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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Caroline Frost, entertainment editor


at the Huffington Post, and Robert Fox, defence editor


I hope you have had a restful yuletide. Nice to see you back here.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with:


The Telegraph headlines the government's plan to build


new garden towns in England to try to alleviate the housing crisis.


It also reports on the hunt for the gunman who attacked


The Daily Mail chooses to focus on the Queen


missing church due to illness, saying she has not been seen


The Guardian reports the demand from a top GP


that the government must drop its plans to guarantee access


to doctors at weekends or risk cuts to weekday services.


Thousands of patients are waiting for hip and knee operations,


It also quotes Princess Anne, who insists the Queen's


The i bears the headline "smiling killer" -


referring to the gunman who killed 39 people in Istanbul.


And the Times also headlines the attack,


reporting that the Islamic State - who claimed responsibility


for the killings - has pledged a campaign of terror.


Theresa May overhauling the honours system also makes


And finally, the Mirror leads on the latest


We will start with the ongoing hunt for the gunman who struck the


Istanbul nightclub last night. We were reporting it around this time,


two o'clock in the morning local time, last night. Smiling killer, it


says. Shot victims one by one as they partied with friends. Hundreds


and hundreds of people were in this particular nightclub. A massively


popular place in Istanbul and well-known across Turkey. Very


cosmopolitan as well. It was deliberately targeted. He was


prepared all right. He was in some psychological state. The Express, on


one of its inside pages, say this man is now believed to have been a


Turkmen, possibly from Chechnya or eastern Afghanistan, or


Turkmenistan, one of the most enclosed places. They are coming


from a lot of different places now. What the Times is referring to, I


think, is the very high profile spokesperson and operational


manager, was killed at the end of September. His successor was any


named three weeks ago and started saying the same things to which the


Times is referring, namely lone wolves, go out and attack and do


things on your own and do your own thing. As the Times gathers, this is


the warning from UK security chiefs, that they are very worried this is


the message that has gone out before. Use vehicles to drive into


crowds. Don't bother with firearms if you are not particularly good.


Use kidnap and cold still. As you mentioned it, the new-found campaign


of terror after massacre. So many cities, London amongst them, had


extra security measures, especially concrete barriers, to try to avert


the kind of lorry attack you mentioned. We saw that only a few


days before Christmas. On the one hand, you have this Western divines.


We will continue as usual. All of the things we hold dear to our


culture and communities, going out and revelling and having fun and


celebrating Christmas -- western divines. These things have never


been more important. But it is now accompanied by this very transparent


ring of steel that we are at risk every time we do that. It is a


double message and very complex. What scares me is this recruitment


of lone wolves and the idea that in the past, we have had people trained


in camps and allsorts of things with al-Qaeda. This is just if you are


out there and believe what we believe, do your worst. It doesn't


need the Internet, it doesn't need training, it doesn't need arms, it


just needs a message. To me, that is the most frightening aspect.


President Erdogan again saying he will root out terrorism, but he has


that porous border. Four major attacks in four weeks. Very


difficult for him. He has been punished. The propaganda runs that


he has been punished for creating up to Russia. But he needs them for all


kinds of things, especially gas supplies -- cosying. And getting


Russian tourists on the beaches, which are being vacated by Western


tourists. Let's book and a couple of health stories. Top GP urges them to


drop the seven-day plan. If you open surgeries at the weekend, you can't


have it all week. We remember David Cameron with great fanfare, this


would be the 24/7 NHS. At that time there were rumblings about who would


pay for it and what resources would be thin on the ground. So it has


proved. This is a very senior GP. This is Britain's top GP sagging


there is not the need for it, this is an empty promise -- saying.


Nobody wants to book a GP appointment on a Sunday afternoon.


Equally, where are the resources? Something will have to give. She


says herself, there is no point filling a surgery with medical


knowledge and experience if on Sunday afternoon, where is the


person on Tuesday morning? These gaps will be showing. They talk


about ringing people in from abroad. She says it is not sustainable. She


was warning people would have to wait up to four weeks for an


appointment -- bringing. Very interesting that one of the junior


ministers of the outgoing coalition, the Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb,


was saying absolutely but the GP seven days a week is a superficially


attractive gimmick. The emperor has no clothes. It really was an


extraordinary piece of typical David Cameron flannel for propaganda. That


at the other help story on the Daily Express. Thousands face hip


operation agony because they will have a long wait. But more and more


people will need this kind of operation. We are all getting older.


I am over 70 now. No! It is the new 45 for me. We have to go on


reviewing the papers. It is longevity. We have to live with


that. There are other stories in the paper about old-age healthcare. They


are bringing people back from Benidorm who are experts having a


hard time and come in and do shifts in old people's care homes on very


little qualifications. But the cost of ageing is enormous. We are really


just at the beginning of it. It will be quite normal for people to move


into their 90s. Look at the Paul Quinn, or whoever it is, the amount


of telegraphs they will have to send to centenarians is enormous. -- poor


Queen. It is not that they are scarce, but demand is huge. Look at


the Times. Theresa May blames David Cameron the controversial honours


list. Every year, some of the names on the wrist raise eyebrows, the


busier, the Prime Minister says this is not done to me -- list. Do you


believe her? I don't know. We have to think some of the Home Office


appointment is surely would have come under her watch in her previous


status. However, it is interesting. She says it is all about... It ties


into her just about managing campaign. She said she wants to


prioritise people from very social mobility and allow the young to


realise their potential. One or two will be filled by Victoria Beckham,


I'm sure. But this year we have a an influx of sport personalities.


People will say why should a sportsman be given a gong in


addition to a medal he has already won? Why should people be given


gongs having being paid for a job well done. Or not even well done


according to some reporters. I think that is an interesting part of the


story. This is obviously based on a bleak. The times are having a go at


the Department of overseas aid. They say why is the Department


Undersecretary getting a knighthood? I think we will hear a lot to this


year about the 12 billion budget from the overseas aid agency, and it


is not being spent in the right places because the vultures are


circling. Everything from defence to health want a bit of that action.


They are trying to do that. So this very pious aim to spend 0.7% of GDP


in line with the United Nations on overseas aid, I think, the head


prefect will say no to that before the year is out. We have done the


times. Let's look at the back of the Telegraph. New towns to ease housing


shortage. We have been talking for years about our inability to provide


the housing supply that we need. But here is an idea, villages of up to


10,000 homes. That is an almighty big village that could be created in


certain parts of the country where people most want to be. That would


be a city. I did not realise a village could be that large.


Controversial if you already a big nose places and I want to see it


extended any further. Especially if it is greenbelt land, is priced in


the heart of the great pastures -- live in those places. In the face of


Brexit and terrorism fears, Donald Trump about to take his role in the


White House, the idea of new towns, I just think this is not something


people will benefit from any time soon. This reads to me like good


news for generate the first. They have to find parliamentary time to


get it through. I slightly disagree with Caroline here. It is people in


the inner cities, the really big cities like Manchester and


Liverpool, and people coming out of studies. They are looking for a


first start, even if it is only a modest flat. That is what they want.


I don't think those young people want to go and live in semi-


suburbanite was semi rural England. Dogs of Elsbury and Harlow. Where


are the jobs to draw them in? There is a bit of a disconnect. I do think


it is part of the Theresa May setting the stalled just in case we


may have to have an early election. We should talk about that more. But


we can't. Let's talk about the Royals. The Daily Mail, getting


better, ma'am. She has missed church again and not been seen for weeks.


24 days. I'm counting. She is the lady who said long ago she has to be


seen to be believed. She knows about the importance of an appearance.


Often in a beautiful blog colour and a big hat. Purpose of very said


young children -- said young children can see her from afar. I'm


sure she would not have wanted to missed church on Christmas Day, and


again on New Year's day. She has a cold. This is the official line. Her


daughter, Princess Anne, says she is better. She is in IT award lady who


has an iron constitution and has enjoyed that all her life -- I am


lady. She will be taking all sorts of medical opinions and advice on


how to get rid of this hacking cough as soon as possible. The good news


is that Prince Philip is back in action and bringing our way. 95


years old. Hats off. 95! You are just a mere 70. Not a hip operation


inside. Soldiering on without the Queen as you expect him to. But


clearly disappointment to those hoping to catch a glimpse of the


Queen. But anyone who was a supporter was obvious the


understanding of why she was not there. Let us go on to page four of


the Express. I love this one. Outdoor skills are lacking in the


young. Young people are clueless when it comes to basic survival


skills such as tying a knot or starting a fire up from scratch.


This is where I wish I had brought a length of rope in so Caroline and


Robert can show us a half page or a shipshape. There are so many


programmes these day is like like Bear Grylls showing us how to


survive in extreme conditions. They should have picked something up.


They mostly appear on young teenager's apps, don't they? This is


aiming at the app potato face. We all know how to make a fire outside.


We rub to Boy Scouts together. LAUGHTER


Young but decides you see people struggling. Pupils going out with


picnics. Everything has been done by a certain delivery van or whatever


-- people. You used it cook for half the world. Did you have an outdoorsy


childhood? I was once lowered to a harbour and did an outward bound


horrendous exhibition at age 12 something. We did all right. We tied


knots and started fires and waded through mud. The final frontier was


that each member of the team had to eat an entire pickled onion. This


was the fallout. This was where everything collapsed. A wild pickled


onion? I do agree. If you walked out on the street, the average


12-year-old could tell you how to hack into the Pentagon but asked


them, come the Apocalypse, which one will be standing, it will be this


man. I with Robert. You can type not for all of us. You will be carrying


the canteen. -- tying knots. That is it for the papers this hour. Nice to


see you both. Happy New Year. Coming up next, it is Reporters.


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