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the first round. Wright 13-0. A bit of a rest for the ponies as well as


for me. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are Vikki Orvice,


Sports Writer at the Sun, and Katie Martin from the Financial


Times. At least the first editions. The


Times says British officials believe Russia is waging cyber attacks and


unconventional warfare against the UK. The Daily Mail leads with the


chaos facing people planning to travel abroad this Christmas after


trade unions announced strikes over the festive period. The Independent


describes a prison system in crisis after prisoners staged a riot at


Birmingham prison which is still going on tonight. The Telegraph has


a story of two former soldiers prosecuted for the murder of an IRA


commander in Belfast 44 years ago. The Express says the Home Office has


been accused of trying to cover-up the number of illegal migrants


attempting to get into Britain. The Guardian leads with an accusation by


Clinton and flood amid Putin -- by Hillary Clinton that President Putin


was involved in the US election. The Daily Mirror leads on the story that


Camelot has been fined ?3 million for paying out on an potentially


bogus ticket. Let's begin with The Times. Russia threat to Britain, so


it's not just the United States that has something to fear. That's the


fascinating thing. We've been getting used to the idea that Russia


has been involved in some way directly or indirectly with the US


elections. I don't think it's occurred to that many people this


could spread further and they could be involved in politics on our


shores. Yes, The Times is saying there is propaganda and


unconventional warfare, fake news has become a huge topic in the


states. I know that organisations with a "alt-right" bent are trying


to get themselves established in Europe and it's something the UK


needs to look closely at. Theresa May is going to chair a national


security session to discuss potential Russian interference.


Clearly this has been taken to the highest level. Interesting nobody is


yet suggesting some how he might have tried to influence the outcome


of the European referendum result. What do you make of this? A lot of


this is speculative, may be partly because it's the kind of subject we


don't necessarily know who is pulling what strings. It is


fascinating in terms of a new Cold War except it is computers and


cyberspace rather than checkpoint Charlie! There is a lovely quote


from President Obama speaking yesterday, telling Russia don't do


this stuff because we can do this to you. Of course, it's complicated by


the fact we've got Donald Trump as President-elect who claims to be


Putin's new best friend! Maybe it will all stop. Maybe. One of the


things that struck me, as he was saying that that quote from Obama,


the rhetoric around international relations has become incredibly


petty. This isn't a playground argument, this is national security.


You will remember that photograph a lot of papers ran back in September


of the two men standing staring at each other on smiling at the G20.


President Obama said tonight on the news conference we ran that he had


basically said at that meeting to Vladimir Putin, cut it out or there


will be consequences. He says he appears to have done. Maybe Theresa


May needs to try something similar next time she bumps into Vladimir


Putin! I'd like to be a fly on the wall! Staying with President Putin


and The Guardian also with a photo of Michelle Obama who is apparently


going to tell an Oprah about life in the White House and what she brings


about her husband 's achievements, Hillary Clinton has accused Vladimir


Putin of this because she doesn't like him very much. It is apparently


"Personal beef" against because of criticism levelled against him over


national elections in Russia. This is what she was saying to donors in


Manhattan, apparently. It resonates with the idea that international


relations appeared to have become incredibly petty. Clearly, she feels


she has been singled out and victimised here. Certainly, the way


that all of this, the e-mail leaks from the Democratic party and over


the course of the election... The media had all the tools at their


disposal to run the same stories about the Republicans but they


didn't. There is all kinds of analysis that needs to go into how


this all happened. Certainly Hillary Clinton, she's a pretty serious


person, she's making direct allegations has. Is there a risk of


her in doing this? That she looks like a sore loser? She does. At the


bottom of this story it says Obama is waiting for a final report into


Russian hacking attacks. He says they will publish it at a time and


place of their own choosing. You would assume he will publish it in


the next month. Unless he does something really clever and


publishes it on Vladimir Putin's Facebook page which proves he can do


to them what they did to him! The point is serious. Actually, he's on


the way out and in a sense this could be the blustering of the


school yard again. But actually, I can call you out but I can't do very


much. Yes, but by the CIA and FBI are on the same page now. A few days


ago there was some disagreement. The FBI wouldn't endorse what the CIA


said about Russia being responsible. Exactly. Now they say they agree. To


the extent they might feel they will get sidelined under Trump, he seems


to like to do national security and briefings his own way... I guess


it's in their interests to work on this through Christmas and get this


done before The Donald is in the hot seat. Order with the day before.


Let's move on to the Financial Times weekend. You've got a story on the


front here. Let's start with the one at the bottom which is fantastic


quirky story about this drone that the US Navy was using but the


Chinese seem to have scooped up and run away with. Which again,


diplomatic relations at the moment when you've got Trump ringing


Taiwan... It's utterly bizarre because the indication is it was


doing some kind of Marine biology, not military at all. But obviously


America is saying we want it back! Not even clear who's got it.


Unidentified Chinese fisher man? Bully we want our ball back! It


probably is a ball. Again, it plays into this idea, and obviously this


isn't Russia but he's being prodded before the new guy arrives. The new


guy hasn't got off to the best fitting with China. We just


mentioned the phone call he took from Taiwan. You can brush it off


and say it was a ten minute chat, the President just wanted to be nice


and say congratulations, where is the harm. There's a lot of harm


here! China takes its one China policy pretty seriously. Either this


is a blunder from Trump or a sign of how relations are going to be from


now on, but, things like this, China snaffling drones from the sea, these


things don't happen by accident. It is likely this was a well


choreographed decision from the top. This is China we are talking about.


The early flushes of the relationship between China and


Donald Trump do not look fantastic. Interesting that Obama was saying at


his news conference that China does the same stuff he accuses Russia


forgiving but he says they do it for business. They try to manipulate


cyber data for business benefits rather than political ones. Some


interesting questions will be asked of the new administration. Let's


move onto your story, this is interesting in the light of the


threat that UK banks could lose the right trade in your raise once we


are out of the European Union. This is a different take on the future of


the city. A lot of people were saying foreign banks have a huge


presence in the UK and in the event of leaving the European Union, a lot


of them might feel to be in the EU. A lot of this was dismissed as


Project fear. In real life, these banks, in this case Japanese banks,


they really need these practical things to be in place. There was a


meeting at the Treasury between lots of officials from Japanese banks


with some Treasury officials and it was a frank exchange of views.


LAUGHTER I love that phrase! What were they saying to the Treasury


officials? It's all going to be great, don't worry about it.


Obviously they weren't being that glib. What the Japanese banks were


saying is we need to know we can get passporting. Basically we can have


the right to trade on behalf of our clients, do business on behalf of


our clients in the European Union and the UK. We are kind of in London


because it's part of the European Union. They need to get some solid


guidance on what is going to happen to these passporting writes,


otherwise they are going to start planning to leave by mid-2017 which


is pretty soon. It's very soon, are you worried? Or do you feel this is


part of the lobbying... If you are trying to plan and you are a


business, you tend to want to know how it is going to work you. And is


it better to relocate to Frankfurt or or wherever. Some government


ministers think some of these worries are exaggerated. Yes, for


example a good number of thousand of people who were employed by Japanese


banks in London, it's difficult for me to imagine they will all


disappear overnight. It's not just about Japan, this is almost a test


case. If the rules aren't good enough Japanese banks, are they good


enough German, Italian banks? Say what you like about bankers, but


ranks provide a lot of money into this country. There comes a point at


which your cutting your nose off to spite your face. Talking about where


people might be going, are either of you planning to travel away over


Christmas? Plans to go and lie on a beach? I've just been away. When you


see the front of The Daily Mail? We've spoken about the Cold War and


Russia. It's like papers from 30 years ago! I do like the quite "The


grinches who stole Christmas" is a furious MPs. It's not just the cabin


crew, BA cabin crew. At least BA look as if they've tried to pick


Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The big problem looks like it'll be the


baggage handlers who are going to start on the 23rd on the 24th. If


you remember those scenes a few years ago of huge queues. A lot of


people even at regional airports, a lot of people now check in online,


even if they don't check in when they arrive, so the interaction is


not as much as it once was. My colleague here, the business


correspondence was saying he heard that at Stansted Ryanair had said if


the baggage handlers aren't there and people aren't that then they


will simply make it hand luggage only. There is a nice quote here,


one industry source has advised passengers to pack Christmas


presents, valuables and a change of clothes in their hand luggage. If


you remember a few years ago there was a guy who tested out a coat to


go on one of the budget airlines. He had pockets everywhere. So he didn't


have to pay his ?45 extra. It could catch on! We've got time for a


couple more quick little stories. The Daily Telegraph, could there be


a threat to your Christmas bird this year? If the turkey is still running


around on the farm somewhere before it faces its fate. It's in its final


days. Turkeys can't catch a break at this time of year. In addition to


the poor turkeys that are going to be gracing our Christmas tables,


there has been an outbreak of bird flu on a Lincolnshire farm which has


tested positive for a strain of the disease. The poor turkeys, if they


aren't about to end up on dinner tables then they've got the lurgy.


Experts will say you can't get it as a human but there is always that


fear it will put people off buying it in the first place. It's


Christmas Day, if you're going to get a turkey you're going to get a


turkey in one way or another. Interesting, it was on the continent


and there was a warning affecting a lot of French farmers and inevitably


it still spread as these things have a chance to do. And finally as they


used to say on the news. You spotted this story so you should tell us


about it. The government has launched a nationwide competition to


host the 2023 European capital of culture, even though Britain is


leaving the EU. The Culture Secretary has made the argument that


the United Kingdom is leaving the EU but we aren't leaving Europe.


Apparently it's the UK's turn to play host alongside Hungary because


it's Hull next year. We have the Hull City of Culture bus down here


outside Broadcasting House and an enthusiastic team of supporters


talking about the great things that will be happening in Hull next year.


It's a bit unfortunate timing, this! Britain's eligibility to participate


in the scheme will be decided as part of the Brexit negotiations.


This is part of our trade-off. Do you think Theresa should give up


culture to keep British residents able to give in the EU or is the


City of Culture more important? Somewhere someone has got a


whiteboard with banking, your revision, capital of culture on the


other! You've got to get your bargaining chips where you can!


Check the whole City of Culture website, a lot will be happening


there. And who knows, possibly a British City of Culture in 2023.


Thank you both so much. Don't forget all the front pages


are online on the BBC News website where you can read a detailed review


of the papers. It's all there for you, seven days


a week at bbc.co.uk/papers, and you can see us there too,


with each night's edition of The Papers being posted


on the page shortly Thank you Vikki Orvice


and Katie Martin.


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