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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the former Trade Minister, Lord Digby Jones


and the Broadcaster and Campaigner, Henry Bonsu.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with


The Financial Times says push to reform company bosses.


The Metro leads with a warning that GP practices are


Whilst The Telegraph claims the surgery shortage is down


The i says parents face prosecution for taking their children


The Daily Mail says travel companies must lower Fayers to help families.


The Express reports on an armed police presence


at the Grand National, for the first time


The Daily Mirror claims the serial killer Peter Sutcliffe


The Times says first-time home buyers are being priced out by large


numbers of foreign investors. That is a flavour of the front pages and


we will get into at least of those but let's talk about GPs, tell us


about the front of Metro. Critical levels in red and a black and white


headline. The whole purpose of the critical aspect of this is that so


many GPs are leaving the profession, some earlier than you might have


thought, and one of the reasons for that is going to be pressure at work


coming into stress and one reason will be the pensions that are


available to the GP profession is going to be brought more in line


with the private sector, paying more in and get less out. The public


sector have had it too good for too long, and all that means is that an


approaching doctor thinks it is best to get out now and not risk it


later. That is about what the doctor might think, the other side, and it


is always difficult for people like us to understand which part of this


is relevant. If you have less demand on certain parts of the city and


more demanding another part of the city, then one of the good things to


do is to close that one, you merge it into this bigger one, you don't


need as much administration costs and you save money for the taxpayer.


You asked doctors to move and you ask some of those patients to walk


15 minutes to get there. Upside, you save money, then said it becomes


more of a factory and therefore a lot of doctors and GPs say I don't


like this. And it might be longer than 15 minutes, especially if you


are old! And it is difficult to see at what point is this good for us


and what point is it not. Tony Blair changed the relationship between the


NHS and you, fundamentally paid a lot more money and then worked in a


harder. A lot are working incredibly hard but quite a few but like the


screws being twisted. If you think about it, a lot of figures on this


story, let's go through one North two. 57 GP surgeries shut last year.


Doesn't sound like much but it affects a quarter of a million


patients because that is the average. The number of practices


closing up 15% on 2015 and 100% on 2014. I will take a different tack.


It is because of stress, it is because of underfunding. We the


great British public expect more and more out of the NHS and who is on


the front line? GP surgeries, even talk of a seven day a week service


and you saw how angry they were. It sounds great on paper but it is the


human beings in the end. The private sector is very difficult as Donald


Trump is finding from the public sector. He made a point about public


sector pensions compared to private ones, do you agree? Just looking at


the figure, the amount you can save before being taxed as being reduced


from 1.8 million to one million and they are saying as a result of that


GPs are retiring early. But it is a vocation, not about money. Let's


show you the front of the Telegraph because it has that on the front


page as well, saying much the same thing. The answer is why is this


happening and that is the question. It is never going to be simple and


not going to be just one answer. But it is true to say they are trying to


bring service levels, response levels and volume of work in line


with a lot of people in the private sector who don't feel there is a


fair balance between public and private. Specifically on pensions?


Private sector pensions have been absolutely devastated than the last


10-15 years and public sector pensions have not. It got to the


point with the civil service when a lot of people got into the public


sector just to get such a good pension. Last word on that one. If


you use your local GP surgery and see the impact it has when it closes


especially for older people who are more infirm and you see how hard


most GPs work, they really do, a vocation and not about the money,


and they are being pushed to the limit. I don't wholly disagree with


that. Thank you. I knew there would be harmony in the end! Takers to the


other story in the Telegraph we were looking at with regards to Syria and


the British and American position. Things moving quickly. A few days


ago Rex Tillerson said the US didn't really feel that they wanted to get


rid of President Assad. It wasn't really something they were worried


about some people felt that has been a shift of emphasis from President


Obama to President Trump but no President Trump has done a 180


degrees turn because of the appalling chemical weapons attack


people are blaming on the jets of Bashar Al Assad. We have all seen


the terrible pictures, people who have lost children, men and women,


really terrible, and Donald Trump says something has to happen.


Options for the military strike being considered. And the one thing,


I don't think Syria was Barack Obama's finest moment. Right from


the day he said chemical weapons are a red light and I am not putting up


with and he did, they knew what they were getting away with. Saying up


with this I will not put, the upside is the sponsoring of the President


Assad regime, they will think, there's a new player in this, thread


a little carefully. It is another dimension and a good thing on the


other hand, another red line. Just like Barack Obama said, another red


line. You have used the words and it is true, people immediately think


guns. And if the node don't do that they weaken their possession.


Potentially to take a military strike on Syria when there are


Russian forces involved. Do you coordinate with the Russians? What


exactly do you bomb? What about civilian casualties? Do you give


them a slap on the wrist or go much harder. Boris Johnson is saying we


need to calm down and investigate to see if it really was the Syrian


government but most people seem to say. And that is the motion the UN


will be looking at, calling for an investigation. Really poor show, 48


hours afterwards, let's have an investigation. It is a good thing in


terms of it is more than nothing but the problem you have with the


security council of each member has a veto. Russia is never going to not


veto, if you don't mind the double negative, anything that censors


President Assad because he is their puppet. It is going to test the


Russia- friendly Donald Trump in ways not tested before. Especially


with the 180. Interesting conversations. Exactly. It is a line


in the sand. There's a problem, I am agreeing with you again. Test it


further, the Financial Times. I like the photograph at the top, and I


would draw a bubble lover less and have word bubble, have you heard the


one about... ? A very serious person, let's not get all Daily


Mail. I am very impressed with the orderliness of Prime Minister.


Multiparty political thing. As a personality. That fourth graph


suggests a reasonably friendly cordial moment. It does say they


agree we need to lower tensions but how much control do they have over


the other actors. I am not talking about Nigel Farage. Don't worry


about what these actors do in public posturing, worry about in private.


That is where the deals will be. Not until the books are published! The


other story is then at the bottom. I am so pleased you have allowed me to


say this, because I have had big executive pay up to here. When I was


at the CBI went on about it and as a minister, and frankly, there are so


many chief executives who might deserve it, but so does a nurse


deserve it but we can't afford to pay nurses, and these people ought


to set a better example. The other example as you have some people who


have failed or field relatively on the job and they still Gate great


pay rises. It is doing nothing for the reputation of the business or


for wealth creation and capitalism and always at the end of the day, my


solution was always that has to come from within. Here you have rich


countries, usually oil-based, Norway is one of the best because it has a


serious good values. It has a huge amount of money because of oil, and


they are saying, the boss of the welfare fund, he is saying, what we


don't want to have any more is a lack of transparency, complication


and two short term. His exact words are, pay should be long-term, so in


other words you can fiddle the figures to have a good year and the


big bonus. Two, simple. So many of these peer awards are made after


complications and they get a great check possibly when the company has


done badly. Lastly, transparent. So that you and I can understand it.


That will not solve it but it is a very big step in the right


direction. Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn would agree with this. It


involves the words create profit which I don't think he understands!


Jeremy Corbyn unavailable to respond to that he ran now. Parents face


price after losing school holidays. The father from this case is furious


because he won the original case but it has been overturned by the


Supreme Court. It means you have to turn that might bring your child


into school when the headteacher says so. And one of the problems is


if you are not a tour operator holiday company you have been


charging a lot more for the product, this was going to actually I learned


that out and now they can go back to exploiting it. I would say, wouldn't


I, welcome to the market, not much you can do. I think what's going to


happen is a lot of parents are going to look at the situation and


consider it worthwhile fine. You got the last word! Don't forget you can


see the front pages online and on the BBC News website, all Graf


review seven days a week. If you mist the programme any evening you


can watch it later on BBC. Thank you.


The warmest weather today was in London where the temperature this


afternoon rose to 18, lovely blue skies, much


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