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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Ben Chu - Economics and Business Editor


of the Independent and Caroline Wheeler,


political editor of the Sunday Express.


that children are eating half their recommended daily


allowance before they even leave for school in the morning.


The Istanbul terror attack is the Independent's top story.


It's interviewed an IS defector who says the militant group


The same lead for the Eye - which carries a striking image


of the funeral of one of the victims.


The Times leads with the rail price hike.


It says fares are now six times higher than those in Europe


and that one study says commuters now pay 27 pence for every minute


A similar page one story for the Metro, which reports claims


that thousands of commuters will now be spending 14% of their incomes


could be facing 20 years in jail over a plot to scam drug smugglers


It says the last remaining survivor of the RAF's 'Dambusters' raid


during World War II should get a gong.


And the Daily Mail focuses on foreign aid.


It claims Pakistanis have been queueing at cashpoints to use cards


loaded with British taxpayers' money.


Well, we will come to that story in a moment that we will begin with the


warning about sugar for parents but really it is about the children. A


new story to strike guilt and fear into the heart of households across


the land about what their children eat for breakfast. A remarkable


statistic. The average child is eating the equivalent of three sugar


cube is a day at breakfast alone which as a parent myself this is a


shocking figure and I start thinking about what my own child is eating.


All those sweet pastries and frosted flakes. They have a lot of sugar in


them and I am certainly going to be looking at the advice and see what I


want to know really what are the healthy breakfast options? There are


so many of these things that have sugar in them and you want to know


what they should be eating and what you should be offering and what is


out there. We were trying to think earlier about what our children eat


for breakfast and what is the healthiest option. We both came up


with porridge has been the one but then we both admitted that our


children like a dollop of honey or a little bit of sugar or something.


One viewer has tweeted to say that we should be doing it with a pinch


of salt. But as the Scottish way. I don't see my children will like


that. Your children don't mind? No, they don't. Then they have a honey


on top, however. Bad parent! It is the traditional way of making it.


The thing that got me is that the minute you think your giving your


child serial so as a parent you're instantly think that's the real is a


healthy start to the day. The other day I made scramble on toast and


they were, they were very happy with that. You don't have to give serial,


do you? But it is to do with time in the morning. We are desperately


trying to get to work on time and drop children off at various places


for the rest of the dates so you think about quick easy convenience


solutions. What upsets me the most is that, you write, we think that's


the real is healthy and we know that certain cereals are loaded with


sugar than we give children them. It is actually the other ones. You


check the back of the box and you see that they have three teaspoons


of sugar in every portion. The other thing that worries me is the fruit


juice. You know, the idea that we are starting off with a glass of


fruit juice which is one of their five a day but actually the guide


lines say they should act to have one portion of fruit juice a day


because it is full of sugar and I would imagine that those three sugar


cubes at breakfast, a couple of those are already in a glass of


orange apple juice or the hot chocolate, or whatever it is we give


them. It is interesting that they say that recent data suggests that a


war on sugar has now led to a slump in purchases of fruit and vegetable.


It is kind of going against the healthy message. Anyway so that is


the Telegraph. Let us turn out to the Times talking about rail fares.


This is the time of year when people go back to work, purchase a new


season ticket and find out that longer hold the price has risen


again. This has been happening year in and year out free long time now.


2.3% is the latest rise which is still more than the rate of


inflation and this is only for regulated fares as well. Many of the


other fares out there, they are not capped by the government, they have


increased by even more. One fare in Swansea has increased by 20%.


Imagine using VAT and not having a season ticket? That is serious


money. The biggest context is that the story is saying that rail fares


are far more expensive than they are on the continent, something like 14%


of the salary of an average UK worker compared to between two and


4% in France and Germany which is a bit of a spurious statistic because


they have a different funding mechanism. The government has made a


clear decision that they want more investment and more use of the


railway to be paid for directly by passengers which is why the fares


increased so much. In the continent comes from the general taxpayer


which is why the average fee will be less for passengers but they will


pay for it in other ways. The real issue is how efficient are our


railways and I think people have a problem with that. It is not coming


at the best time, is it? We have strikes and people are not happy.


Delays, overcrowding and the timing could not be worse. The other thing


we need to put into context is that many people have not had a pay rise


and so pay rises have been totally outflanked by these rail rises which


basically means that people are paying more money to go to work than


they were last year directly came into these companies, and are not


getting to work anyway! We saw over Christmas, you know, plenty of


coverage given to the Southern rail strike and people saying that they


were losing their jobs because they could not get to work because there


were no trains to get them there. It is going to be a doom and misery


started the year, particularly the strike is ongoing. And the strike


start tomorrow on the platforms because we understand that there


will be a range of protests that have been organised by action for


rail. They will be taking place at over 100 stations throughout the day


tomorrow including London and Manchester. Cardiff, Bristol etc.


The main protest will be at Manchester Piccadilly in King's


Cross. A flash mob organised by the campaign for better transport. Do


you really think that will get the message across? I think it will


infuriated commuters. The first day back to work and we roll returning


after a lengthy festive break, and given the weather holidays have


fallen this year. The first day back to work, increased their rises,


rubbish services combined with further disruption caused by these


groups that claim to be, that support to be supporting the


transport system,. Jeremy Corbyn possibly not seen the funny side of


McClusky either. Prepared to stand down. A 24% you think he is


justified in issuing this warning? Here is justified and it is


interesting that he is doing it because McClusky has always been the


supportive union figure, the one who was always gone into battle for


Jeremy Corbyn. Where did the Love go? You could argue that he has seen


the writing on the wall at last. The polls are quite bad and it is time


to put pressure on Corbyn to start thinking about an exit strategy if


things do not improve. McClusky is in the midst of his own battle as


the boss of The Unite union and the interpretation a lot of people have


put on it is that this is a way of sparring with his main rival for


that job and a proxy war over the Labour leadership to try and defeat


his rival. That sounds quite plausible to me. You also need to


think about that at the end of the day, the unions have a certain


degree of cloud. Given their proximity to the leadership and the


fact that they are pouring in vast sums of money into the pockets of


individual MPs their power is only as much as the party is able to


achieve at the general election. You want to be a fair party that is able


to get into power and polls have shown that 24%, the lowest support


ratings since July 1983 which was the time of Michael foot. The


writing is on the wall but as you say, I think there is a lot of


politicking going on there. His main rival in this contest is Jarrod


Coyne who was a moderate himself and will be sold off, you know, pursuing


an agenda which is not quite so pro- Jeremy Corbyn. He has to choose a


different tack, I think, in order to show up the support he needs. People


looking at the front page of the Daily Mail tomorrow morning and


thinking of how much they spent over Christmas. Goodness. Well, the mail


has a long-standing campaign against this foreign aid budget that the UK


has. We will one of the few countries that spent directly on


foreign aid. They think it is a terrible use of resources and


especially the time austerity. This is the latest instalment of their


forceful and angry campaign. They say that people in Pakistan are


being issued with cash cards so they can get foreign aid money directly


rather than as food or whatever. A terrible scandal that shows why we


should stop spending so much money. Willis talking earlier about how


there is very little context given. Who are these people? And what basis


are they being given this money? And without that information it is


impossible to make any sort of decision about whether or not this


is money well spent will not. And we've just spent all this money, you


make the comparison and we are feeling the pinch and all this money


is going to these people living abroad literally into their pockets.


The interesting thing that they say is that the amount giving in direct


cash has gone up and there have been concerns around corruption around


the scheme. It is also right to put it that this is historic. This has


been going on for five years. However the new International


developments that Terry has been very very clear that actually she is


aware of what is going on and she is taking her time to review the entire


aid budget and to make sure that basically the British taxpayer is


getting some kind of value for money and that actually aid should not


just be about a bottomless pit it should also be about as spending in


a sensible way that gives us something back in terms of, you


know, the national interest. Some of the money has been going in to help


us with counterterrorism, for example. If you look at the area


that this money is in, and think about what was going on in


Afghanistan and winning the hearts and minds, etc, etc. But, also, I


think we do need to know more. It is a knee-jerk reaction to say that


this is an abhorrent situation but on the base of it, yes there will be


many people who are annoyed that this is going on and I think without


further information it is a dangerous sort of conclusion to draw


that this is ultimately a bad thing that is happening. More detail


inside the paper, hopefully. Quickly, the Daily Express. An extra


incentive to stick to your health. The paper as saying that it will


help you defeat dementia particularly if you have type 2


diabetes or are obese. Does that make you think that you need to


stick at it this year? We were talking earlier about fitness and


health. Any message of this kind of nature at this time of year is


always going to try and move readers, definitely. I think many


people rethink that they need to keep in shape, keep down their fat


consumption etc. It is good for us. But I, kinda, a regular will


reminder is always warranted although I do prefer the headlines


that say chocolate make you smarter or that drinking wine is good for


you. In a way that contradict themselves because they say keep


feet to defeat dementia and then they have a think yourself thin diet


plan. Just do the metalwork, don't worry about exercise. -- just do the


mental work. That is it for the papers. Coming up next week a sports




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