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We'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment, first,


11 crew members are airlifted from a 200-meter cargo ship,


that lost power off the coast of Dover, as Storm Angus batters


the south coast of England with high wind and heavy rain.


After months of speculation, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel


confirms that she will seek a fourth term in office.


Elections will take place next year.


Chancellor Philip Hammond will announce an extra ?1.3 billion


to improve Britain's roads during his Autumn


More than 120 people are killed and 100 others left injured


after a passenger train derails in northern India.


And Andy Murray is crowned No.1 male tennis


player in the world after he beats five-time


champion Novak Djokovic, and wins his first ATP


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the Broadcaster Natalie Haynes - and the Independent's


Deputy Political Editor, Rob Merrick.


Natalie with her weather seemed jumper. Rob, where is yours? Let's


look at,'s from pages. The Daily Telegraph leads


with Prime Minister Theresa May's tax pledge to win back business,


and she'll offer a better New Push for 'clean break' EU exit


reports the Daily Express, as 70 Eurosceptic MPs join forces


over fears that Remain campaigners could stop the UK from leaving


Brussels. Blair is back in politics


reports the Metro. He's setting up a new institute, to


'fill a hole' in British politics. And a third of young homeless people


are turned away by councils Let's have a look ahead to the


Autumn Statement on Wednesday. The i has the headline Osborne austerity


continues in Brexit budget. How much is really in this budget? He talked


about giving us headroom for a bumpy time. Anyone who sees this rampage


and has been following the news in recent weeks will be confused. They


will have thought they learned Wednesday as opposed to the budget


to reset economic policy, to finally dump George Osborne's legacy that


Theresa May is desperate to help struggling families. This headline


suggests the austerity of Osborne will continue. It tells us either


this is expectation management ahead of Wednesday and perhaps the


Chancellor thinks expectations are running ahead of themselves and he


needs to slow things down. Or, the other explanation is there is a


battle that has gone on, is going on between number ten and number 11.


The Prime Minister desperate to help these just about managing families


or the JAMS. The Chancellor, if he has any money to spend wants to


spend it on investment and better transport or other things that would


improve Britain's dreadful productivity and prepare for Brexit.


There does seem to be a battle going on in the background. We need to be


match fit. ?1 billion for the road network, which Labour are not


impressed with? Yes. The issue with roads is no matter how much money


you throw at them they will somehow gobble up more money, that is their


USP. Made worse by the fact every time you spend money on road it


involves roadworks which makes everyone furious. Probably the most


annoying way you can spare money, in order to antagonise most people. I


feel very much like this is expectation management. We were


talking before we came in, sorry to spoil the magic, talking and saying


it does feel like they have been building and don't worry, don't


worry, it will be fine. And now there is some back slap, just


kidding everyone, and a very small bang on Wednesday when it comes,


everyone can be relieved. For everyone playing budget bingo I hope


JAMS is at the top of your card. It makes an important point on the


front, what is coming down the line, unless the Chancellor changes tack,


are huge welfare cuts, huge cuts to people on low income and disabled


people, a four dear benefit freeze. Whatever goodies he might be able to


afford, a few quid off air passenger duty, that is scarcely going to


compensate for the enormous sums of money that poor people are set to


lose. That brings us nicely to the lead in the Guardian. Here we have


them again, the just about managing households. A really high figure,


?2500 a year that this can consultancy firm said the families


could be missing out on? Yes, and that looking at all kinds of things,


including cuts to housing benefit and... And benefit caps and freezes


and bedroom taxes, as well as universal tax credit and everything


else. ?2500 a year is pretty serious money for most of us, I think, apart


from people earning incredibly well. And if you are on that border


between managing and not managing the ?2500 a year is serious money.


Would research like that change anything before Wednesday? To change


it would involve enormous sums of money. This is why George Osborne


put it in the budget in the first place, because that is way he could


make his savings, the only place he could make savings. Billions and


billions of pounds the government simply doesn't have. The other thing


we will learn on Wednesday is the size of the Black hole to come


because of Brexit. On Wednesday even the biggest fantasist in the Brexit


Camp Nou think we are out of the woods and there is no economic


damage from the vote in June will surely have to make some


concessions, because the economy will slow down next year, as the


forecaster said, and that will open up a huge black hole. The government


will have less money, not more money. That there were contradictory


figures, which lead us to believe things are not so bad. Unemployment


figures are better than they have been in ages. There are those in


favour of Brexit who can say, the wheels have come off like people


said they would. Some people were expecting it to be much worse by


now, won't they? I think there's a difference in the forecast made by


economists and the forecasts made by George Osborne. George Osborne mate


and crazy forecasts, that there would be an instant deep recession


and there would have to be an emergency budget. I do believe


that I don't think most people did. The economic forecasts are very


different, people will stop spending because of a nervousness about


Brexit. Companies. Investing because of the same nervousness. That is


still most likely. The Daily Telegraph. Nicolas Sarkozy suffers


shock defeat in the first round of the French primaries. We were saying


it surprising that this story isn't an more front pages. This is the


exercise to select the centre-right candidate who will have to take on


Marine le Pen from the National front next year. Yes, despite the


fact of the referendum, France is quite near and it does have a bit of


an impact on us, who's in charge of France. Like you say, on the front


of every paper... But perhaps people went to press too early, perhaps


these results came in quite late. Yes, the person who has defeated


Nicolas Sarkozy is Francois Fillon, described by the Daily Telegraph as


a Thatcherite with a Welsh wife. Glorious turn of phrase. I think we


are given to understand that perhaps he is a fan, but perhaps not as


much, perhaps just likes one Welsh person and married her. As a


Welshman I was excited. This was your moment! We never get any Welsh


prime ministers in this country. But apparently, despite his love for his


wife, doesn't like the rest of us Brits very much. I think he's on


record saying it must be a hard Brexit unless Britain makes


concessions in the talks. He wants to ban British MEPs from voting


straightaway, wants the deal done fast. Doesn't sound like there will


be any concessions from Paris if he wins, two Theresa May. If he doesn't


win, and are Marine le Pen does when... -- win. What's interesting


about Nicolas Sarkozy is he moved to the writing pursuit of the popular


vote and it didn't work, in this case, when it comes to being


selected for the party? What we have to appreciate is the theme in 2016,


which looks like carrying into 2017, the phrase shock defeat is no longer


usable, pretty much by definition if it is a shock to this vision it


should have been what we were expecting to happen. I think you are


right. -- if it is a shock decision. I was talking to poster from Germany


today saying he could not predict what was going to happen. According


to the metro, Tony Blair back in politics because Jeremy Corbyn is a


nutter and Theresa May is a lightweight. To what extent is he


really coming back into politics? I thought you are going to do what


extent is he a nutter and she a lightweight! LAUGHTER


That our libel laws. An eye-catching headline. Perhaps people think, what


seat is he running for, will he be my MP Chris Wratt the answer is no.


There is no suggestion he will return to front line politics, but


he wants to dip his toe in the water, to the extent of setting up a


new commission, some sort of think tank to be more closely involved in


British politics from that sort of angle to either stop Brexit or amend


Brexit. He thinks Brexit will be a disaster. He thinks he even has


allies on the conservative side to work behind the scenes. Perhaps he


had spoken to George Osborne. What will people think of this?


Presumably they will think he is the most deluded person in the country,


as people's minds were made up about Tony Blair a long time ago and not


very favourably. Or who knows, maybe there are people out there who are


so disillusioned with politics as it currently is, they can forget Tony


Blair's failings and maybe even look back fondly to aspects of his rule.


Time will tell. Some people would think anything he goes near would


not help the people he's trying to help? Yes, I think that's probably


true. I think he has a slight, slight, meze ionic attitude to the


world. I think he goes, there is a problem, I could fix this and


launches himself at it. Which in some ways is proactive and exactly


what we would like to be happening, as opposed to everyone sitting


around and claim this is terrible, this Brexit. Maybe if we sit here


long enough it will be fine. But I think it is rarely the right answer


when he makes that choice. How would he do any of that from within an


institute he has set up? It doesn't sound like a proactive place to be


doing things. Best case scenario if you could get people onto the BBC to


offer an alternative opinion, to do a bit of shaping of the public


debate. I feel like public debate is probably moving in the direction


it's going to move in already. He's a fantastic orator, even his


greatest critics would have to concede that. He has an incredible


capacity for persuasion but I think he comes with too much baggage,


doesn't he? Yes. I suggested before maybe some people would change their


minds if they are really depressed about politics in the way it stands.


But the headline is incorrect, is it? He's not going to be back in


politics in the way we normally understand it. But he clearly wants


to play some sort of role, trying to change events to some degree. If you


want to be rehabilitated into the Labour Party you have to dance!


That's true. Try the tango. The Telegraph. British children bottom


of world fitness league. This makes some very depressing reading. Where


does this come from? Research on 38 countries for the amount of physical


activity done by children. England and Wales finished below the likes


of Poland, Slovenia and Venezuela. They gave us a D minus. They said


only about 15% of girls aged 11-15 are doing the one hour a day of


moderate physical activity, which is recommended. If you think the miners


is bad, you need to also think about Scotland, which gets an F. This


comparison was done a couple of years ago, 2014. I think England had


a seedy rating then, so things seem to be getting worse. At a particular


point in HR's life it seems to get worse? It is disheartening. The use


of the phrase bottom of the world because of where the line break is.


The fitness league is only 38 countries, so not literally at the


bottom of the world, although it does feel a bit like it when you


read the numbers, which is that one in five primary school children,


when they start primary school one in ten is obese, by the time they


leave its one in five. 20%. That is a huge number. 15% of girls are


doing exercise of an hour a day. 20% of children are already obese at 11.


That seems like a terrifying number. We keep reading the almost packed


phrase that this is the generation that will die before the age their


parents reach, but I'm not sure how we're still saying that kind of


glibly. It's a horrifying statistic. The suggestion is families need to


make a change to everyday routines, to build in more exercise, is that


right? They are calling it a super drug. If it were a drug and you


could bottle it, they are saying this would be the pill. Exercise,


exercise, exercise. It seems we have had many years looking at behaviour


and the figures are getting worse. One head teacher introduced a one


mile run every day for pupils. That has got some publicity, some praise.


A few of the schools are copying it, but it doesn't seem to be spreading


widely. The problem is our school curriculum is jam-packed with


teaching the stuff that's really important, literacy and numeracy,


but perhaps more space needs to be found for physical activity and


forced at school, the only place where you can enforce it. A mile...


I'm not saying it's not far but a lot less than an hour unless you go


extremely slowly, it won't take you on our. Even I might manage it.


Let's stay with the Telegraph this unhappy news. Keeping his crown.


Andy Murray. You watched the match? I did. To be honest it was very


stressful flipping between that and the Strictly results. He is my total


hero, after my hero because of his complete deadpan expression and


refusal to answer facile questions with facile replies but always super


serious and undermining. Look how happy he looks. He was so exhausted.


He played Raonic for three hours and 30 minutes yesterday, the two


longest ever 80 port -- 80 port -- ATP tour matches. He played both of


them. It was astonishing. And against Djokovic to achieve this,


it's not just anybody. It is the world number two. It would have been


unthinkable just a few years ago, let alone when I was growing up,


that there could be a British number one. That is the scale of his


achievement. I think we are in awe of his physical capabilities to do


it day after day. I thought Djokovic would win today and it turned out to


be quite easy. The number two, three, four and five players in the


world because he is number one, it's amazing. You know your stuff! I love


him, mock me not. That's it for The Papers


for this hour. Don't forget all the front pages


are online on the BBC News website where you can read a detailed review


of the papers. You can see a repeat of this


addition as well. But don't wait for that, we will be back live in just


under one hour's time. Coming up next -


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