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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Jason Beattie, head of politics at the Mirror,


and Tim Shipman, political editor at the Sunday Times.


The Express features the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


who saw their visit to Paris overshadowed by the


The Royals "continued defiantly with their


The Sunday Times also pictures the Duchess of Cambridge,


but its main story is that alleged rape victims will be spared


cross-examination in court, under new reforms announced


The Mail goes it alone with a controversial call


from a retired doctor for women to be able to terminate a pregnancy


The Telegraph says new evidence has emerged over claims that a pregnancy


testing drug has been linked to birth defects in


We'll come to court in a minute. Let's start with the express. An


exclusive from Caroline Wheeler suggesting there may be a snap


general election, hold on a medic, Theresa May has always said she


doesn't want it. And she has even given a date. As you know, there are


all sorts of obstacles before we can even think about a general election


matters because of the fixed term parliament act introduced by David


Cameron, she has to get two thirds of an MP who agreed -- to agree. And


Downing Street has been fully assistant that it does not want to


go early to look holes. The big card, Theresa May has up heard


sleeve, if things go wrong with Brexit, then we comply a general


election card. Why do it now? But there are many things to attract her


to it. This is a fantastic story. I spoke to use people in Downing


Street to said, we are not doing it, the Prime Minister is absolutely


firm in this, and yet, what Caroline has got tonight, art text between


senior members of the party, speculating about it. There are many


reasons why they might. They have 20 MPs under investigation, there might


be by-elections reruns if they are found to be breaking their spending


rules. Nicola Sturgeon is kicking off about another referendum. It is


hard to see the SNP doing as well as they did last time, they won all but


two seats, if they retreated a bit, it would Emad the Gulf for


independence to go ahead. And Theresa May is having to bow down to


backbenchers whenever they complain about anything. It is that she


impossible to get a tax rise on anything now. If ten Tory


backbenchers decide they don't like a policy, it doesn't happen. If you


have a general election, she would inevitably have a massive majority.


Inevitably? It looks that labels top Labour's internal polling suggests


they could lose 50 seats. Theresa May's people say that voters have a


way of punishing the party that is illiberal itself. If they call a


general election just to get a bigger majority, there is a danger


voters will punish them. Well MPs vote for this? A lot of MPs are


always resistant to this because they wonder however big their


majorities are whether they will still hold onto their seats. If it


is going to be me the fourth, they should get a move on. I think the


theory is Theresa May will trickle -- trigger Article 50 in the last


week of March, possibly Wednesday the 29th, five weeks before May the


4th, that is about when you call a general election as well. I don't


expect them to do it but it is interesting that senior people are


talking about it. The Star Wars date, May the 4th. The Telegraph,


where we are looking here. Hammond faces mutiny from Brexit ministers.


What they cross about? They across they haven't got enough civil


servants in that department. Having told us repeatedly they are well


staffed, they have all the officials they need, to help us past Article


50, now they are saying they need more staff and more money and dark


upset about the 6% departmental budget cuts the Chancellor is tried


get through. This is the first thing that Liam Fox, Boris Johnson and


David Davies have agreed about in six months, that they all want more


money. There is this additional pressure of their and this came


about when they did the U-turn on the national age as contributions,


it was partly a Brexiteer trying to destabilise and weekend the one to


lasting Remainer in Cabinet. They see him as the block and then trying


to get the Brexit they want because he is the realist. He keeps saying,


come down to earth, guys, this is what it is going to be like.


Anything they can do to undermine Hammond, they will do. There was


concern immediately after the referendum result that there were


not be enough people that was killed in trained negotiations. Well, we


haven't done if for 40 years. Most countries outside the EU have dozens


of these people. We are trying to hire them. We are tried to pay large


amounts of money to foreign experts to tell us how to do it. And the


civil wing of the civil servants, amazingly, they have included that


they need 30% more civil servants weeks after Brexit and we are still


not there. The Sunday Times, how many bylines have you got this week


on the French page, Tim? -- the front page. Just the two. Osborne


scuppers second jobs for MPs. He's got about six jobs. Why is this a


problem? What we have got this evening is the chairman of the


committee on standards in public life who is taking a dim view of Mr


Bourne getting all this money for all these jobs. He is investigating


this and they are saying they will hold a meeting on Thursday and open


investigation into second jobs. It turns out the parliamentary sleaze


committee which is a pal of a bunch of MPs are also writing and M --


report on second jobs which is looking at banning MPs from doing


anything out side of the hours that Parliament sits which would pretty


much do it for George Osborne. He has already been reported to see


whether he has broken a code of conduct with what he is doing. And


Iain Duncan Smith has been caught out comparing him to Gordon gecko


with the motif, greed is good. So not a great evening for Mr Osborne,


who appears desperate, from the friends I have spoken today, the


Klingon. As an MP. Yes, with all the money and that jobs, but I think he


will get a rude awakening in Parliament. Other MPs might have a


little earner on the side but to the tuna of 20,000. There is an MP who


is a lawyer down in Devon but he doesn't quite as much as Mr Osborne.


Is it just the money? I have some sympathy with MPs because it is a


typical Lord implement. A lot of MPs right for the Daily Mirror and


sometimes we pay them to do that. Are we going to say that as a second


job? Are we going to stop MPs writing for us. The charitable


concern. And Johnson has written excellent books. It is difficult to


say, you have a blanket ban on any outside interests. What Osborne has


done has slightly taken the Mickey here by taking every job going. Next


week, he will be presenting. We were saying, if he was a newspaper


editor, we could have him here. I am sure you will get full coverage of


this lorry when he becomes the editor. If the MPs earn a few quid


here and there, the whole thing will be spoilt by George taking the


Mickey. It would be an easy thing for him to do, to lose the ?74,000


from being an MP. That would be painful for him to do because he


doesn't want to lose his position in Parliament. He is keen to have some


fun, make some money, friends say determined to throw himself at this


and prove he's a good newspaper editor, he likes to be good at


everything. But if Theresa May falls under a us, George Osborne wants to


be in Parliament, in case he is required to pick up the pieces.


Staying with the Sunday Times, rape victims to be spared court ordeal


and a new Lord to ban grooming of children. There was a bill going


through on Monday, the second reading of the bill on courts and


prisons, and we have an interview with the Justice Secretary and she


is saying they have done trials with child sex cases where you allow the


victim and vulnerable witnesses to give evidence outside of the court


room on video, they get cost examined and video --


cross-examined, and this speeds up guilty pleas, it hasn't raised the


conviction rate at the defence lawyers look at the evidence and


realise they won't get off and its speeds things up and reduces former


for the victims. They are going to roll this out for adult rape trials


and sex offences. And they hope that will lessen that former for some of


these allegedly teams. I'm surprised we need a new law that bans the


grooming of children. This is one of these examples where technology is


overtaking where existing laws are. Anything that lessens the form of


rape victims must be a good thing. They are awful cases where Reykjavik


teams have appeared in court -- rape victims, and the alleged offender


wearing exactly the same close they were wearing when they committed the


crime. -- same clothes. It has been complained about for a long time.


The Independent, Scotland split over referendum before Brexit. Nicola


Sturgeon is let -- yet to win support for an early vote. You have


to be sure of your numbers. I'm not surprised by this is Rory. What


people think about this, they found out that three years ago, the


country was split, and three years on, they conduct a poll and find the


same thing. What is Nicola Sturgeon doing? She wouldn't want to do this


She has stuck herself into quite a She has stuck herself into quite a


whole. She is under Russia from people in her own party to move


things are little quicker. -- pressure. The more you up the


rhetoric, the more it you have to look like you are doing something.


People who know her well know she has a massive balancing act on her


hands and she has looked like she is going for a referendum whilst not


really going for a referendum. They were saying, yes we must have this,


and the will of the Scottish people must be respected, but we will talk


about that timing, so, yes, the will of the Scottish Parliament will be


respected, but will it be respected in 2018 or 2021? I think there is


evidence that whispers to will be able to resist this for quite some


time because of polls like this that show a lot of people in Scotland


haven't changed their minds on where they were before and a lot of people


really hate it -- hated the referendum process. This was a lump


of thing. We are obsessed with Brexit in England but most people


who have spent time covering Brexit and who followed what happened in


Scotland said it was much uglier in Scotland, families were divided, a


lot of people don't want to go through that again. Until the polls


show there is a real groundswell, Nicola Sturgeon is basically doing


internal party management rather than responding to a national will


that says we must either referendum. Sunday Telegraph again, stop


repressing Cornwall, the English have been warned. The Council of


Europe has finally recognised the importance of Cornwall, and my whole


family live in a tiny village in Cornwall and in favour of this. The


fact that we're not Devon, that is important. The fact that we now have


two make-up cream tea. It is extraordinary that you do jam and


then put cream on top, that is the correct way. And in Devon, it is the


cream first? Yes, they backwards. Apologies to people in Devon. How


can we help bolster Cornwall? Eat more Pastis. You wonder whether


there will be a referendum in court as well to break away from the


people of Devon. That is it that the papers this hour. I am sure it is


fine if you put the cream on a first. Jason and Tim will be back


later with another look at the front pages but first of all, Reporters.


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