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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the broadcaster, Lynn Faulds Wood, and Laura Perrins,


Co-Editor of The Conservative Woman.


Great to see you both. Let's look at the front pages.


The Metro leads with the death of an 11-year-old girl


after falling from a ride at Drayton Manor Theme Park


'Millions to miss out out on full state pension'


The FT reports Theresa May's manifesto chief held talks


with Ed Miliband's former policy guru, in a bid to appeal


The Daily Telegraph claims a number of Labour MPs


are considering forming a breakaway group after the election.


The Express leads on the medical research which suggests that taking


the anti inflammatory drug, ibuprofen, once a week raises


The Daily mail comments on trees and Philip May's weren't on The One


Show. The daily Mirror has more on the death of an 11-year-old girl at


that Drayton Manor theme park. Before we get into the papers, I


have an update on that incident in Staffordshire. This is a statement


from a website, it was a school trip to Drayton Manor in which the


11-year-old girl died. "We Are liaising with the relevant


authorities at this time. Please be ensured that the safety and


well-being of all our pupils is a priority. We would also request that


the family, as well as the school community, be given the time to


grieve. The school is also providing support to pupils and staff. We are


unable to provide any further information at this time." That is


from the school to which that 11-year-old girl was a pupil. That


is following the incident today in Staffordshire.


Let's get on with the papers. We start with the Telegraph, Laura.


Labour faces historic party split, don't spit your sides laughing. I am


not quite doing that. This is a story exposing yet again the


bloodbath occurring in the Labour Party at the moment. Jeremy Corbyn


seen as so divisive that even his own party don't want him. Should a


landslide happened, and I think that perhaps Labour MPs would like a


landslide happened, then they can maybe push to get Corbin out. But if


it doesn't happen, the story says that already moderate Labour


candidates are in talks with potential donors to set up or at


least sit independently under a progressive banner. As we have known


for some time, because they already tried to get him out with a


no-confidence vote, things are not all rosy in the Labour garden. You


did mention the word allegedly there! Christopher Hope put this


together, and a long night of the paper is here, where is your


sourcing, Christopher. I can't see any quotes. I was an investigative


journalist for many years, if I put out something without a tribute in


yet, it would never have hit the air. Here, this is a really damning


piece saying 101 people are setting up a new Progressive party. He uses


words like rabbiting and desperate, I am sorry, Christopher, this is a


bit desperate. I think we know the Labour Party are in a bad way. There


is an election, of course he is hammering the nails, it is his job


to do, to tell the people that this is the opposition in complete


disarray and didn't even want to sit under a Corbin leadership if he


continues on. -- a Jeremy Corbyn leadership. I would still love


fairness in the world. OK, let's go to the Financial Times. Main


manifesto chief held talks with former Miller band aid. --


you might be surprised if they didn't talk to each other. The Tory


manifesto chief talking to a former Ed Miliband aid? ? Ed Miliband


didn't do very well. This is a man cold Lord Glassman. I am not awfully


keen on titles, apparently they are mirroring pledges. And yes, the one


being mirrored all over the press today is about energy prices and the


Tories are going to cap them. When Ed Miliband was in charge, he was


talking about a price freeze. Then he turned it into a cap. But this is


a specific attempt to park Tory tanks on the Labour lawn. You could


put it like that, or you could say, these are quite sensible things they


are both talking about. I have been talking about energy prices for


about 14 years on television. Laura, is this a sign of a more moderate


Labour Party of the party? Are they trying to reach out beyond Jeremy


Corbyn? It obviously is Theresa May trying to park tanks on Labour lawn


is. It is red hey. It remain so. It is a silly policy. Broadly, I think


Theresa May is moving in the right direction. But an interesting quote


is when she says, "What matters is doing what you believe to be right,


as opposed to being ideological." But she is the Prime Minister, or


she lives to be the prime do, but that doesn't make her an oracle.


Believing you are doing something right isn't that important. What is


important is what works. I'm afraid... best ideas from wherever


they are. Both are conservative ideas. Not this one! And she


criticised this policy if you years ago. It is a major inconsistency, it


is a silly policy, it is going to hit pension funds, it it could hit


investments, and could hit jobs. Yes, there are ways to help low


income families and hard-working families, but I remain unconvinced


that this is the way to do it. The best way for the energy companies is


to say, "Make the bills so that we can understand them." Switching is a


way to increase competition, not this. OK, OK, OK... I am going to


interrupt because we have some breaking news.


The director of the FBI, James Coney, has been fined. There is a


search for a new permanent FBI director -- fired. It will begin


immediately. I am seen what information I can pick up here. He


has been very controversial, not least because of the details that he


released concerning Hillary Clinton's e-mails, literally weeks


before the presidential election last year. And she has cited that


publicly in the last 3-4 days that that was a contributory factor to


her losing the election. Let me just read you this statement from the


White House from the press secretary Sean Spicer today," Donald Trump


informed James Coney that he has been terminated and removed from


office. President Reagan on the clear recommendations of both the


Deputy Attorney-General and the Attorney-General -- President Trump


acted on the clear recommendations. Very interesting to see who gets


picked to lead it instead. Wasn't a woman in court this week criticising


Trump? He appeared before the committee last week. He appeared


before a house committee looking into allegations into President


Trump's during his campaign links to the Russians. But this is supposed


to be a nonpartisan job. He still had years to go on his term. The


suggestion that he has been fired, we don't know particularly or


exactly the reasons for him being fired, but this is quite an


interesting development in the last few minutes. A big story in the


states. Absolutely huge. Let's get back to matters here. Millions miss


out on. It pension. This is a story the i have run. It affects about


90,000 people, but what happened for these individuals, they were


contracting out without having been told, it seems. That is the


government's full. They were contracting out in their working


life, so they played produced national insurance. It was probably


their employers! Exactly. In the end, they were playing less National


Insurance at the time, meaning they don't have sufficient national


insurance. So it puts the government in a difficult position in terms of


whether they should pay out to the 90,000 even though they don't have


their full national insurance contributions over and above others


who have. It seems that it isn't the employees's full. We would need to


know more as to why they were contracted out, why they didn't


know, and where any employer is at full. People raise children, like


you at the moment, who said whether they don't get affected. There are


lots of reasons why people might be missing out on this. It sounds like


it could be terribly unfair. Official figures are staggering


about how many people could be missing out. Let's move on to the


Times, a judge attacks inhumanity of care homes that force apart frail


pensioners. There was a lovely story in the News the other night about a


couple who were terminal. She was dying of cancer, and the hospice put


them in together. They both died, one shortly after the other. What


this judge is saying is, where is the humanity in what is happening


when we split people up? You have a funny bit that you have picked up.


It is in the Daily Telegraph, Saint James Mumby was giving a lecture to


social workers, saying they should be slowed to split up elderly


couples -- Sir James Mumby. This idea, doing everything by the book,


where you automatically have to remove an elderly person because


their home is unsafe to perhaps a nursing home where they don't know


anybody. They said, if they had been living in that home for 50 years,


you should leave them there. You should leave your box ticking aside.


He did say that he was against removing people to nursing homes,


the artificial "You must be happy all the time" is something he was


objecting to. You don't have to be happy all the time. Indeed, you are


not forced to do it. We all know what he is saying. The front page of


the Daily Mail as well, Phil and trees -- Theresa. There they are on


The One Show. "It Was love at first sight" Mr Theresa tells all on TV.


Was the whole point to humanise and take a bit of the iciness way that


Theresa can exhibit. The suggestion is it has worked. It is all over the


front pages of several newspapers, probably the right-wing press. I am


not sure the mirror is going to turn up with it on their front page. I am


glad he reminded me about the recycling. He puts the Binder, that


is the important thing. I worry about this getting gigantic and


lovely publicity for an election, Jeremy Corbyn is not turning up with


his wife. He will be on the same programme. He will be there. I


watched it and I thought it was very good. They seemed like a really


decent couple. They have been married for 37 years, and that


alone, to me, is something that is very admirable. They are obviously


the very supportive of each other. Focus him supporting her, but they


are a good couple to each other. They seem a decent couple, why


shouldn't they give the interview? All the leaders will be interviewed


on The One Show. That is the key. Jeremy Corbyn will be on there ASBO.


And Theresa May is a good cook, according to Phil. Thank you for


looking at those stories. -- on there as well. Don't forget, you can


see the front pages of all the papers online and on the BBC News


website, it is therefore you seven days a week will stop if you have


missed the programme, any evening, you can see it all again online


player. Thank you for watching. Goodbye.


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