16/02/2017 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are former Trade Minister Lord Digby Jones


Let's have a look at tomorrow's front pages.


The Telegraph focuses on sharp rises in business rates,


saying the Government is likely to face revolt


The mail has the same story and it says business groups are concerned


that they could be blocked from appealing against big rises in their


rates. The Express reports on a new study


which says a one-off 30-minute run, swim or strenuous walk can


significantly boost heart health. The Metro leads with the rising


level of train delays, saying more than one in ten


trains are running late And the NHS features


on the front of the 'i', with an investigation


into the future of The Times says Britain has become a


more clean living nation spending on alcohol and cigarettes has almost


halved in almost 15 years. Finally the Guardian puts President was Mike


Trump -- President Trump's press conference on the front page.


Let's begin with the front page of the Guardian. Henry. This is its


ordinary. I watch this press conference. It was meant to be to


announce the new labour Secretary because one resigned last night. It


ended up looking like... Do the King, the end, the top of the Empire


State building? The plains of firing at him any guesses lashing out in


every direction like a bear with a sore head and back it was exactly


the same thing. He was attacking Jewish journalists, asking


African-American journalist to setting up... He's saying that... He


says all over the place. Looking at the transcript, it was like a


strimmer consciousness. The reaction of the journalists who were in the


room they were looking at each other cackling and laughing. They were


asking whether this is a reality show or whether this is a President


of the United States. I suspect his handlers are going to want to make


sure he did not want to do it again. It ended with him being heckled. Do


you agree with Henry that he was like a bear with a sore head? Was a


not too a certain extent enjoying himself? He solipsistic, isn't he?


He likes being the centre of everything and everything revolves


around him. One day coming he is going to be King Kong at the top of


the skyscraper. At the moment, it is early days. If I was going to be


benevolent about this, I would say it is entirely different for soppy


journalists, the press corps are going to have to get used to a


completely different way of the White has been run. -- for


journalists. If people are just being upset because they are, what


really worries me is that he is the officeholder with respect to the


most powerful office on earth. If they start laughing at the President


of the United States of America, if you couple that with the thing that


ready worries me which is that all the rest of the world are going to


have to accommodate unpredictability and whether he's going to say X and


the next year is going to say why and all of that, you have got a very


unstable world. This is not a small country in South America or Africa


or Eastern Europe that is doing this, this is the most powerful


military might honour. I worry not about whether a load of journalists


went off on this afternoon, I worry that this is the officeholder that


is being laughed at. Is there a sense that there is a spectacle


around this? A jaw-dropping, we have never seen anything like this before


and perhaps they are being distracted by that and in a sense


what we should be concentrating on is the fact? The thing is the


journalists, if you watch the toing and froing between them, they were


concentrating on the facts. They pressed again and again on Russia.


When they went from the guy from CNN to another journalist, that


journalist asked the same question in a different way. As time goes by


and they can to save themselves we will not let it get away with this.


Is commander-in-chief. Russia helped steal the election.


Constitutionally, this is very important. One thing that concerns


me about this guy is that he has got such a thin skin. Politicians grow


up, I know he is not one, but grow up. As a business one, you have got


to take it. He was saying in this conference, he was told he was wrong


that he got the wrong electoral college wins. Is that I got this


information. Why do they bother saying it in first place? To do it


matter that more people turned up his inauguration than his? On that


note, let's move onto the next story. Tories face a revolt over


nightmare rise in rates. This is about business rates and an


impending revolt in the Tory heartland. You sound sceptical,


Digby. This is a north-south issue. If you look at the Tory heartlands,


if you look at south-east England, the first revaluation since 2008.


Probably values are revalued for the purposes of reassessing how much you


pay if you own a shop or the office of the little workshop. Up go the


business rates. In south-east England, you have had big property


rises in value. Up go the business rates. It is true that an awful lot


of small businesses in south-east England will either not be able to


afford it and therefore cut back on recruitment and cut back on


investment, or they won't be able to afford it and go bust. If you went


north of Birmingham and if you went north of England, there are an awful


lot of businesses next April who will be paying fewer business rates.


This money. Why? Because businesses have not and as much. If you're


reading this in north England, you will think soft south. In south


England, we will think we are the engine room of Britain, what are you


doing this? You to see this through different eyes. The Daily Mail have


the same sorry written up in a slightly different way. They say


they are dealing almost 300,000 appeals. It is true. He would go.


It's a political problem for the Government. Massively. The


Conservative Party is only meant to be the party of Laura order and


businesses small and large. Most people are not employed by local


government or by national Government, they are supplied by


local enterprises. If you said that because property rates have gone up


massively since 2008, think about it. A lot of people who run those


businesses will not necessarily have increased aberrant, their turnover


will not have increased by the same amount, they will be screwed unless


there is a relief. Conservative backbenchers are calling for that.


It is a question as to whether Philip Hammond will do that. You are


factually incorrect, it is not though the property rates have gone


up since I wait, it is the value of the properties. The rates are going


to happen overnight. It is not being brought in on a transitional, it is


overnight. Suddenly when you are right, I misspoke. You were wrong. I


misspoke, Digby. Let's move on. Spending on cigarettes and alcohol


falls through a 15 year low. This is very significant. The question is


why. There's a new one or two facts. Spending on alcohol and cigarettes.


We're talking about the typical household who are spending ?11 40 a


week last year on the Lee Mack and pay to almost ?20 in 2001. That is


according to the office for National statistics. The big question is why.


Apparently, this cutback is being led by the younger generation. They


drink less and spend a lot more time hanging out playing video games. A


lot of people are teetotal by religion or culture. A quarter or


something? More than a cause of under 25 start teetotal. If's


astonishing, isn't it? How we've moved from being binge drinkers ten


years ago to this. This may be the result of lots and lots of anti-drug


propaganda. I agree. And e-cigarette Uganda. If I may just say, this is a


paper review, -- and anti-cigarette propaganda. You hear all this stuff


and one-day porridge is wonderful for you and the next day it is


awful. Once, on the front page we have got something that nobody can


disagree with. Cigarettes and alcohol are bad for you and they


fall to a 15 year low. For a newspaper to carry this on the front


page, that is not going so badly. Digby approves. With Philip Hammond


and the budget coming up, they are tremendous sources of tax revenue.


When people are ill because of these they cost the NHS are huge amount of


money. That is always been the dichotomy. They're what is the


tipping point? What point you put the tax up so much? I can whistle


here made Birmingham. I won't blow it but I can. Clive has a gavel and


you can have a whistle. Let's move on, the front page the Lee Mack page


of the expressed full stop also about health and also good news. The


folklore and the scientific data tells you that you have to train at


least three times a week. According to scientists here, they claim that


a one-off 30 minute run can relieve boost longevity by warding off


cardiovascular disease. I don't think that is enough. I think at


least three times a week for 45 minutes ago. That is not the story


though. I know. I am overruling the story. What you need to do is little


and often. Where they are right is what they are really saying is get


exercise. That is right. One of apparently is good. Lots of people


will cheer that. Yes. Let's take you back to the Guardian. A great front


page picture. Could mammoths will be a game? He has been desperate to do


this. Yes. I saw this in the little corner of the eye down here. What


we're saying is that this is Jurassic Park territory. Taking DNA


out of an extinct fossil, putting it into an elephant which could be the


host and the hosts starts growing hair and big tasks. An amazing


thought. What they start doing with drivers or reflexes and all of that.


The word that they have used in the eye of the same story was of a great


picture in the Guardian. But they use the word the extension, they put


woolly mammoth hybrid within two years, the extension. I thought you


could de-extinct Bobby Charlton or George Becks. He alive. We should


still focus on the people who are still alive -- and animals are the


still alive rather than the ones that are extinct. I agree especially


with poaching. I'm glad we agree on that one. Very worrying. We have


agreed far too much tonight. They give very much. We didn't need the


whistle. That is it that the papers tonight. Don't forget you can see


the front page of the papers online on the BBC News website. It is all


their few seven days a week. If you missed the programme, you can watch


it later on BBC I play. A big thank you to Digby Andrew Henry. Thank you


very much the headlines are coming up for you shortly.


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