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We'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment -


President-elect Donald Trump has rejected as "ridiculous" a CIA


assessment that Russian hackers tried to sway the election


You can switch off if you like, its the


After findings of Russian interference in election.


Reuters and others have reported that CIA sources have said no,


it's not the CIA, it's coming from Democrats and it's coming quite


soon because they will be briefed on the


Trump is continuing to provide the facts that he personally chooses


It'll be interesting to see if he can make decisions on that


On this alone, we are heading towards an interesting rest


John McCain wants an investigation into this and it's not


The other thing is who Donald Trump might be making Secretary of State


because he has connections to Vladimir Putin. He has no


connections to anything governmental but that doesn't stop you ending up


as president of the United States so why should it stop you from being


Secretary of State? This hasn't been decided. There are still two other


players mentioned. Bob Corker and obviously Mitt Romney as we have


seen in the last couple of weeks. Final decision hasn't been made but


it doesn't rather look like he is leading towards this man from Exxon


Mobil. He is incredibly close to Putin and. Not the sort of parties


where flight, oh, we have just met. It Internet gatherings. -- intimate


gatherings. His supporters don't care, though? Eleanor I think they


are happy to run with him on this but at the end of the day, he has to


govern. Whether he can effectively change things and fulfil the


promises that he made. His supporters won't be infinite. He


needs to deliver. Some of it undermines his attacks on Hillary


Clinton. For example, he gave speeches to Goldman Sachs -- she


gave speeches. He seems to have as pointed quite a few people from


Goldman Sachs. A warning bell might be going off even if they did end up


backing him. Labour's migration muddle. Tricky situation. They have


to tackle the immigration issue. Effectively what he is saying is it


would be nice to have curbs on immigration and the reason is that


immigration has depressed wages especially in the north where people


have not seen wage growth. The probe remained consistory and CE in London


is taking a more benign approach to immigration. -- pro Romain.


In a way, this becomes a proxy conversation about Brexit. It is a


difficult one to square. Labour has a massive problem because it's


incredibly strong in London. At the last election London was the only


place it could be happy with its performance was up 45 at 73 seats.


London is pro- immigration, pro-Remain. The Mayor of Manchester


is about to leave. We look at the shadow cabinet, there is a little


group of MPs. Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn. Constituencies are all connected.


There is a tiny bit of north London represented and of course, they are


all in places that tend to be pro- immigration and pro-Remain. I wonder


how on earth Labour is going to figure out what its case is when it


has two very bits of the country that it's representing and its


terrified of losing votes in the north to UKIP. Paul Nuttall is


thinking about running in Labour's old seat and it doesn't know-how it


affects that. Look at the Daily Telegraph. Home Secretary's strike


warning ahead of three days of strikes. Southern rail. Southern


Railway choose so horrendous that a colleague of mine dressed as


Southern rail for hollow win. A signal person. A big Southern rail


sign. It wasn't the hardest costume but yes, it drags on. Tuesday,


Wednesday, Friday and I think also early in the New Year, we are going


to have another strikes, potentially. This is a legitimate


strike, they have had the proper ballot, gone through the right


processes. They are allowed to do this will stop yes, but now tomorrow


they face an appeal as to whether the union was entitled. Tomorrow


they will appeal against High Court ruling which was last week which was


trying to stop the union from walking out. Yes, it's absolutely


legitimate but of course that's not much comfort of 2.5 million trained


customers. But for the Home Secretary yes. The comments were


quite bald. They are saying the union is wrong and they should go


back to work or stay at work. The question of the union are saying is


that this isn't safe. There really is not a lot of hard evidence out


there. The rail regulator doesn't support the union's view on this. It


is to be something that is indication of the way the world is


going. It does point to questions we need to be dealing with in the


economy. How do we increase wages, had we provide people with the


living that they want in this environment? This is extreme because


what they are asked to do, Theresa May and the transport Secretary,


urged to take positions similar to Ronald Reagan. That seems


extraordinary. Obviously, it is a call for it rather than actually


doing it. Staying with the Telegraph, Britain facing energy


crisis. We can't assume in the future, apparently, according to


Andrew Wright, that we will have an uninterrupted power supply. He is


making comments that one frequently hears in energy spheres. Not usually


as stated in such a frank way from somebody from this company. As you


move to set solar and wind, they don't flow all the way, they are


intermittent. That raises questions about lack of availability at times.


The way you would generally do that is have a backup generator,


something like that. The problem is, because the backup generator is


sometimes not been used, it is expensive because it is idle


sometimes. If you want to get power from this backup generator, you have


to pay more, that is what they are saying. I think you would expect


regulation to deal with this. It will be a question to the country as


to whether we want that to happen. I can't see us accepting a two tier


situation where the rich have the privilege. It shows that the issue


is of storing the electricity when you generate it. It's very difficult


to do that. You need the turbines to be going all the time. Batteries a


round solo, not just in electric cars, that might make these oil


issue go away but batteries are expensive and will be for some time


to come. Let's move on to the Guardian and a picture of Boris


Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, he is in Saudi Arabia, having to be


very diplomatic after saying a few days ago that Saudi Arabia was


involved in running proxy wars against Iran and various parts of


the Middle East, Yemen in particular. Tories are urging


Johnson. He was applauded by quite a lot of people were saying what he


said. As many people pointed out, he got into trouble for saying


something that was actually true and fair, in most peoples minds, about


Saudi Arabia when of he said some things in the past that have been


neither fair or true. It's fascinating and also that Theresa


May, sort of, she has appointed a loose cannon as Foreign Secretary


and that is becoming quite obvious. Obviously he is trying to patch


things up with the Saudis but is this the first gaffe of many? Well,


it's not even the first... How much will she put up with? We are an


important ally of them as well. They seem to have gotten over it was


Jamaat they have downplayed Boris Johnson's comments. The question is


how they feel about this. For example, our commercial


relationships with Saudi Arabia. It might find ourselves that we are not


at the floor of the hue for selling arms and so forth. -- fore. But as


Boris Johnson said, he says he has a job to do. It seems to be the


challenge that he faces. We saw them tried to build a bridge back with


Boris today. I think on Andrew Maher, wasn't it? He sort of said


people thought of slightly misinterpreted what he said. The


same line comes out of Boris Johnson. Big personality. Here we


are, you can go now if you have had enough of the leather trousers


story. Metro has the best headline. The wronged trousers. This is


Theresa May. She was wearing a very expensive para trousers, and 195


pounds. -- pair of trousers. Nicky Morgan was rather disparaging about


the cost of these trousers because, you know, we are supposed to be an


economy that is working for everybody and there is the Prime


Minister wearing trousers that cost ?195. -- 900 and I defy counts. --


909. It would be nice if other women


recognised it and didn't indulge in conversation. The reaction from


Theresa May is telling. It seems extraordinary. Nicky Morgan was


supposed to be going in for a meeting along with other pro- Remain


people who have been very vocal. Now Nicky Morgan has been axed from the


meeting. It is playground politics. There are bigger issues to deal


with. Absolutely. With this substantive issue, the trousers


themselves will stop I can understand Nicky Morgan's point stop


if you dig about David Cameron. On business or international meetings


would wear expensive suits but at home, would be deliberately


down-to-earth. Serving journalists from cartons of milk. The Daily Mail


has taken the story on. Nicky Morgan, top Tory that criticised 950


pounds. She could have got it on an outlet.


It is a ?950 Mulberry Bayswater handbag. You have some more to


spend, more shopping to do. That is it for the papers. Thank you to Tom,


thank you to Rosamund. Coming up next, the Film


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