a bad thing. I think bribery is better, lose


weight, get something in return is better. It X 30 extra seconds for


the GP to do this. I will time my GP to do this. Important thing about


it, obesity is lined up with cancer and diabetes and heart disease. We


are all smiling but move on one it is serious. Related to that, drink


and a garden, women are drinking as much as men? Is that true? Well if


you drink moderately and good wine to not go to have that problem. But


I am astonished at how much women in this country, do win and drink


heavily in France? No, we treat a lot of iffy yarn and other water is


available. Do you drink as much as men? I could but I don't choose to.


I'm not a quantity girl, I am a quality girl. Ayew quality or


quantity? Quality, the big thing about it is it is staggeringly


calorific. It is interesting to see, in this article, in 1914, it was,


between 1891 and 1910 day work twice as likely to drink alcohol and more


than three times as likely to have problems and now it is equal. So in


a hundred years, women have got equality. You both go and have a


drink after that. Thank you so much, cheers. Pure water I had to say,


thank you to both of you and don't forget all of the front pages are


online on the BBC website and you can read a detailed review of the


paper, seven days a week. And you can see us with each edition of the


papers posted, very shortly after we had finished. Thank you very much.


Leisure has always to have you with us, goodbye for now.


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