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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Jim Waterson, who's the political editor


of Buzzfeed and the public appointments adviser,


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with the cover of the FT


features a stark warning from President Trump over North


The Telegraph also carries the President's comments


on its front page, ahead of his first meeting


The i focuses on the row what it calls the 'fighting talk'


The same story is on the front page of the Metro, with the paper


highlighting the former Tory leader's claim


that the Prime Minister would consider war to keep the territory.


The Express says 20 minutes' walk a day could save your life,


following a report by the British Heart Foundation that


three quarters of heart patients take no exercise at all.


Donald Trump's warning to the Chinese is the Times' lead


tomorrow, with the President saying he would take unilateral action


if necessary to halt Kim Jong-Un's nuclear programme.


The Daily Mirror carries a photo of the daughter of Tracey Wilkinson,


visiting the scene where her mother was stabbed to death


alongside her brother Pierce in Stourbridge last week.


And finally the Guardian says changes to benefit payments


to families and the bereaved will mean thousands will be poorer


Let's start with Gibraltar. It is all over the place, including page


six of the Daily Mail. The Prime Minister would go to war over rock,


it says, Tories in a startling claim the meet is ready to defend


Gibraltar are just as Thatcher did for the Falklands. With Michael


Howard... The former Conservative leader did the rounds on the morning


political shows this morning and he made a comment that as much as


Margaret Thatcher defended the Falklands, he is sure that Theresa


May will show resolve and before you know it we have this spread it where


we are weighing up the relative powers of each Navy,... We are not


going to go to war. We may have diplomatic skirmishes that the main


thing is it is telling what the mentality is of the people on the


Conservative Party, or a hard-core Brexiteers. This is their mentality.


It is also saying that Downing Street could have pushed this down


the agenda but it is choosing to let it run. It shows their thinking at


the moment. And now the Daily Mail is comparing the size of naval fleet


who has the biggest miner? We have, right? -- the biggest armada? But


this sets an icy tone, doesn't it? It does and there is no need for it


at all. I do not know we the Times have remained silent on this because


they could say not to be stupid, they were going to have a proper


discussion and negotiation. But at least we can revisit stories about


the Falklands and Margaret Thatcher and those individuals. She is their


leader, their Queen, Margaret Thatcher, so they are happy to be


talking about her exploits. Another story on the page to do with Brexit,


a relevance here because it says that Spain would not veto Scotland


joining the Brussels Clob. That was always a suggestion that Spain would


veto it because Catalonia may get an idea from it. I am sure Nicola


Sturgeon is more than happy to hear that. This wondering now why they


are dragging their feet because they already have one vote. Another idea


here, cutting students from migrant total. That done that a long time


ago because many students come here, here to in neighbouring money with


them. They also go back home in a Finnish study in store on the whole


tends to be that students come here, pay fees, and then go home of their


own accord. What is interesting is that Theresa May pushed against the


idea of including student... Against excluding it from the immigration


figures. The Cabinet, many members of the Cabinet a blinking to


newspapers that someone has had another go again, that this should


be different but to read the -- Theresa May is convinced that people


will not trust her. Let's have a look at the story here. People from


different parts of the EU who are already, before they know whether or


not they must leave, but feeling that there is no place for them.


This is a good report from one of our senior reporters. We do not


claim a mass exodus but we are looking at EU citizens who are here


legally who no longer feel that this is the country for them. It is no


longer the sort of place they want to be. We have a Spanish teaching


here who is leaving because this is no longer the play she moved four.


NHS workers as well who came over legally from European countries.


They would be allowed to stay as they wanted to post Brexit that they


are saying that they feel the country has changed. Rightly or


wrongly, they just feel that something has changed. People you


spoke to have said that they do not feel that Britain no longer feels


like a country that would be a part. And they have also suffered attacks.


That is a problem, that people feeling all of a sudden that their


neighbours and friends are looking at them differently and labelling


them as Avar. That is quite worrying because that is when you get people


being attacked and afraid to be somewhere. -- labelling them as


other. Before June 23, it was business as usual. All of a sudden


now, people are looking at them and asking them why they are still here.


These individuals are clearly saying yes, we are going. We want to go


somewhere where we can bring up our children where they will not feel as


if they will be bullied. A nurse saying that he was told that he was


stealing jobs. How anecdotal as this, rather than hard evidence? We


have no... We have relatively few ideas of how many are living here.


And how many are moving back. But it is an interesting story to the wider


narrative of how many people will want to stay here after Brexit. I am


worried that with the NHS desperate individuals who are now leaving and


who will fill that gap? Have a look now at the Financial Times with an


exclusive interview with President Trump ahead of his meeting with the


Chinese this week. If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will.


This has been picked out. We don't know exactly what the question he


was asked that his answer is that. We don't know what sorting it out


means, whether that means that sanctions or something more scary.


When asked for more details, Donald Trump says he does not have anything


else to say totally so it is going to be one of those things where it


is in his head, he has an idea of what he will do and maybe he will


tweet them to death but it is worrying that this is his first


chance to meet the Chinese leader and this is his opening salvo. Do


something now about North Korea or I will. And they are probably


thinking... Sorry? We are China. If we do not want to do something...


But after many months of Donald Trump saying stuff, behind the


scenes he may be less robust about it. North Korea is a genuinely


slightly terrifying threat at the moment something probably does need


to be done. Sanctions have not worked so far. I don't quite know


whether or not we need military intervention. There is a problem


there and it is not just completely in the head of Donald Trump. China


has more influence, probably than any other country. Yes. China is


terrified about the collapse of North Korea because it would result


into a refugee crisis on its border. At the moment they can keep that at


bay. Let's move now to the times. I will show you quickly. -- the Times.


These are wild stallions. I had no idea that we had wild horses. That


is not the story. I'm just fascinated by that. New Internet


domain names. An intranet domain with. Kid at the end. -- Internet.


Many people may think that is something for them and it is not


being regulated like other domains are. Yes, they say that this one is


under the control of Russia with no measures in place to prevent


convicted child abusers from setting up Web sites bearing that name. It


should have the same standards that Internet Corporation names do. It is


almost like a free for all and that is the worrying thing because


children will look at it and think that there is something there for


them. Not knowing who is behind it has they been checked or verified.


These new domains that are dished out by an international organisation


that is based, it is the Internet Corporation for assigned names and


Numbers. It is based in California. I must admit I read this story and I


thought it was a lot of scaremongering. I really do not see


the riskier. The idea that you are more likely to have a kid entrapped


because they are going to play games. Kids rather than play kids


.com is over the top. Sometimes when it comes to the Internet there is...


A lot of real risks and there is a lot of very easily managed ones on


this one seems to be very easily managed. If you are a parent, watch


what your children are doing. That is all. But, don't forget that


sometimes parents do look at things very quickly and think, oh, that is


obviously child friendly, just because a hazard on the end. As you


said, you need to look it into more detail. Eyes on the back of your


head and everything. Quite difficult. The Telegraph. Police


warn Bail changes will help to release criminals. At the moment,


people can be held on bail for an immensely long time. Yes, we had an


issue with one man and, certainly, that seems to be an extraordinary


amount of time that you would expect that the police should be able to


conduct as many investigations as possible in that long period of


time. But it is not necessarily all joined up. The information is stored


in various places and we do not have a national police service. 28 days,


you know, isn't really enough time? I don't think so. Then you will have


innocent people who do not have their lives ruined as a result of


this change and durability people who do not get prosecuted. So it is


just about finding a balance. Police are unhappy about it. They think it


will be a dangerous development. The next time, the government are being


praised the taking this stance. They should be able to extend it. If 28


days, they feel they can provide evidence to say there is additional


time needed and so, two weeks or three weeks, I think that is a


problem. If I have had a year, you should not be able to say that it


will be another couple of days or weeks because you have had over a


year already. Having a look at the Times. I promised you zombies and


here they are. Hold on a minute. Jim thinks the headline is far more


exciting. Fear of zombies at lead to bodies being mutilated and burned.


What?!? It is a fantastic story of dry archaeological news being made


into an interesting story. They found burned bones in a deserted


village not far from where I grew up and from where my recently deceased


and much loved great uncle was regularly digging up bones. They


found that there were burned, the corpses were burnt and dismembered


and the archaeological logically having seen this evidence it decided


that stopping them walking from their graves seems to be the best


fit for the evidence. A bit of a jump... I do trust them, don't you?


Unless we have a better idea, I cannot think of anything. Devious


treatment to stop corpses rising from the dead. I will put that into


my well. What I like, however, is it shows us the dark side of mediaeval


belief provides a graphic reminder about different the mediaeval view


of the world wars from our own. I think that is the leap because there


is a plethora of zombie films out these days. This could have been


something that happened in 2017 rather than all those many years


ago. But, yes let I think we have not changed that much. Quickly, can


we look at the express? The daily walk to save your life. 20 million


people are not getting enough exercise according to the British


Heart Foundation. In some parts, 97% of people are physically inactive.


God forbid any news channel viewer sitting at home on the sofa tonight


a worrying about whether or not they got their walking today. But that


is... We know this stuff. If you live a healthy lifestyle you are


less likely to get ill. It is hard to make a new habit. Bad habits are


easy. We don't mind walking on a treadmill or watching -- while


watching this. That is it. Thank you very much.


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