24/05/2017 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Good evening, welcome to the look ahead to what the papers will be


bringing us tomorrow. I enjoyed by the political commentator Lance


Price and Alison little they get the political editor of the Daily


Express. Tomorrow's front pages starting with the Financial Times


which leads with police looking for a terror network and possible links


to Libya and Syria following the Manchester attack. The Metro shows


an image of troops taking to the streets following Theresa May's


warning of an imminent terror attack on British soil, The Guardian has


one of the pictures supposedly from the forensic investigation published


by the New York Times. It purports to show the bomb used in the attack.


The Daily Telegraph reports on the Manchester attacker being flagged up


to authorities multiple times over his extremist views. The Daily


Express reports on the deployment of troops across the country.


The Times reports that authorities were warned of the bombers extremist


views by a relative. And pictures of the attacker 's brother arrested in


Libya earlier today. Only one story on the front pages, I wonder if we


can start in a sense, rather than with the text but with the images


and an almost every front page is an image of troops on UK streets. What


are your feelings looking at these pictures? Personally I find it


rather learning, it does not make me feel safe, it flags up there is a


crisis, we are almost at war which I think is part of the point of them


being there, they are designed to reassure, these soldiers are around


in Whitehall and at the moment they are a bit of a novelty and people


are interested in seeing them because thankfully from my point of


view we are not used to seeing them on our own streets. In other


European capitals. Yes, and we tend to see our own soldiers deployed on


TV in other countries. We don't tend to see them round here. We don't


normally see armed police on the streets either. We have a


principally an armed police force to CC weapons and the sort of


extraordinary looking machine guns... And the equipment we have


got... It's a shock to the system, but that is what it is designed to


be, they are therefore two reasons, they clearly have a role to play and


if the threat level is as high as we are told and there is a possibility


of another attack at any point then you mobilise any defences you have


got. But I think they are also they are for reassurance and I think the


government and security services will be pleased to see these


pictures on the front pages because that's the message they want to send


out and the reason they were marching down Downing Street as we


saw earlier today is that this is the picture they want to see. They


are going to be static, they will be outside buildings, we are not going


to be seeing them marching around on the streets. Hopefully not, and if


we see them running we are in trouble. The idea is they will do


static guarding to give the police more time to do the stuff only the


police can do. And the real work of course, that's going to be done by


the intelligence services, continuing to be done by the


intelligence services and the police who are doing everything they can to


see if there is a sale and where that threat might come from. These


guys cannot help with that but they can protect some of the iconic


places in the country that might be a target. Let's take a quick look at


the front page of The Guardian as it has the other striking image of the


day, photographs supposedly of the bomb used in Manchester published in


the New York Times. It's certainly, this is supposed to be our strongest


ally, these pictures turning up. Amber Rudd this morning said she was


a bit irritated, very British, irritated that the Americans named a


suspect before the British police were ready to do so. And now there


are pictures from the police investigation. Nobody has denied the


from that. Quite distressing pictures, you can see blood and the


detail. Theresa May will be seeing President Trump at the Nato summit


in Brussels tomorrow and as journalists and as British people we


would love to see a huge bust up over this. We don't seem to be


blooming Trump himself but if they are supposed to be our best friend


they have a funny way of showing it. It's extraordinary, unprecedented,


that a serious investigation should be compromised by a leak from the


American intelligence, law enforcement agencies which is


clearly what has happened. I don't think you can exaggerate the degree


of puree there will be in Downing Street and Scotland Yard that this


has happened. At every single level, and it will be from Theresa May, to


the president, at every level they will be making it absolutely clear


this potentially compromises the investigation carried out which is


very serious indeed. Also of course how do you think the families of


those who are still fighting for their lives feel when they see


pictures like this? OK, much more on all of this at 11:30pm, I know you


will come back with a more detailed look at those front pages. Breaking


news to bring you know which is that a seventh person has been arrested


in connection with the bombing after searches in central England. A


seventh person arrested here in the UK. Let's take a look at the




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