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The latest King Kong franchise in the film review.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are Robert Fox, Defence Editor


and Esther McVey, former Conservative Employment minister.


The FT says Theresa May is on the brink of formally


launching Britain's exit from the European Union after rebel


Tory MPs admitted they were unlikely to have the power to block the move.


The i says Tory veteran Lord Hestletine who was sacked over


Brexit has accused Mrs May of treating colleagues


For the Metro, it's "March Madness", as strikes over driver-only trains


spread to three parts of the country.


The Telegraph has a picture of a serious-faced Nicola Sturgeon


behind Theresa May - it says the Scottish leader


is threatening to derail Article 50 with plans


for a second independence referendum.


Brexit preoccupies the Express again - it says MPs have been urged not


to wreck the bill's progress through Parliament.


And the Times says the heads of 35 Oxford colleges have signed


a letter, pleading with MPs to allow EU citizens already resident


in Britain the right to stay after Brexit.


The Guardian focuses on the possible trade implications for Britain


But its front page is dominated by Britain's youngest MP


Mhairi Black who says she "hates" parliament and might stand down


And the Mirror carries a picture of Madeleine McCann -


it says police want to talk to a former worker at the resort


The eye says the Tories are in turmoil ahead of Article 50 this


week. You wonder how much turmoil they are in because I do not know


how many will vote against the two line bill and keep the amendments


the Lords put through. It will go through. I do not think they will


get enough support for the amendment. I am afraid that thinks


the paper is in a little bit of a term because it is not clear whether


it is a row over Brexit all over the mandate is to know when he was


defence Minister of forensic fillip. And now raking a promise in the


manifesto - that has never happened before I am sure! The Daily


Telegraph says... We are getting rid of that one as a non- story. We can


look at other aspects of the Brexit issue. A little bit of a spat but


mainly from Michael has all time -- Michael Hazel time. He voted against


the government and he would be sacked but a short memory because he


was a senior member in John Major's team making short Conservative lost


the whip. He knows that should you vote against your party there are


consequences. Isn't David Davis being somewhat disingenuous of those


saying MPs would be trying to reverse Brexit if they were to


support the amendments. It is not to stop Brexit at all but bring in


safeguards for EU residents still here and also the idea of giving the


MPs vote on the deal when we finally get one. What is newish about this


is the shift in journalism. All of what you have both said is the post


truth phenomena in. Brilliantly described... Word of the year


according to the Oxford dictionary... Forget the fact of


what you have discovered by fact what you believe in motion --


emotionally to be true. I do find some of David Davis's pronouncements


extraordinary. Forget about the Lords. In saying you should not


attend to those two amendments at all which is what he seems to be


saying today, what is the point of the constitutional process... Should


it have been in the manifesto, you should not vote against it. When it


comes to ping pong what the Lords does is scrutinised but they do not


oppose what the elected chamber has done. They said this is what we want


you to look at. The comments will look at it again and then at


everybody agrees citizens of the EU should stay here and that will no


doubt be the case. The Tories may have said we need to have as much


concerned for our citizens in the EU as we have for EU citizens here but


you cannot keep having vote after vote after vote because it is about


not wanting Brexit not to happen. You cannot... At the people is not


going to be upended by having these two amendments. It is safeguards,


they are not going to stop Brexit. We have the fear over the finances


of what would be the punishment budget and now this fear about what


is going to happen with EU citizens because we have said we want those


people protected but we want to ensure British citizens are


protected in the EU. I have mentioned the Telegraph that have


barely looked at it. Sturgeon's last-ditch bid to ruin Brexit.


Again, the implication that it wants to stop Brexit. Alternative fax...


Not quite but we're getting there. We are getting into triumph true


thinness. -- Donald Trump truth. It is a rather tangled this story


because it suggests that Nicola Sturgeon looking daggers at that


very fine hat Theresa May is wearing and a fine photograph on the find


page, wants to undo Brexit. If you read the fine deal what she wants is


a fine deal which allows the Scots in on the negotiations. Mrs May had


pushed her back on that. The Telegraph makes a leap forward and


says she is threatening and independence referendum by the end


of next year so that by the time we get to the conclusion of the Brexit


negotiations, Scotland could be out on the United Kingdom. Could be. If


and buts. You can see from the look and body language that Nicola


Sturgeon is in a much tighter position, a different corner than


Theresa May because the polls are not favouring her for independence.


Scotland is so dependent on the English economy, are they really


going to bail out? Is it a desperate last-minute attempt and she has been


cornered... All these little details... You are going to look


after Scotland's best interest if you are its leader. We have to move


on. We do! The Times, EU workers must stay. Oxford heads tell Theresa


May. A great deal of universities came out in support of remaining in


the EU because of the benefits to research and this is our longer


those lines? Yes and I know that Oxford calculated within three


months after the except vote being taken -- Brexit vote being taken


they had lost grounds from the EU and a lot of staff, it teaches in


Oxford, in the sciences as specially, art European citizens.


They have 35 voting but three would not join this motion. I wonder who


they are. Let's look at The Guardian. Britain will be bottom of


the heap without a deal on Brexit. How can it be that David Davis and


Boris Johnson awaiting this away. That it is not matter about a deal.


How can you argue that is a good idea. Who was behind this piece of


research? They were all Remainers say you say, it has already been


written from a specific point of view so we look at it through that


lends and other people would say, you could not get a much worse deal


than 68th clean pound trade deficit. -- 68 billion pound trade deficit


deal. UKIP get car is against that market. -- tariff. It would enable


you to an short to get a good deal because every other country has to


make sure that when we leap we are the biggest export market. Would


people expect to cope with WTO and tariff? And a drop in the standard


of living. Even if you had to deal with the WTO rules, the amount of


money that has to be paid, you could still have a surplus. We have to


give Theresa May the best chance to get the best deal and be in the best


negotiating position. But you could not get much worse. I do not want to


sound like Ramona... Hold on, the people who were not happy with the


1975 referendum complained for years and years and... I am going to


complain about your bias here and it is about EU citizen. And your


buyers! Not at all. -- bias. What kind of a voice is it going to have


because if you say you are guaranteed this and --


disenfranchise Parliament, you're looking at a constitutional... That


is what MPs voted to do, to give the state to the people in a significant


way. According to Donald Trump, I am one of the bad people. I need to


move on. As long as we get back to the point that it was the people who


voted for Brexit. Within a margin of error. A waste of time, the youngest


MP, Mhairi Black, saying she may not stand for a second term because so


little gets done and yet we tried to encourage young people to engage and


go into politics. She has a point. The deliberations of Parliament have


very little effect. In the words of the late Lord Hailsham, we have an


elected dictatorship. If you are in with a solid majority, you can do


what all those what they like. We went into Iraq. There is something


flawed. It is not quite as broken as Mhairi Black says but it is


dysfunctional, you see it on all sides. That is not government vote,


where are we with democracy, that is what the slope process is. So many


people want to say, Opposition, stakeholder groups, individuals,


that is what slows down the democratic process not necessarily


what happens in government but making sure everybody has a say.


That is probably what she is frustrated about the cover-up over


dodgy pay-outs to peers. Apparently an informal probe, an unofficial


probe into tears whether they are turning up and doing their jobs


properly and claiming their money, all keeping a taxi parked outside


the front door as suggested in meet the Lords programme on the BBC.


Again, this is not quite what it says. It is largely based on the


programme is going out. On the House of Lords. It was an informal


enquiries but what the Baroness was saying is it is not an expensive


scandal she is driving at, she is driving at the regular ?300 tax-free


claim just for turning up. We are getting so little value for money


for many of them. She is questioning the productivity. You have created


far too many. A chamber nearly a thousand which is... Everybody is


coming to the conclusion, is it to many? Could we do with less?


I am being urged to mention the fact that in the Daily Mail, the and


eight-year-old author is on Tinder, and AppWare you can meet people and


get to them. Can we see the picture? Of the young man she is with? If you


are 80 and can get him on Tinder I think we would all be on here. I


have to speak up for my friend of many years ago, Ms Cooper, I think


this is merely essential research for a novel which she is undoubtedly


preparing. How deep is the research going?! That's it for the papers.


Don't forget, it is on iPlayer. Coming up next, it is The Film




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