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them. The latest Alien film, directed by Ridley Scott. It has had


some mixed reviews. Find out what Mark Kermode made of it in. -- made


of it in The Film Review. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are Anne Ashworth,


who's the associate editor at The Times, and Bonnie Greer,


playwright and writer Let's take a look at


the front pages then. The Telegraph leads with Friday's


cyber attack that hit 48 NHS trusts. It says thousands of operations


and appointments will be cancelled, as staff brace themselves for more


problems as they attempt to log on to work computers


on Monday mornings. The Observer leads


on the election campaign. It says a multi-millionaire City


worker has pledged to fund a campaign to try to oust almost 140


pro-remain MPs to ensure there is no "backsliding on Brexit",


as he puts it, after the election. The Sunday Times leads


with Theresa May's pledge to change the law to help councils and housing


associations build hundreds It also carries a picture


of the singer Harry Styles, who says Brexit is the wrong


direction for the country. The Daily Express says


Theresa May is on course to win a record number of seats -


398, giving her a majority of 147. Can we just clarify, before anybody


gets cross with me, that my reprimand was out of love? Oh, I


didn't even... I WAS actually fidgeting, so it was absolutely


correct! The Daily Mail, this huge cyber attack yesterday, now, you


were just saying before we came on air, it looks as if they were


already on to this story? Yes, this has hit the NHS, and also


organisations and companies worldwide. It looks as though there


were lots of ransom demands at trusts last year. It is not clear


whether any money was paid out. We know that one Californian health


business DID pay out when its systems were attacked in this way.


But this story is getting bigger by the moment, because it seems as


though there was a failure to do anything about it in a timely


fashion. And the briefings which fascinate me, one, no-one brings up


the fact that Theresa May was Home Secretary, she has been Home


Secretary since 2010, her job is cyber security. Now, in the real


world, this would get her to stand up and admit that she was the chief,


she was in charge when this happened, it is as though she has


had nothing to do with this at all, her hands are completely clean. In


the old days, it was a resigning issue. But nobody has come up and


said, this person was in charge of this. That's important. The second


thing, is that what we also don't talk about, than the NHS is probably


number two, maybe number three, biggest organisation on earth. This


is a massive, massive failure. And for people to be running around


clutching their pearls and saying, this person... No, this is something


somebody needs to stand up to and take personal responsibility. The


decision to cancel the contract to patch up the systems, that seems


strange, because it seems there were no plans to replace this particular


software, and... Once it stops being supported. So, but is something we


need to have clarified. But I still want to say, this is an election


cycle, the person who wants to be the Prime Minister was responsible


for our cyber security, she should say something about it in that


capacity. That's what she should do. Also, the Prime Minister chose Amber


Rudd and she kept on the person who is running the NHS as well. She is


responsible to us, we need to hear from her. It is the most


extraordinary story, that this by found the domain name which


controlled all of this installed in the system by the hackers, so that


they could stop the hacking. Amazing that they found it. It is barely


believable. Again, that's why Theresa May needs to say something


to us. Let's look at the Sunday Times on this story. It is therefore


you on juju, if you want to learn how to develop one somewhere. This


is the kind of video which Youtube can get into bother about, isn't it?


If the Sunday Times can find it, why could you chew not find it? ?


Presumably quite easily. With a leak to a site where it can be bought for


$20. There is an old mathematical axioms which says that no system can


be both consistent and complete. So, the minute that you make something


like this, there is the key to breaking it down. I have to go back


to Theresa May... No, it is important! You have to be vigilant,


there has to be vigilant. It is not possible to catch up with all of


this. But won't she say that the NHS has many, many IT specialists who


are employed entirely to make sure that this system is secure, not her


as the Home Secretary? Ultimately, somebody needed to report to


somebody. We need to find out where the buck stopped, and instead of


keystone cops running around sort of thing, where does the buck stop?


This is able to lives involved. -- this is people's lives involved. I


know this is a massive story but I want to move on. The Sunday


Telegraph, Tories, don't ditch a little bit! That have been


comparisons made between Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher, but this is


suggesting that Theresa May is moving too far away from a little


bit's economic principles... I know you won't agree! I don't, actually,


I don't even understand what that is! I think this is just the Sunday


Telegraph being a Thatcherite paper, to be honest. But it is interesting,


there is a battle for the soul of what it is to be a Tory, is it to be


a free marketeer or is it to be a person who intervenes like with the


energy cap come in the free market? And capping executive pay as well.


So, I would have liked to have read more about this story. There has


been a battle since 2010, when David Cameron decided the Tory party was


going to be a bit of this, a bit of that, a little bit of that. I think


what the Sunday Telegraph is doing is to remind the Conservative Party


that there are core principles and ideas. You can't take Labour ideas,


which they do at every election, which is what they are doing now,


and graft them into the Conservative Party. They are asking, what is the


Conservative Party? As they are a asking in America, what is the


Republican Party? I think there is this new breed, the


twentysomethings, who are supposed to be going in behind Mrs May. So


maybe these are the kind of policies which are kind of slightly socialist


which Mrs May feels will appeal to that group of voters, who may never


have voted before. But I do think there is a core question being


asked, and it's always a question which the Conservative Party needs


to ask, it is probably why Brexit is happening and everything else, what


exactly are they, other than a vote winning machine? It works, though.


Well... We do know it works, but I think the Sunday Telegraph is asking


a core question, what are you? Let's go back to the Sunday Times. Me


pledges council has revolution. Well, there you go.


Finally, housing, rising to the top of the agenda. Run it is entirely my


fault, I am confusing you. Just quickly, this prediction that there


is going to be a most enormous victory. Landslide victory, greater


than any other. Than any, ever, on earth. We know that we are in a


crazy time, Emmanuel Macron is a black swan, nobody knows where he


came from. Donald Trump, who would have thought it? Now, Theresa May,


landslide? We shouldn't trust anything, we don't know. Lord


Ashcroft in the week, similar suggestions. Tom Watson is very,


very frightened of the size of the Tory victory, and may not be as


great as this but you might be surprised. 40-50 seat smacks. There


you go. Sunday Times, for real this time... May pledges council has


revolution to Labour voters. It is extraordinary, the private rented


sector is now much, much bigger than council housing. Nobody has built


any council houses, and Mrs May says she's going to Vilbrim. And who


didn't do that? You see... Who sold them off? Yes, but also, the


Conservative Party has not done a lot in this direction. They have run


the country for the last seven years. Suddenly now, they're going


to do this. But the Labour government didn't build, either, did


they? They have all been doing it, but the fact is, are we supposed to


believe this? Let's give 30 seconds to a man in a red suit. Harry


Styles, Brexit is the wrong direction. For those not familiar,


he was part of One Direction. Why doesn't he like Brexit? He does not


think it is our direction in which he would like to be going. But it is


very interesting, the new positioning of Harry Styles with a


slight edge, wearing that suit. The manufactured pop star is becoming a


man with a voice of his own. It is his generation as well, my caper,


the New European, was very happy to hear this from Harry Styles. He


could be on your front page. Let's look at the Observer. Speaking of


Brexit, millionaire Brexit donor, he is Hosking, he wants no backsliding


on Brexit. I write about quite a lot of this, and I am not really


familiar with this name. And also, how you can really turn people


against Remain MPs in cities like London, where people were largely


saying Remain. There's always these next Luther Tykes who emerge... And


they come out of the woodwork and say, we have got tonnes of money and


we are going to make this happen. I think people are smarter than that.


But there has been a move to raise money to make sure that there are


pro-Remain candidates? This is going to be... Well, Mrs May has called


this a Brexit election, she said she needs a strong hand. But I think


these are just Lex Luther types. It is more about winning over the


Labour voters. So, that is not how to do the papers, if you're


presenting it! Thank you so much! Fiona, thank you. Coming up next,


The Film Review.


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